It was a fine morning, tough afternoon and lovely evening:)


I got up early this morning and did a workout from Pizza & Pullups. It was great- took very little time and yet still felt like a workout! Thank you:).

After work I got out for a run with my friend Brenda. She was my regular running buddy, but her feet are bothering her so I haven’t been out with her in quite a while. She walked and I regularly looped back to her, which of course caused Runkeeper to go wonky:(. I don’t know why this app seems to be so finicky with me:(. Between the finicky app and the fact I’d have been better off with webbed feet in today’s weather, it wasn’t my best run ever, but I went๐Ÿ˜€.


This morning went fine. I actually had time to rearrange a couple of boxes in my classroom library that were causing the children grief:) and we got our calendar and spelling practice done.

After recess I took the opportunity to read the children the book, My Mouth is a Volcano. It is all about interrupting and how awful it feels and how rude it is. I liked that it gave the children a strategy to stop this behaviour while still recognizing that they want to share their thoughts. The children said they liked it because they found it funny. I haven’t decided if this is going to help them remember the lesson, or if they didn’t really “get” the lesson๐Ÿ˜ซ.

We got some addition done and the children had the fun of another math game.

Lyndsay asked if I wanted to hit Starbucks at lunch as she had forgotten her lunch (I only got tea as I had eaten my curry). Of course after a nice quiet week of being principal, the problem occurred while we were both out of the building. I’ll never make that mistake again. Thankfully it was only about two minutes until I was back, but I felt bad for not thinking about both of us being gone. Of course it was with one of my little boys, mooning the other children:(. What is it with my children and nudity this year???!!! I spoke to him, emailed his mom, and he will be spending Monday’s lunch playtime walking with the education assistant, rather than playing. Hopefully between that consequence at school and a consequence at home, he will get the message not to do this!!!

This afternoon was tougher, but we survived and created really cute art!

I love working with pastels with the children because they are so bold and they can cover up their mistakes. I also love directed drawing activities!! They always end up so cute and the children listen and are engaged during them. I think it helps that they get to move back and forth to their desk frequently to do the steps so they don’t ever have to sit for very long.


I took a David’s Tea Gogi Green to school today but have to admit I still haven’t gotten around to drinking it. I did make tea for knit night which was David’s Tea Forever Nuts. I have probably mentioned it before because it is my favourite David’s Tea!! It has beet in it so it comes out pink and is quite sweet and nutty. I absolutely love it!!


I didn’t just get a rainy run with Brenda, but also got to go for Pho with her. We used to do this regularly after cold, wet runs, but this was our first time this season. I love hot steaming soup after a winter run, though I should probably branch out and try something other than the seafood with rice noodles. This is the only place where I always order the same thing. They really need a size smaller than small though! I wonder if they would give me the kids size??


I also took the opportunity to pop into Chapters to return the reading socks I was lucky enough to receive as a gift, but that were unfortunately too big for me:( I now have $36 to spend at Chapters! Oh what to buy?? Half the fun is thinking about what I could buy.., cookbook, knitting book,๐Ÿค”. Oh the possibilities!๐Ÿ˜€


Well the bad news is that the Entrelac scarf had to be ripped out because it turned out I had twisted it:(. I’m okay with it though because for the amount of work I was putting into it, I’d like to use yarn that will show the pattern well. I will try Entrelac again, but not right away. I got a dishcloth made with a textured pattern during knit night tonight. I have never made this type of design, but so loved it!! I followed the pattern “Purple Heart knit motif” off of Ravelry. I have also entered the project into the second quidditch match on HPKCHC as it was something I had never done before. I hope it satisfies the requirements as I have made a dishcloth before, just not this design. Brenda gave me the good idea of giving them for valentines gifts so I will try to make one more before then so I can give one to Brenda and one to Kathryn. They both craft and so will appreciate it.

I have chosen my next project and was all ready to start it, but the needles I need are being used for my temperature scarf so now I have to wait until tomorrow when I can buy another set of needles in 3.75mm:(. Brenda has convinced me to spend the rest of tonight actually checking my gauge- something I have never done before!!๐Ÿคฃ


I got through another few chapters of my current novel. However, I received an ARC today from an author I really enjoy, so I know that I’m going to drop the novel to read the ARC. At least I’ll enjoy it and it will hopefully put me back on track for my reading goal.

Well I’m off to knit a gauge swatch, lol how exciting for a Friday night๐Ÿ˜‚

Have fun!AJ

33 thoughts on “Good, Better, Grrrr, Best

  1. What little kid decides to moon someone?! That’s so odd to me. Hopefully his punishments will teach him not to do it again.
    Don’t worry about not getting a great run in! A run is a run even if it’s not that great. Plus it beats sitting on the couch.

    1. I know! I don’t get the fascination with nudity. His reason…it looks funny. Grrrrr!
      Yup I think I’ll be happy anytime I get off the couch:)

      1. Well young boys probably find it hysterical lol.
        Me too! Plus “endorphins make you happy and happy people don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t”. Please tell me you know that reference !

      2. Of course I know my Elle Woods:) Glad I’m not the only one! I think about that quote so often as half the time I run so I can be patient with my students

  2. You ran, you spent time with friends, you knitted, and you ate well. What a great day!
    And kids will be kids. My son used to moon everyone when he was little! Now he wonโ€™t change if Iโ€™m in the room.

  3. I wonder what movie this little boy saw that made such an impression in him. I think there must be a source for this mooning thing…someone saw it somewhere and now it’s like a virus!! Or something!! I have a washcloth pattern I use as one of the items in wedding or shower gifts. So fun to be able to color coordinate sensible useful kitchen items. ๐Ÿ˜„

    1. Oh that’s a great idea!
      Yes I don’t know where this mooning is coming from, but I’d like it to be forgotten!! I’ll have to ask him on Monday- good question!

  4. Great dishcloth. LOVE the snowmen art. Maybe have them role play where one is talking about something they really want to share about and then another interrupts him/her. Talk about how it make him/her feel.

  5. Those snowmen have such character! The dishcloth is much prettier than a dishcloth has a right to be. It would make a lovely Valentine’s gift. That almost makes me want to re-learn how to knit.

    1. Yes I was super happy with what the snowmen look like from far away:) up close is a little scary ๐Ÿ˜‚
      I’m hoping to get one more dishcloth made for a valentines gift

  6. I love those snowmen AJ, they are super cute! You must be so proud of your students (maybe not of the one showing his bum around though, what a weird thing to do!) Really lovely dish cloth too, it’s just so nice what you can do with stockinette and garter stitches ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. The snowmen are great from far away, the mooning, not so much!
      Thank you! I’ve been wanting to try a texture pattern so I’m glad I finally did:)

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