I’ve had a pretty good day:)


I actually couldn’t go for a run today because my shoes are still drying from yesterday! Of course this just made me want to go for a run even more!!

I got a workout in this afternoon. I did each of the following exercises for 50 seconds with a ten second rest and repeated each twice.

Shuffle squat, plank butt kick, sprint, jumping jack with dumbbell press, back lunge with front kick, high knees, sumo squat to narrow squat with bicep curl, fast feet, moguls, front lunge with dumbbell press, twisting mountain climbers, dumbbell reach with curtsy lunge, single leg bench squat, squat, narrow squat, sumo squat, plie squat, dips, roll ups, v ups, bicycles, oblique crunches. I was a sweaty mess by the end, but felt great:)


Once again I am participating in the Fantastic Bake Along which is hosted by Traci at It’s a T Sweets Day. I was just starting to wonder when the next one would be and along it came. I’ve been craving ginger snaps so this one had perfect timing! I also love that it tells me what to bake:)

The recipe was a little different for me as it was all in grams, but I just pulled my food scale out and got to work:) It was great to use it again as it’s been a while.

The recipe can be found Here:). It was super easy to put together and it was such a lovely dough to work with! Literally it was four steps- put butter and syrup together and melt, put dry ingredients together, mix the two, put onto cookie sheet. How easy can it be?!?! The dough wasn’t sticky or heavy and I used my ice cream scoop to put it onto the cookie sheet so the cookies actually look pretty too! My cookies only took 12.5 minutes to bake though! They come out crisp and are a perfect dipping cookie!! I of course made them gluten free using a mixture of potato starch, xantham gum, white rice flour, sorghum flour, buckwheat flour and millet flour. I also used earth balance butter substitute. I really don’t think these made any difference to how they taste as they are yummy! My mom is going to be upset she missed them. They even remind me of the ginger snaps my grandma used to have in the cookie jar when I was little.

I’m sorry I have to cheat a bit, but I’m on a phone, so I’m going to use a picture to show you who else participates in the Fantastic Bake Along! Please check them out:)


I took my friend Kathryn to the ULS book sale first thing this morning. It was a bit of a wash for me as the picture book section of their big sale was gone the first day, but Kathryn had some success! There were of course books I wanted for my teaching, but I’m trying to behave myself! I also found a cookbook I liked and I’m now kicking myself for not buying it while it was 30% off!

I was supposed to take Kathryn her Christmas present but it only made it as far as the counter. I’ll have to make sure I see her again! She, of course, being the incredibly organized person she is, remembered mine.

A gorgeous agenda that I will enjoy every day for the next year! I was spoiled! I absolutely love the front cover and I know I’ll have fun setting it up later tonight:)


I’ve been listening to Wives and Daughters on Librivox as I was knitting today. I just can’t shake the feeling that I’ve either seen this as a movie or read the book as it seems extremely familiar. I just can’t place from where and it’s driving me crazy! I’ve stuck with it as I want wifi to download another book. Maybe I’ll do that at coffee tomorrow.

I’ve also started my free ARC of Baby It’s Cold Outside by Kait Nolan. I’ve read all of her books and have enjoyed them. I’m only 20% done so far, but it’s already grabbed me more than the book I have been slogging through.


I got to start my new project today and it feels great to be using up yarn that I bought last year and to be working on a sweater!!!πŸ˜€. It’s going well so far, though it did lead to some naughtiness.

I had to go buy new needles as the needles I needed were already in use for other projects. I decided to support my local yarn shop which was probably my mistake. I’m good at ignoring things in Michaels and Walmart, but my LYS has an amazing sale bin- 50% off!!!!! I got the three sets of needles which were expensive enough, but then I also picked up six more skeins of yarn. Don’t tell my mom or knitting buddy please!!!!!

I did manage to resist the silk yarn as there was only 240meters and I’m trying to avoid making more cowls this year!

I also got two more yarns into my Ravelry stash today:). I’m moving right along. My dream would be to have all of my yarn in my Ravelry stash and know exactly how many balls/skeins I have. I know I would be motivated to see the total go down, but I have so much yarn that I think this might just be a pipe dream:(

Well I’m up to knitting stockinette in the round so I’m going to throw on a Hallmark movie and get back to my knitting:)

Have fun!


50 thoughts on “Fantastic Bake Along- Mary Berry Gingersnap Edition

  1. I’m glad there was an easy butter substitute for you to use. The cookies look good. That Foot Loose yarn looks interesting; I haven’t seen that brand before.

  2. Put newspaper in your shoes! It helps to dry them much faster than just leaving them to air dry. I’m not exactly sure how it works but somehow the paper sucks moisture up. It helps a lot in my opinion and I always do it after super wet runs.
    I love to agenda you got! As a planner, an agenda is a must have for me.

    1. Oh I didn’t know about newspaper. I’ll go do that now as I need them dry by tomorrow!!!
      I love planning and I haven’t had an agenda since high school so it will be fun to have one:)

      1. Fingers crossed they’ll work! I have no idea how quickly it works but even a little less moisture makes a difference.
        I am such a planner person. I color code mine and use it to write a few to do items as well.

      2. They were dry thus morning, yayπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
        I’m a planner too, I love knowing what I’m doing during a week before it starts:)

  3. What a great workout! Ah, the back lunge with front kick, an all time favorite (and mandatory exercise for every boxing bootcamp). Going to have to try some of those other exercise combinations, and definitely those ginger snaps! (Though may be hard to make them as picture perfect as yours : )

    1. I love the reverse lunge with front kick!! I feel so powerful!!! Lol
      My cookies rarely look this nice- the dough was just amazing to work with!

    1. Thank you! The flecked yarn is definitely new for me, so that’s good. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it!
      Yup I should probably get a second pair of running shoes for the winter as we are very wet from November to April.

  4. Mary Berry is a British National Treasure in my opinion. Not a single one of her recipes that I have used has gone wrong. X

    1. I had never heard of her before this recipe, but I’m going to need to try some others because this one was wonderful to do!

  5. Cookbook photo worthy cookies there! And the planner cover sounds exactly like what my Girls would go for.πŸ˜„ Your exercise regime is a killer! 😁 I have been pretty consistent this January, but I was pleased to be up to 40 jumping jacks and 7 good push-ups!! I have only missed a few days of the yoga challenge, but those don’t really count as exercise since they are only 10-15 minutes. But it is improving my flexibility some, so I’ll keep at it.πŸ˜„ Looking forward to seeing the sweater!

    1. Thank you! It was a great dough to work with so I may try some of her other recipes:)
      That’s great you’ve been so consistent! That is one thing I seem to be lacking this month, just can’t seem to get into a routine yet.

  6. That last part of your post AJ made me smile. Knitting is definitely my wife’s love. She heads up a small knitting group in our village called “Stitch and Chatter”, and definitely cannot pass up a good sale at a yarn shop! πŸ™‚

      1. That is good, that you can “step out of it”. Usually, I love cookies so much – that 3 is only warming up… maybe I have to maintain that goal? Only 3!

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