A good day that actually almost went according to plan.


After thinking it over, I got out of bed this morning and ran. It wasn’t fun to have to go in the dark again and it wasn’t a great run as I had a 7:06/km average, but I went and got it done. It was weird that I didn’t pass anyone today:(. I was glad I went when I got back and saw my stats in Runkeeper. Runkeeper was great today and sent me a summary of my year in running last year. I know it includes walking but it was still neat to see.

A blogger has recommended I try using Strava, but I thought that was for elite runners. Before I do research, anyone know anything about Strava or have an opinion??

I haven’t done any other exercise today as I’m too busy enjoying my nice loose body after my massage:)


Well we at least got some work done today:). We read a book about animals in winter and illustrated a poem to start our new science unit. We reviewed how to add zero. I wasn’t planning it, but each student took a turn telling me an equation that had +0 in it. Sometimes the students come up with the best lesson plans themselves:). We also finished the writing and drawing of our socials studies project about us in the world – community, city, province and country. The students did really well and tomorrow we will assemble them.

The funniest story came to me today. I have Lyndsay’s son in my class and she came to tell me. Yesterday morning she made her son his favourite, a breakfast bagel. He’s not a morning eater so she put it in his bag and told him he could eat it when he got hungry. What does he do! He gives it to his daycare worker and says, “my mom made you this sandwich because she likes you”. Now there’s a way to get out of eating🤣🤣. The same kid today came wearing a pair of glasses- completely fake, but I love how children try different things out until they find themselves (hopefully at some point!)


I got the happy news from my oldest friend that her and her husband are coming to visit in March and that they are expecting their first baby. My other closest friend was scheduled for her c-section today. I guess I’ll be doing a lot of knitting if baby things this year! I am so happy for both of my friends, but it did bring up the question, what’s wrong with me? Why hasn’t that happened for me? Don’t worry, I’ll get back to normal soon😏

Reading/ Blogging:

Still working on Baby It’s Cold Outside. Most of my reading time today I spent trying to get caught up on blog reading. It was really starting to stress me out that I was missing so many. Please someone tell me how you deal with blog reading- there must be a better way as I need time to read my books too!


I had David’s Tea Organic Peppermint Amour. It was okay, but nothing life altering for me. So far, I’m glad I didn’t pay for this new box of tea that I am working my way through!

Movies/ knitting:

I am in the middle of watching Home For Christmas while I am knitting the stockinette in the round part of my sweater. I have seen this actress, Danica something, in other movies, but in this one she is so ditzy, can she ever shut up??? I obviously didn’t notice it in her other movies or else she is an amazing actress!!!

From reading the blogs I have found some more knitting books that I’ll need to explore!! Shopping:

It was shopping in reverse as a woman came and picked up the mug I sold on Facebook this week. Another thing gone✅

I did manage to finally pop into the grocery store and get some milk and veggies and fruit. I only bought one thing not on my list- mini avocados. I am so excited for breakfast tomorrow morning now!!!

I was looking for more packages oatmeals as I took that for lunch today and it worked really well, but the store didn’t have any that were gf/df. I’ll look around a bit, but that might be something I have to ask my mom to bring home with her. I would just take oatmeal from home- but I only have old fashioned oats that need to be cooked and I only have a kettle at work. I don’t think it will work, but I may need to experiment!

Well I’m going to curl up with my movie for another three rounds of stockinette stitch.

Have fun!


51 thoughts on “News

  1. I’m so glad run keeper helped again! I use Strava! It’s great. Keep up the good work with everything, I need to get back to reading. I haven’t been reading at all!

  2. There is NOTHING wrong with you!! If there is then there is something wrong with me too 😝

    Have you tried overnight oats? Super easy and they’ll be ready for you to eat at work.

    1. Yup I seem to alternate between the two, but right now I’m loving the Hot ones cause it’s so cold at my school.
      You have Coen:)

  3. I understand your dilemma about reading blogs and keeping up! I’m on ‘staycation’ right now and I was hoping to get some reading done to get a few posts ahead, but most of my time feels like it’s been spent keeping up with other posts and comments! Lol!… Not super productive.

  4. I often feel a bit “huh?????” when I consider someone not-so-nice to be married multiple times and I’ve never had the hope of a ring. Then I remind myself a) she’s also had multiple divorces b) my life hasn’t gone as planned – ever and c) I won’t “settle”.

    But I do understand that feeling. xXX

    LOL’d at the bagel story!!

  5. I love hearing about your kiddos, they just crack me up! I have a brand new kindergarten boy, and he is adorable, but very busy. His smile lights up the room! Those books look enticing….

    1. They are definitely funny sometimes! I’m impressed you take on kindergarten kids- you must have amazing patience!
      Yes, now I want them:)

      1. Actually, I also have a 3 year old and a 4 year old! I do only Suzuki with them, and of course the initial progress is snail paced, but the parents are happy. The 4 year old has now turned 5 and the light bulbs are on. She is now working on the Peanut Butter Stop Stop Twinkle variation, and once we manage that, it is full steam ahead!

      2. Wow! I wish I had learned to play! Just wasn’t in the budget when I was a kid, and now i realize I’m not very musical:(

  6. Danica is Winnie from Boy Meets World with Fred Savage! I saw Home for Christmas and loved the stodgy grandmother in that one!

    Great job on getting out of bed and running!

    Lindsay’s son is too darn cute!! Very clever!!

    1. Oh Wonder Years, That’s where I know her from! I liked her by the end, but at the start, the talking was driving me crazy!
      Thank you- it’s always doubtful that I’ll do it😂
      He is cute and he knows it!

  7. I love how you have your rambles broken up into categories. reading your post about teaching makes me miss being in the classroom… almost. I read blogs in the morning/day and read books in bed at night. that’s how I break it up

  8. That’s an impressive elevation climb over time, with a nice uptick lately-George Mallory (who was also a schoolteacher) would have been impressed : )

    I’ve been on a mini avocado kick lately, (they’re such a good price at ALDI, I keep getting them, even though they’re not on the list either).

    1. Thank you! It seemed like my running clicked this year around September:)
      I hated avocado as a kid and thought my dad was gross for eating it smashed on toast, but now that’s my favourite!

      1. Oh I always go simple with just it topped with salt and pepper. Would your version be good without the cheese?

      2. Definitely! I probably go cheese fifty percent of the time, just really lightly though when I do, and then a razor thin slice of onion : ) I only like the cheese when it’s a mild one like havarti, otherwise can definitely go without : )

  9. LOL Strava is not for elite runners. Anyone can join. And don’t be embarrassed about how “slow” or whatever you are. Pace is all relative and no one cares about that shit but you. Now, JOIN so I can follow you! You’re welcome. I know you enjoy my tough love. 😉

  10. Nothing is wrong with you. Being comfortable with your own company is awesome. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Before I met my husband all I did was teach. I asked myself, where am I going to meet someone? At the gas station? At Trader Joe’s? At Lucky’s? NOT. So I took a deep breath and tried online dating. He and I met on Match.com and the rest is history; mind you I was 32 then. I don’t think a woman can rely on meeting friends of friends as most of the time, they have no single friends. So that’s a thought. If you’re looking to “get out there,” maybe some options are like these: I know there’s speed dating and there are organizations like Table for Five or some adventure one where you either go to dinner with a group of ppl time to time or go on some kind of adventure like white water rafting.

    1. I have done lots of online dating and I did finally sign back up. I know I’m not going to meet anyone through my friends as they don’t know anyone single. I’ve actually tried speed dating before and looked into the singles adventures but it’s crazy expensive!!!
      I’m hoping I meet someone:)

  11. I know what you mean about blog reading. Last night I went through all the blogs I follow and changed notification settings. It’s not complete because the page would jump every so often. The aim is to only receive email notification of posts I don’t want to miss, like yours. Sao when I’m overwhelmed I can just click on emails instead of wading or more like drowning in the reader. I get over a hundred posts to read each day and it’s just not possible to read them all. I can catch up with other posts when insomnia happens.
    I’ve also got about six to eight blog awards that I’ve not dealt with and they are stressing me out. 😦

    1. That’s a good idea to go with the notifications. Right now I’m getting no notifications cause that was stressing me out and filling my inbox way too much.
      Yes the awards stress me out too!

      1. I’ve noticed some people have ‘award free blog’ signs on their page. Then I’ve read elsewhere that that does not follow with the spirit of blogging. I think we have to put our mental health first. Sometimes the reading pressure and award pressure makes me think about stopping my blog. Blogging is my almost my only source of female friendship though and I don’t want to give that up.

      2. No don’t stop blogging! I think it’s ok just to ignore those awards! I also have come up with the plan that now I don’t try to read everyone’s posts that I follow, I just scroll through for my regular reads- you, Maureen, Kathy, etc and any titles that grab me:)

      1. It’s so easy to use! And it keeps track of other exercises such as : walking, running, cycling, aeorbics, different sports,circuit training, dancing, elliptical, pilates, yoga, etc. You can add manual work outs too. It’s really big in Europe and you can set your preference between kilometers or miles as well. My Garmin also automatically records all of my running the program (sometimes its nice to leave my phone at home).

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