A day off that turned out to be busy!


I was off for an appointment today so I actually got to go for a run in the daylight which meant with music too! It was a lovely day because the sun was just starting to burn off the fog. My run was nothing spectacular- just my usual thirty minute loop around the park. It just felt so wonderful to be out in daylight!

I also got a workout in this evening, mostly because I would like the scale to move a bit tomorrow! I did two minutes of skipping between each set and did each set twice.

Set 1: front raises, squats, bicycles

Set 2: rows, lateral hops, v ups, back extensions

Set 3: plank, right plank, left plank, reverse plank

It did feel good once I was done to have done it:)


Yesterday I read about blueberry pancakes on Emma’s blog and decided that I should try them out today as I had blueberries and I’ve been craving pancakes. I got busy this morning after my shower. They were quite easy to make, though I had to sub in Gluten Free flour, but that was the only change I made to this Recipe. Mine definitely aren’t as pretty as Emma’s, but they taste pretty good and the recipe made enough for a recess snack each day this week in addition to the three I ate today (breakfast, recess and lunch)🤣

I also finally got around to making the curry I wanted to make for this week. I am trying really hard to make one real recipe each week. I am definitely a snacker, so usually I just eat veggies and hummus or something on cucumbers. I had been wanting curry and decided to try the one from my Oh She Glows recipe book as it always looks so good. I couldn’t find the recipe on the Oh She Glows website, but I found it Here. It was super simple, though I would suggest having all the veggies chopped in advance! The only change I made was to use my almond milk instead of soaking cashews because I was much later getting home that I expected.


So I finally got in to see a dermatologist after waiting for a year! Of course, she could not find a thing on the bottom of my feet! They have not looked this good in three years!!! We figure it was probably my big dose of antibiotics before Christmas that cleared everything up. It’s a good thing I got some of my book read while waiting as that was a complete waste of time! We spent more time discussing her daughter going to kindergarten than discussing my feet😂


I decided to try out the Buy Low supermarket that was in the building I parked in. It was so quiet. All I could think was how nice it would be to always be able to shop during off hours. The store seemed quite nice and had two products that I hadn’t seen before so I bought them, but otherwise stuck to my list:)

I liked their sign at the front of the store best!

I also bought gas out at Costco today which is what made me late getting home. I did figure out how to stretch my calf while I was standing at the pump:) I love being able to multitask! An expensive day off between these two stops!


I managed to sneak in a visit to my friend Anna and her son today since I was off. It was perfect timing as her c-section for baby number two is booked for next week, but she had a few contractions last night😳. Her parents are leaving tomorrow for a prebooked holiday and her mother in law doesn’t arrive until Saturday so I’m on call for Ruben sitting if she goes into labour early! We had a quiet, but lovely day. Took Ruben for a walk and to play outside:) Once again I have to be thankful to have such an amazing friend in my life! We both couldn’t stop saying what a beautiful day it was- felt like spring!

I also managed to sneak in a visit to my nephew this afternoon. It just felt like it had been way too long since I saw him!! He showed me his new scooter that he got for Christmas. It appears that was the best present!!! I love seeing him and am already looking forward to Sunday when I’ll get to hang out with him, and his crazy little guy, again!


Last night I watched The Christmas Cottage which was very cute, but somewhat confusing. They really should have made the previous relationship clear!!

Tonight I have watched Christmas in Evergreen. What I liked best about this movie were the “storybook pictures”. Looks like where I want to live!

Well I have to behave and go to bed early tonight as I actually have to get up before the sun tomorrow morning! It was lovely to wake up naturally this morning!!!

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “Of Course!

  1. Glad you tried the recipe! Did you make the lemon syrup too? I had heaps left over too, and took them to work the next day 🙂 Love your photos. Speak soon lovely x

  2. Damn girl, I is tired after reading this post. Love the market’s joke of the day. Glad the pancakes came out for you. I got back into working out today: a quick 2 mi walk around the hood, weights, squats, and crunches. I took two IB to head off the soreness I know will make me weepy.

  3. Checked out that link for those oatcakes, they look spectacular!! (Bookmarked them for later use, once the bananas I got today ripen). Got a few Larabars at the co-op today, (they were on sale for $1, and I made sure to check the date : )

    Doesn’t OhSheGlows have some great recipes? I found her website one day after typing in Black Bean and Quinoa recipe, and saw her creation, and ended up making it every week for at least a year for work. Now I’m a loyal disciple and bought the app and talk favorite recipes with my cousin (who has the book).

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