A day without children.


It was a Professional Development day today so I had to sit and learn instead of teach. This always gives me a lot of insight into my students as I’m horrible at sitting and listening, especially in a freezing library!!! We had theory on the new Physical Literacy curriculum this morning followed by a half hour of hands on games. They were doing pretty good until the last one that put me right back into elementary school and reminded me why I hated gym class then! Three on three “you can’t touch me”. The object of the game was to pass the ball five times to get a point. I, of course, was guarded by the tallest person on the other team so I touched the ball once:(. It wasn’t fun!

This afternoon we had a meeting about a whole school ADST project we’re doing around the book “The Most Magnificent Thing”, where students have to create something out of a box. We’ve decided to tackle it in March so it’ll be interesting to see how it works.

I finished the day with some laminating and escaped. I loaded my car up with some donation stuff, but it was packed at the donation centre so I’ll have to go back another day.


I went out for lunch with five co-workers today for lunch. We went to our local sushi place and it was a disaster:( I asked and was told the steamed rice was gluten free. Great! I ordered two rolls that didn’t list anything I couldn’t eat and made sure the waitress marked down it had to be gluten free and dairy free. Well when my food arrived and I picked up a piece, just as it got to my lips,my lips started to burn ( early warning system I guess) and one of my colleagues cried stop. The side of the roll facing away from me was coated in tempura bits. The other roll had a deep fried, battered prawn in it:( I sent it back and ended up eating tuna sashimi.

This was the second disappointment of the day as there were snacks provided this morning so I didn’t eat breakfast. I got there and all I could eat was fruit:(. They had yogurt and muffins:(. I guess it was good as it definitely cut down on my calories for the day.


My tea today was David’s Tea: Coco Chai Rooibus. It was okay, not my favourite probably because I’m not a big chocolate lover,but I didn’t pour it out either.

By the way, the Oat milk worked well in my tea today:)


I stayed up late last night and got my sweater done! Who knew sleeves could take so long?!?! I am very happy with it and will wear it to school tomorrow.

I used the Anthi Pullover pattern that is free on Ravelry or through Knitty Magazine. On a side note, I seem to make a lot from Knitty. I made the ties at the neck shorter and I may just make it so the neckline buttons. I also lengthened the sleeves as they were very short! I used the Riverstone Yarns fingering weight yarn I bought at Knit City so I’m happy about that! I made the XS and before I started I was very worried it would be too small, but now that I see it, I’m glad I didn’t make it any bigger. The amazing thing is that I actually checked the gauge before starting and was right on! I ended up with only 5 yards of yarn left. I got it entered for the HPKCHC class of Care of Magical Creatures. Hopefully it will work for that!


It has been pouring here for days so I’ve been very unmotivated to run. I forced myself to get out there tonight though. My Runkeeper came up with a speed interval workout so I did it, but my phone died with two minutes left:(. I felt so uncoordinated and yet it was my fastest run in the last little while. In the end I was glad I went as the sun peeked through the clouds and made my favourite type of light and it actually didn’t rain on me until the very end.


I started getting the Boston photos labelled that I picked up late last week. I am so looking forward to having all those photos off my phone! Maybe it will stop acting so weird!!


I watched The Best Christmas Present Ever tonight. It was very sweet and had not one, but two cute men in it:)

Well I’m off to read before bed.

Have fun!


50 thoughts on “Brrrr

  1. It’s so good to see the sweater you’ve been working so hard on. It looks fab. Good idea to make the the sleeves longer.
    Lovely light in the photo looking across the water and a pretty view 🙂 🌹🌻🌼❤

  2. I hate stupid games like that.
    The sweater looks awesome!!! Let us know how it went wearing it today.
    I’m so glad you went out for a run but your phone died? What’s up with that??? I always try to make sure I have at least 50% battery on my phone when I head out to the gym because I think I would leave if it died.
    The movie sounds cute too. 😀

  3. Lovely sweater. I am ashamed to say I still have not sewn my sweater together yet. I keep getting distracted and when I remember it’s late and bed is on the horizon.

      1. I was until I finished knitting it, then I wasn’t, but have made a date this weekend to sew it and wear it. After all it is mid winter here.

  4. I hate when administration thinks teachers need to play games. just because we use games with the kids doesn’t mean we want to play them with other teachers. I always felt like saying I have better things I could be doing like working in my room!

  5. Your sweater looks just great, would love to see you in it! The only games I will play anymore are Raccoon Circle games. They are fun, have a small bit of competitiveness in them, but usually it is about group accomplishment and requires the strong, small, fast, smart, etc. to participate in order to make it happen.

  6. I would love to see a pic of you wearing the sweater, I love it!
    I have never tried oat milk, I always drink almond or coconut or a blend of almond/coconut milk.
    Have you tried the Keto diet? Maybe you could eat more in situations like you found yourself in, IDK. Since this diet is high fat/mod protein/little carbs it seems like if you just had a cheese and meat tray or a veggie tray you would always have a little something to eat.

    1. I have done keto in the past. Now I just try not to do a “diet” but just eat a little bit of whatever I’m wanting. It did work because I can have fruit, veggies and protein but I also have a hereditary problem with high cholesterol:(

  7. The sweater looks incredible!! Gosh, you did an amazing job with it😍 and the yarn is so pretty too!!
    That’s a bummer about the sushi lunch. You’re a trooper about it, but I have a feeling it starts to get old after a while!
    You need one of those phone charger sticks that you charge it and then can charge your phone while out and about!

    1. Thank you! I wore the sweater today and it was comfy and warm:)✅
      It does get old. I try my best not to complain and I don’t expect people to work around me, but it’s a good thing I like to cook and bake!
      Oh I definitely need one of those!!! What are they called??

  8. Your sweater looks great!! How awful about lunch at least your friend was watching out for you. Great job getting out there for a run. Don’t tell anyone, I have over 7k photos on my phone!! I have exported them to the laptop, but haven’t backed them up in a second place so I’m afraid to delete!!!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes I’m so glad my friend noticed as there were none on my side of the roll!
      I am slowly getting the pictures labelled and deleted. I swear my phone used to be able to hold more!!!

  9. Great job on finishing your sweater top. Sorry it was a bad experience at the sushi place. How rude they didn’t catch the tempura. I would say something on Yelp about that.

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