I’ve enjoyed my day, even though I was busy continuously!


I’ve had a good eating day though it’s tough recalibrating for less food! I took this picture just for Maureen so she could look at someone else’s eggs for a change:) I’ll be eating them again tomorrow!I also thought I had better talk about the cookie I had today for my afternoon tea -as I don’t think I ever have.

A student brought me one of these cookies last year and they are actually very tasty for being free of the top eight allergens. They happened to be on sale the last time I went shopping. I have the ginger flavour this time, but I’ve liked the other flavours as well. Just beware that they are dense cookies, not light and fluffy.

It was interesting that the little girl who is going to be a food blogger when she grows up brought me a big bag of the bacon crisps she so liked last week. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I can’t eat them so I just took them to the staffroom.


We had a good day and I enjoyed my students today. I wonder why? We spent this morning doing a sharing circle about our weekend. I was shocked to learn that only four children and myself spent time outside this weekend. 😳I understand it was raining, but it’s always raining here! We also wrote in our journals about animals that hibernate. I had wanted it to be a bit of assessment, but my students seemed to need a little prompting, so I left off with that idea and let them share ideas. The best thing was that my little boy who is very low (doesn’t know all his sounds yet) managed to write a sentence by himself. Yes two of the three words were on the board, but he did it, which with his low self-esteem, was amazing. I had helped him with “A bear hibernates.” And by the time I got back to him he had done, “A frog hibernates.” Score 🎉🎊

We reviewed our addition strategies and also brainstormed with the other grade one class how we can help the community. It wasn’t as great a brainstorming as the others we’ve had about community, but I have to admit I don’t have a ton of ideas either about what five/six year olds can do.

Last thing, we taught all the grade ones a clapping game we learned at our in-service yesterday. I have to admit I loved doing this as I never got to play these games as a kid so it was neat to do it now. I definitely understand how you could spend hours doing this. The kids were having a blast and kept at it much longer than we were expecting them to. I’ll have to see if I can get a video of it tomorrow to show you all:)

After school we had the fun of putting the gymnastics equipment away🙄. After that I was super happy to get my addition file finally organized into the different adding strategies I teach. Hopefully it will be much easier to find appropriate practice pages and games now!


My tea today was David’s Tea: Organic Jessi’s Tea. It was actually quite tasty:). I only have one more day out of this box of tea so tomorrow I get the fun of recycling another box. I can’t decide if I’m going to choose the next box based on size or age🤣


I got home by 4:30 so that I could have dinner before my run clinic at 6:30. I was halfway through my bowl of oatmeal when my running buddy texted to say she wasn’t going tonight. I figured I had the option of running in the cold, dark and wet with strangers or just in the cold and wet by myself. I hustled out the door and got my run done before dark. It was a little tough tonight as I literally finished eating as I was going out the door and I wore the wrong pants. They soaked up about ten pounds of water and were dragging behind me by the end, but I went😀. I also pushed myself to keep a steady, faster pace which felt good. A guy on a bike went by and said hi with a smile- makes me wonder what I looked like from behind out there with my pants trailing and splashing through the puddles🤣


I haven’t knitted anything today, though I have found my next project which will be a quick baby sweater out of chunky wool. It will fulfill a HPKCHC challenge and hopefully will suit my friend’s baby to come. I can’t wait to find out what she’s having so I can knit in girl or boy colours rather than white, yellow and green.

Several of you asked for a picture of me in my new sweater( yes I’m like a little kid and had to wear it today). I don’t know if it’s mental or not, but I swear it kept me warmer than any store bought sweater does! Please just remember I’m not photogenic! I swear I gain ten pounds just turning the camera on!

I’ve been tidying at home tonight as knit night is at my place tomorrow.

Photo Project:

I got one box of the developed photos labelled and erased off my phone. I really thought it would free up more space than it did. Of course, I seriously don’t understand my phone as this morning I did nothing and watched the memory decrease by 0.3😏


I took another page from Maureen’s book and spent some time this evening on the couch enjoying my book, Ready Player One by Ernest Clive. So far so good, but I better get going on it as I think book club is approaching rapidly! I had really better look that up!

I have also spent some time reading blogs tonight. I’ve been trying to go and read the latest post of whoever has liked or commented on my posts. It’s a different approach, but I’ll give it a shot and see how it works.

Well, I’m going to try for one more chapter of my book before I head for bed.

Have fun!


55 thoughts on “Continuously Busy

  1. Ive been to the west coast before for my company conferences and, you’re right… It’s ALWAYS RAINING! Lol! I don’t envy that! (although, I have snow again here.. I don’t know which is worse! 😋) and I love David’s teas.. I’ve never heard of the one you had,my favourite is the organic English breakfast.
    Every time I read your blog I wish you lived closer to me so you could motivate me to excersize! Lol! I leave for Cuba soon and I need my beach body back!… But, I also have so many OTHER things to do… Lol! It’s easy to procrastinate on the one that doesn’t involve reading, eating or drinking.. 😉 and last but not least, your sweater looks so cosy!! And if the camera adds 10 lbs then you need to gain some weight girl! Lol!

    1. It is always raining but I don’t mind as it’s easier to get around in rain than in snow!
      It has been neat to try out so many different teas. I usually just stick with my known favourites.
      Oh Cuba sounds fun! Have you been before? Ivan only suggest doing your exercise first thing in the morning. I try to do that as otherwise it wouldn’t get done, too many more important things to do😂
      Thank you! I loved wearing it yesterday!!!

      1. I’ve been before quite a few years ago and it was beautiful!! The food isn’t great.. But, I’m hoping I don’t starve this time as last time I went I was a vegetarian… Not much choice and I was SO HUNGRY by the time I got home!! I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it a little more this time! I’m really excited to relax and read on a beach!!

      2. Hmm maybe I’ll avoid Cuba for a while then as if you can’t eat as a vegetarian, I imagine gluten and dairy free would be tough too!
        Oh I’m jealous of reading on a beach though!

      3. Actually, you’d probably do quite well! They really don’t have a lot of dairy at all and their main foods seem to be chicken and fish. They had lots of salad stuff where I went too (I pretty much lived off lentils and salad the entire time I was there…)

  2. It was a good class day. I wish everyday could be like that.
    The sweater looks fantastic!
    Finally out of David’s tea. What will you do?
    It does rain a lot up there. That would deter me but I’m glad it doesn’t you! Great job 😀

    1. I wish everyday could be like that too!!! I’d probably get bored though😂
      Oh no, I have more David’s Tea- just finished that 8 tea set😂
      Ya you learn young to do everything in rain or you won’t do anything.

  3. The sweater looks fabulous!!
    Phone memories is something I can’t understand. My phone always tells me that the storage is low and then I delete stuff not nothing improves! It’s like trickery!

  4. You are adorable!!! Pshaw “not photogenic”! It fits great, looks good, so why wouldn’t you wear it everyday? LOL I hear you on the wear it immediately, and for me, quite often!

    1. Lol thank you! You all are good for my self esteem. I will definitely be wearing it a lot! Usually I try to wear a handknit about once a week.

  5. I’m chuckling to myself picturing you running with your pants dragging in the puddles splashing everywhere😂💦
    The sweater looks great on you!!!😊
    How exciting for your little boy and his sentences! Any progress is good!

  6. I don’t know if it’s the camera angle or what but you look really small, like a child yourself, and the sweater looks fabulous on you! I am very short-4’9″ so people used to think I was a kid too, that was before I got old 🙂

      1. Wow! That’s rare that I’m taller than anyone, except maybe an 8 year old, lol. 🤣🤣

  7. Your sweater looks great! I always feel warmer and more cosy in my woollen jumpers too-I definitely need to make a couple more for this time of year.
    Well done for getting your photos developed and off your phone-that’s a task that is almost constantly on my to do list and just as I make progress, I take more photos and it feels like a never ending task! And there is something very weird about the relationship between deleting things and the available memory-however much I delete, there never seems to be the equivalent space freed up as a result!

    1. Thank you! I love being able to wear something I’ve made. My semi goal is to make a sweater a month this year:)
      Ugh I had my phone cleared off, then I went on holidays again. I’m three holidays behind in making up my photo albums:(
      I’m glad it’s not just me who has trouble with the phone memory! A phone seems to be a great way to make yourself feel less than brilliant:(

      1. Wow, that’s a great goal to focus on-good luck with your progress! Have you planned out exactly which patterns you want to make? Part of my problem sometimes is actually making a decision about which design to knit or which yarn to use, and I end up running out of time to actually knit anything while it’s still weather appropriate!

      2. That is my biggest difficulty too! To try and solve this problem I am trying to get my yarn into the Ravelry stash as I noticed that then when I “favourite” a pattern, it will suggest yarns in my stash to use with that pattern:) Between this and HPKCHC I’m hoping that I will have less trouble deciding on projects.

      3. Oh, that’s a really good idea-Ravelry has some great suggestions, but I sometimes forget to look at them! The HPKCHC must be a great motivator too- I should have included that in my blog post about ways to fulfil your aims for the year-I might try and add it in!

  8. Okay so I LOL’d when you said the guy rode by on his bike and smiled with your pants dragging behind you! Haha you and the sweater look awesome! I’m only 5’1″ and you must be close to that! Good things come in small packages!

    Happy Wednesday!!

  9. I’m so glad to see you in your new sweater! I’m glad to know that just taking a picture adds pounds. I always wondered why I look heavier in a picture than in my mirror at home! Lol😊. I enjoyed Ready Player One and it isn’t even a genre that I like and that’s saying something! ❤️❤️

    1. I dated a guy who loved scrambled eggs so I watched a YouTube video until I figured them out.
      The cookies are good!!! I highly recommend that brand!
      LOL don’t follow me for fashion as I’ve never been fashionable a day in my life!!!

      1. Haha!! Your responses are all too funny : ) Okay fair enough I just follow you for inspiration in other ways, (and delicious recipes!)

        I’m going to keep an eye out for those cookies, haven’t seen them, but have been on a ginger kick!

      2. Well I’m glad I’m entertaining at least:) Thanks for calling me inspiring:) You need those cookies – so good!

  10. What a great day!! You look so tiny in that photo and your sweater looks great. While we were in Louisiana, I bought a book at the LSU Campus Bookstore, The Woman in the Window by A.J Finn. I have carried in my work bag or had it on the night stand since we returned, but have yet to read a page!! One of the things I wanted to do more of this year – READ!! I have a hard time staying current on reading blogs. I seem to log on once a week and try to play catch up, but that is sometimes hard.

    1. I really am that short:( LOL Oh that book sounds good! I have to get going on this one as it’s for book club, but a lot of my reading time is given to reading blogs now and I still can’t stay current:(

  11. Phones are usually always my number one angst!
    Although I am enjoying Google Photos as it backs up every photo I take on my phone.

    Enjoy Knitting time at your place!

    1. Oh it feels like I’ve spent the past three months running in rain:( I swear it rains here ten months of the year! I should definitely buy stock in glide!

  12. My grandchildren get cabin fever if they can’t get outside everyday.
    Hooray for the little bit and his sentence, bless him.
    Your jumper is lovely and looks great on you. It fits you really well. Thanks for sharing a photo 🙂

  13. Your sweater is gorgeous, and it looks wonderful on you. Thank you for including the photo, as requested. I’ve never seen your face really well before. I feel like I’ve finally met you!

  14. That cookie looks interesting; I wouldn’t mind trying that. You are so cute! I love how your struggling student had a good day of progress with the day’s assignment. Warms my heart.

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