I was going along fine and then one five minute incident coloured the rest of my day:(


I did bootcamp after school today. I started with a pretty bad attitude as “the incident” had just happened, but I ended feeling much better! Today we did: travelling pop jacks, swing lunges, stability ball hamstring curls and knee tucks, lateral bench hopovers, bird dogs, hip dips, decline mountain climbers, chin ups, weighted power jacks, ISO squat triceps extensions, v ups, ISO squat shoulder press, hop pulses, and two other exercises that I’ve blocked from my mind. We got a break today and only had twenty second tabatas- wow does that ten seconds make a difference! I can do anything for twenty seconds:)


We started writer’s workshop today! This is where students can write about absolutely anything! We will do this once a week and each time there will be a mini lesson to teach a skill and then writing time. Today we talked about drawing a picture first and then writing about the picture to give us ideas and to keep us on track. Most of the students did fabulous, and it was interesting that the student who had difficulty was a very bright boy. In the other class it was a very bright girl. I guess they both have trouble with open-ended activities. We all survived though so it’s ok:)

Math was more addition, with the wrong worksheet. Ugh, somedays … 🎼if only I had a brain🎼!

I had an extra prep at the end of the day with three things on my list to accomplish while the TOC took the children to gymnastics in the gym. Unfortunately, I only got 1.5 done before I got called to the gym:(. Two of my boys were arguing over equipment. One boy made the right choice and just walked away to do something else, the other boy climbed under a bench and started to cry. Grrr, I yet again got called in to deal with it. I took the boy back to class with me and said he will miss five minutes of gymnastics tomorrow as a consequence for his actions. I just hope it doesn’t set him off again! It was interesting to see that he was up on his tiptoes when I was talking to him. So far, he’s done this with three different teachers who aren’t me- he’s obviously smart enough to test new teachers to see who he can get away with stuff with!

Whenever I’m dealing with behaviour though, I always wonder if I’m doing the right thing? This definitely was a downer:(

Tea: My tea today was David’s Tea Melon Drop. It looked good enough to eat! Yet again I didn’t get around to drinking it until after lunch. It was still good and not bitter at all. It does have a VERY strong melon taste, so if you don’t like melon, definitely don’t pick it up!

Oh and I actually got 2L of water drunk today:) Hopefully this will help repair my lip!


I am working on my next book, though I have to admit that so far it hasn’t grabbed me:(. Goodreads is also telling me that I am a book behind in my reading challenge progress for the year:(


So I finished my base triangles in the Entrelac Cowl today and had to start on the next row. I really didn’t get the instructions so I took NothingbutKnit2’s advice and watched a YouTube video. I then had to go back and read the instructions again. This flip flop happened several times. I think I’ve gotten it and I just have to hope I’ll still remember by tomorrow when I finish the round. So far Chris you are right, I am enjoying it, though it certainly took perseverance to keep working on it tonight and not just sit down, give up and cry!


I really wanted to make Maureen’s energy balls tonight, but I forced myself to persevere on the Entrelac so they will have to wait until tomorrow:(

Well, I’m going to crawl into bed and get some sleep! All evening I have thought it was Thursday so I thought I’ll sleep until it is Thursday!

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “Read, Watch, Read

  1. What a tough workout!! Many of my favorite exercises, shake this trainer’s hand for me : ) Tabata training to boot, woo e!

    That would be frustrating to deal with a student like that. I read in a teaching book (thrifted it for personal training figuring there would be some helpful info, it really was) that had a bunch of factors that seemed to be shared with successful teachers, and the #1 common factor was high expectations for the student, so I don’t have a clue what I would have done in that situation, but looks like you took the best course of action. Sweet dreams!

    1. It was a tough workout, but I loved it as usual!
      Thank you! Hmmm I guess I do have high expectations but when I was in school I had a teacher say kids would live up or down to your expectations.

  2. Your tea sounds delicious! I bet it would be amazing iced during the spring and summer too. Also way to go n the water! I find it so difficult to drink a ton of water in the winter since I love ice cold water but that doesn’t sound as satisfying when it’s cold out.

    Hopefully your students are better behaved today! That is annoying that the gymnastics teacher couldn’t handle it.

    1. Oh you’re right it would be good as iced tea. I have trouble in the cold too. While I was in Arizona I was having no problem drinking tons of waster everyday.
      Yup this kid is something else.

    1. I know! I sat down this morning and suddenly it was time to leave for work!!! I wish I had used different yarn though so the squares would show up better!

  3. Your exercise regime would probably kill most of us, so excellent work! That little boy, I think you did well, and I am wondering if the specialty might need a bit of a workshop/reminder on handling kids. They seem to be passing the buck, to me. My current book is taking forever, but it is a good one; when I finally finish it I will read something fluffy. 😄

    1. Thank you! I always second guess myself. I am going to ask my principal to perhaps speak to our specialty teachers.
      I can’t wait to be done my current book. It’s fluffy, but hasn’t really captured me:(

  4. Have you talked to your principal about the PE teacher? Every PE teacher is still a teacher and it sounds like this one is certified as you’re able to leave your class in the gym. He should have some kind management under his belt. How annoying. Nothing like adrenaline to make one feel better.

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