For the past several months I’ve been trying not to worry as much and just see how things work out. Today was a good example of what would have worried and stressed me before.


I started the day by checking the weather and realizing I had missed recording the temperature for my scarf for the past two days:( I knew down deep that this would be the challenge of this project for me! Thankfully I found the information on the weather network website later, though now I should be knitting it!

I got a couple of rows of my sweater done this morning which is completely frustrating because I’m at the part where I just want to knit because I’m so close to being done the body. Maybe if I can get my fingers to work faster I can get one more row in before bed. Oh right, I have to do my scarf…


The boys were so fixated on the map I put up before school this morning for us to record where their families came from!We read the book Matilda and worked on visualizing as we read. The students had some very cool pictures from this activity. We’ll finish it up tomorrow.

We worked on the doubles strategy for addition in math and it was nice to actually have every child complete the work:)

I usually love my Thursday afternoons as we have computers (a prep for me) and then gym, planners and silent reading. This afternoon in gym I assessed the children on their gymnastics and then said I’d take a video of them at their favourite station. Grrr my boys decided it would be fun to fall off the equipment. They haven’t done that once during the entire three weeks, instead they saved it for their parent videos. After the fifth I took them back to class. It was an awfully short gym class today since it took them three tries to get quietly to the gym.

Lol I had some interesting conversations today too. When I asked one boy to try and remember to brush his teeth before coming to school ( his breath makes me want to retch daily), he informed me he never does🙄

At the end of the day we discussed their behaviour. I told them I wanted to go back to bragging about them rather than complaining as I would be today😂

At lunch it was really interesting to watch one of my students. She had a new snack and after watching her, she reminded me of Pinkiebag’s product reviews. She asked me to read the bag to her and she proceeded to look carefully at every inch of it. She then opened it and took a long sniff. She proceeded to take one piece out and smell it and then nibble a corner. She paused and then ate the whole thing. After repeating this sequence one more time she declared that Tesco’s bacon crisps were delicious. Maybe she has a future as a food reviewer or blogger:)


I woke up this morning to the news that snow was expected from 8-10am and again from 3-4pm. I had planned to drive to work today because I was scheduled to have my car in for a replacement headlight at 3:30pm today. When I heard about snow though I wasn’t sure I wanted to be going up and down the hill to work. I spent some time trying to decide what I was going to do. Normally I would have worried all day about this and been very stressed. I ended up walking to work (glad I did when I saw this sky right outside my building) thinking I could either come home at lunch or right away after school for my vehicle. Well it did start to “white rain” about 2pm, just about the time my mechanic called to see if I could come a little later at 4pm. It all worked out:) I walked home and got my car and drove over there with no problems. He had been sent the wrong replacement bulb and so I switched my plan and went and picked up my Costco items (600 photos from my last trip and a lot of other food items that weren’t on the list -$50 later🙄) first and then came back for the headlight. Yet again, it all worked out. I just ended up eating my snack in the Costco parking lot rather than the mechanic’s office:)


I got a little more of Ready Player One read at lunch. I’m enjoying it so far. I also downloaded the kindle version of Trouble With Gold as a blogger reviewed it this morning and it sounded like a nice light read:)


My tea today was David’s Tea Just Peachy which I have had before. I enjoyed it again this time:)


I tried a product I got from the GF Expo this afternoon when I was waiting. They are Sea Salt Spokes. They are similar in weight to popcorn but are shaped like pretzels. I liked how they satisfied my Salt craving and popcorn craving and yet were only 300 calories for the entire bag!! I’d buy them:)


Tonight was my athletic yoga class which was a challenge tonight. Not only because the instructor came up with new ways to torture us, but also because I ate way too close to class. I bought a rotisserie chicken when I was at Costco and in the five minutes I was home I took the skin off it. Unfortunately I always think it tastes best when it’s still warm so I ate some… big mistake😖😏😞. I so couldn’t push myself as my stomach was gurgling through the whole class:(

I had to laugh at myself as I realized I was doing squats while waiting for the cookies to bake and reading blog posts🤣. I just can’t stand still!


This afternoon our secretary was saying that she desperately wanted an oatmeal raisin cookie, so I made some tonight to take to her tomorrow. I know one of my goals for the month was only to bake once, but I figure baking for someone else doesn’t count! These were super fast to make, easy and taste delicious! The one missing is the little one I tried:)

The only changes I made were to use normal sugar and to use a mix of gf flour and potato starch with xantham gum. I would definitely recommend this recipe:)

Well, I’m off to knit 90 stitches on my scarf and to put something else up for sale on Facebook:)

Have fun!


43 thoughts on “It All Worked Out in the End

  1. I found the story of the girl with a new snack to be amusing. Guess it’s a sign of the times. My mother never gave me a snack for school that was new to me. There wouldn’t have been many choices back then.

  2. When I read your post, I always wonder how you fit so many activities in one day!
    I think there are more than just 24 hours in a day in Canada 😉

  3. Ewwwww – bad breath stinks are the worst!! Surely the boys parents should be making sure teeth are brushed before school?!

  4. The spokes look really interesting! It seems like they would be similar to a Cheeto puff (Don’t laugh it’s the only comparison I could think of!).
    Young boys always act well until you say you’re going to take a picture/video. That happened to me all the time when I was a nanny a few summers back. They’d be behaving nice and when I asked for a picture to send to their parents, all hell broke loose.

    1. Thank you! I’ve been trying to remember the name of what they were similar to and couldn’t!
      Yes boys are always going for the laugh it seems

  5. You sure do pack a lot of activities into your day! And how nice of you to bake cookies for the secretary.

    I was a teacher and am now retired. It has been a joy to see my young 6 year old children from my classes …graduate from college!

  6. I agree with Nancy, you are so nice!
    Ok, I do not understand what weather has to do with your knitting, you will have to explain that one to me. 🙂
    Sorry you have to deal with kids who’s parents don’t teach them how to brush their teeth, or monitor them and make sure they do!

    1. At the beginning of the year the knitter or crocheted selects different colour yarns to represent different temperatures throughout the year. E.g. possibly blues and greens for colder days, yellows to reds for the warmer temps. Each day the crafter notes that days temp and knits or crochet just one row in the’correct’ colour.

      1. Thanks for explaining. Sorry Kim that I didn’t understand what you were referring to. It seems I left my brain at home today:(

    2. Yes it’s amazing what I have to teach now:(
      If it’s miserable out, I don’t feel guilty staying inside and knitting all day:)

  7. Remember, a challenge is supposed to be a push, not a spur under your saddle. Deadlines are death to me, I just rebel at them! So why did I join umpteen challenges this year? LOL

  8. You were busy once again! I had to have that talk with my son. Now that he likes a girl, he showers daily and brushes twice a day. Took long enough! And the snack! That is so much like my son. I enjoy reading about your students and comparing them to my life. 😀

  9. love the story about the girl at lunch time, that is one that I have never seen in my years of teaching. Also, baking is very relaxing to many. I love to bake so I try to give the items I bake away to not put all the baked good on my waist line! Hope you have a great Friday

    1. Yup my goal this month was to only bake once, this does make twice- but I didn’t keep any!
      Yes I had never seen a student do that in sixteen years of teaching!

  10. The mini food reviewer story was hilarious!! Maybe a near future on “Master Chef Mini” (can’t remember the exact name).

    Nothing worse than bad breath (yuck!) Being sensitive to smells, it’s so offensive when someone has bad breath. Good reminder for the scamp.

    That Costco chicken..sooo good; read they actually lose millions of dollars a year keeping it at that price; it is such a good deal. Meals for days!

    I feel your pain on eating before a workout : ( I ate way too much before bball last night and the ailing stomach bothered the whole time playing basketball, and kept waking me up at night. I also received a cheap elbow to the upper left ribcage, so both of those things made for a fitful night. I’m going to take an aspirin tonight, and mostly eat vegetables today, stomach is still out of whack.

    PS Forgot to mention I’m a bit of a reusable grocery bag collector too, I got this awesome bag gifted; it is from the Raptor Center, and it says, “My Carrion Bag.” : ) I’ll post a picture on the next post : )

    1. Yes I can totally see her doing that! She’s a big sister so she’s very confident!
      Yes I always keep a plug in in my classroom as children often don’t smell good:(
      I like the Costco chickens best though I hear the superstore ones are less fatty. I love them as several meals and then soup from the bones.
      Oh I hope the aspirin helps! I was so mad at myself for ruining one of my workouts!
      Oh that sounds like a cool bag! I’ve ended up with a lot of bags, but not really any that cute:(

  11. You are incredible in how much you fit into your day AJ. I think I used to but I’ve slowed down so much in the last ten years.
    Would it be possible to have a dental nurse or dentist come and speak to your class?

  12. I love that sunrise photo! Y’day while reading this post, I stopped at the cookie photo as the symmetry buff in me awoke and couldn’t digest the fact there was a gap in the second row. 🙂

    Yours is one of the most systematic blogs I follow. It’s easy to read when there is a pattern, and as Yarn&Pencil said above, it’s amazing how much you squeeze into your daily routine.

    1. Yes that sunrise was like my reward for walking to work and not worrying about whether it was going to snow:)
      Lol I had to test them before I gave them away😜 The secretary and principal both said they were good:)
      Thank you:). I have to admit I like to be organized, besides I want to give people the opportunity to skip the parts they aren’t interested in.

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