A pretty good day, though all I could think during my run was, keep going!


While it wasn’t as early as I had planned, I did get my butt out of bed to do some weights this morning. Due to what my mom had mentioned lately, I did all upper body.  It consisted of tricep extensions, shoulder press, front raises, bicep curls, rows, reverse flies, and pushups.  Two sets back to back did me in. It didn’t take long and I have to admit it was nice to be up early enough that I wasn’t rushed, even with exercising:)

I went to run clinic tonight kind of hoping it was hills so that I could bow out and just go do an easy run on my own, but it was intervals so I had to stay. We ended up doing 4 x 850m and did them in 4:57, 4:37, 4:34, 4:20 and those are minutes per round, not pace!!🤣. I was just glad I completed it and wasn’t sick!


One of the little boys in my class brought me a muffin today. When I said I couldn’t have it, he said, “oh no we made this one safe for you to eat” and then stood there to watch me eat it. I tried several different lines but ended up eating it, and no it wasn’t safe for me to eat:(

First thing this morning I unloaded all the new paper supplies into the art room! It looks improved now and even better, there might actually be paper to do an art lesson with the class!!!

The other grade one class joined us today for social studies where we were brainstorming the places in a community. OMG- I’ve never had children do this well in sixteen years of teaching! Maybe we don’t need to teach this unit as they seem to know all about it!! It was very impressive and they were super engaged for forty five minutes!!! We finally had to stop when we had filled every speck of space on two large chart papers. It was super neat to see. I had to laugh at the little guy who contributed “the Well”. It’s the local pub:) I thought in my head, “I know where your dad likes to hang out”🤣🤣🤣. Remember you have no secrets from the teacher, muhahaha🤣

The best part of my teaching day happened at lunch when the woman came to pick up the Saje set I sold on Facebook. I got $20!! I’m rich!! 😂


Of course I also ordered shoes this morning as I got notice that it was free shipping. In case anyone has been wondering, I have to order my shoes in order to get something that doesn’t light up when I walk or have Barbie on it. I ordered brown boots to replace the ones I have worn to death and some black pumps as my current ones are now too big for me. I liked losing weight, but it really didn’t need to come off my feet!! I had them shipped to my parents so I won’t get them for a few months:(


My tea today was the David’s Tea “Just Peachy”.  I didn’t get to drinking it until after lunch today, and it was still delicious!  It didn’t taste bitter and didn’t require milk or sugar. It is quite sweet all by itself. I would definitely recommend this tea! I am loving the fact that I am almost done an entire container of teas:)


It is so nice to have read a book in two days again! That’s always been my usual so I don’t know why everything has been taking me so long in 2018!

This book, Just My Luck tells the story of Benny who is a fourth grader who feels like he is not good at anything. His dad has had serious health issues which has changed life at home and his teacher is acting strange which has changed life at school. Will he survive the fourth grade.

I liked how this book had an excellent pace. There was no point at which I felt like it was dragging. It also dealt with major issues in a manner that was realistic and yet sensitive to who the book’s readers would be. It is told from Benny’s point of view so you hear his thoughts on his father’s illness and his teacher’s problems and on his big brother who is autistic. It was excellent at dealing fairly and realistically with all of these without letting it take over the book or bog it down. It still felt like a positive book!

I would recommend this book for any child between the ages of eight and eleven. It also would make a good read aloud I think.


HPKCHC has a Quidditch match challenge right now that requires you to try something new. I guess it’s a good thing that I joined this as I avoid doing new things sometimes. I have decided to try entrelac as I love what it looks like! I have found a Cowl called Entrelac Made Easy. Wish me luck! So far I have managed to cast on and knit a row, but we’ll see how it goes from here😳

I’m not letting myself watch movies tonight so I guess I have to tackle this entrelac scarf!

Have fun!


63 thoughts on “Keep Going

    1. Ya it was sweet of him and his mom. It’s probably butter as for some reason lots of people don’t think of that as dairy:(
      Ya shoes are a problem for me. I just hope they fit when I finally get them!
      Fingers crossed!

  1. I love the boots! I was wanted long boots myself.
    But I never fit in them because the muscles in my calves are insanely huge.
    I think that’s because my parents never had a car, so I always went by bike. At one point, my school was 18 km away. So biked back and forth everyday!

    1. Wow you must be an amazing cyclist! My calves are big from running too so that’s why I worry they won’t fit, but we’ll see

      1. I guess all dutch people are! The roads for cyclist are really important here. But it’s a flat country so it’s easy to make good roads.
        Good luck with boots!

      2. I envy you the flatness of your country. I don’t do a lot of bike riding because the entire area is just hills:(

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll try and remember to find it on Amazon and put away for my seven year old granddaughter.
    Sorry you are suffering from the muffin…
    Lovely shoes and boots 👢
    I gave Entrelac a go years ago but have never tried it again since. Don’t know why as I didn’t dislike it. A cowl seems quite doable, (is that really a word?), rather than a whole jumper in Entrelac.

    1. No problem- I hope she enjoys it!
      Entrelac just looks so complicated! I love how it looks though so hopefully I can wrap my brain around it!

  3. Entrelac isn’t hard per se. It’s a little weird. There are some really detailed videos on YouTube if you can’t quite picture how it goes.
    Nice shoes and boots. Where did you buy them? I have small feet and end up wearing sneakers or flats all the time.
    Sorry about the muffin:(

    1. Ok good to know there is backup on YouTube:)
      I ordered my shoes through cinderellaofboston.com. They carry shoes size 2-5, but that’s women’s sizes so there different. For example I’m a size 1 in kids so I’m a 2 or 2.5 there. Hope it helps. They have a sale and free delivery right now so it’s a good time to order:)

      1. Oh so you’ll probably be about a 4 there. If you trace your foot and send it to them, they’ll tell you what size you are:)

  4. Next time someone tries to give you food, maybe try saying you just ate so you don’t have room for anything else? That stinks he said it was safe but it wasn’t.
    I love the two pairs of shoes you got! Black pumps are definitely a good purchase.

    1. Oh that’s a good line. I’ll try that! I don’t think it would have worked yesterday though as he gave it to me for recess and knew I hadn’t eaten all morning as he’s in my class:(
      Yup I’ve been missing my black pumps!

  5. Love the boots and the shoes look pretty but painful! I don’t do heals whatsoever, if I need height (which I do cause I’m 4’9″), I have to wear platforms.
    What is a Saje set? What is an entrelac scarf? I guess I should Google that, lol!
    Cute story, wonder why he thought the muffin was safe-maybe they used Kerrygold grass-fed butter? That WOULD have been safe. Or maybe some kind of nut flour? Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, sorry your system will suffer for it. Try some ACV tea and see if you can detox a bit. 🙂

    1. I like platforms for work as they’re comfy but these were bought with the idea of going out:)
      Saje is a store that sells natural lotions, etc.
      Entrelac looks like the yarn is woven blocks
      Ugh people forget about so many little things and I seem to be super sensitive so it doesn’t take much:(

  6. Oh man, hope the muffin detox is quick, as well as the shoe delivery 😄! The art supplies look so inviting all laid out, now you can just detour to the closet when you need some inspiration. I’m still chuckling about The Well! Entrelac looks interesting, but I’ve not seen anything that I love enough to try it, so I’ll be watching your progress with interest.

    1. Yup I’m hoping I get over this muffin quickly!
      Yes don’t they just make you want to create something! Now if I could just get the other teachers to keep it that tidy and not use anything🤣
      I’ll see if I survive the Entrelac

  7. Awesome boots!! I am looking for a black riding boot, but then, I already own 4 pair of various colors, so do I really need another pair? Entrelac is fun!! You will love it.

    1. I don’t think you can ever have too many boots. I’m starting on replacing as I’ve worn out my tall heeled and flat brown boots, and my short brown and black boots. Lots of boots to buy!
      I hope I like Entrelac as I’ve been looking at it forever

  8. Oh the things teachers know! hahaha. I remember driving a friend of zach’s to a skating class one day and he blurted out, MY MOM AND DAD ARE TRYING TO HAVE A BABY. 10 months later their Claire appeared. It was so cute of him to just blurt it out.

    1. Yup I hear everything. I think my favourite might be that a little boy told me one day, his parents hadn’t signed his report card because “it was their anniversary and they had better things to do!”LOL

  9. What a sweet teacher you are to have eaten that even though it wasn’t safe. I bet though he was so proud to have given that to you. Cute boots and you go on wearing pumps. *sighs* I had to go back to the doctor’s today; I’ve been prescribed more, but different antibiotics as it looks like the infection came back a little bit on my toe. Power walking didn’t help yesterday and I’m frustrated because I need a warm up before I do weight and squats. Jumping jacks don’t work for me and I doubt that or jump rope would be good for my toe. Wah!

    1. Thank you! I do have a difficult time saying no to my students offerings.
      Sorry to hear about your toe!! Could you go for a longer, slower walk to warm up or my yoga teacher used to make us do deep breathing with raising our hands over our heads and going into chair pose and that warmed us up well

      1. Thank you for the ideas :O). I think a slower walk would work for me. I won’t worry about distance for now. I had power walked 2 mi around our hood and had felt it in my toe. I’ll try a mile first and see how it goes Friday. Tomorrow I have yoga.

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