I woke up this morning just dragging:(. All I could think all day was, “it’s almost knit night”.


I have to show off the math my grade ones do. During calendar each morning the students have to come up with ways to make the number of days we’ve been in school. I’m not sure if I’m just not remembering or if these students really are slightly advanced in math. It seems like they do more difficult equations than I’ve had in the past!

This morning, the two grade one classes did Writer’s Workshop together. It went amazing! We discussed all the different types of writing you can do; lists, cards, reports, directions, poems, stories, etc. It was so neat to see what each student chose and most of them managed to write more than they did last week!Β  Β It was also amazingly quiet for having 41 children in one room!

LOL I had a student get a paper cut today and gave him a bandaid.Β  It turned out it was a Mickey Mouse bandaid which he showed off to other kids in the class. Well, needless to say, I am cleaned out of bandaids now. It’s amazing how dangerous paper is in my class!

The grade ones again played the clapping game today for a warm up in gym. I learned on Monday that a warmup doesn’t always have to be running. Two girls offered to demonstrate it.We also tackled an animals in winter mini book this afternoon which went surprisingly smoothly. It’s great to see how far my students have come in reading already!


My tea today was David’s Tea: The Big Chill. It was actually really good! I didn’t find it to have a super distinctive flavour like my favourite, Forever Nuts, but I also didn’t need to pour it out either.


Today after school I had bootcamp at school. It seemed deadly, but maybe it was just my low energy. There were a lot of new moves though. We did 20 second/ 10 second tabatas of: super narrow & deep single leg lunges, single leg lunge hops, lateral runs through an agility ladder, diamond squats, suicides, plank knee tucks using the sliders, hamstring curls on the stability ball along with a double crunch on the ball, mule kick to frog jump, plank punches, bear walk, ISO squat with an overhead press, single leg press with the band and a lat pull down with the band, star jumps, and crab dips & kicks.

I was definitely working hard, but was disappointed that I just didn’t have any “get up and go” today:(

Knit Night:

I ran home tonight to try and finish tidying my house as Brenda was coming over for knit night. I had a plan for a baby sweater using chunky yarn, but I didn’t have the right size of needles:( Amazing when I have so many pairs of needles. Then I tried to start a cute sweater, but I didn’t have the right size of needles for it either:(. Looks like a trip to my LYS is in store. Let’s just hope I can behave myself this time and stay away from the sale basket!!!I’ve ended up just doing a seed stitch Cowl out of the super bulky yarn as it’s for the third quidditch match in HPKCHC.


Brenda brought over the first Harry Potter movie tonight so at least I can now say I’ve seen one! I’ve read all the books eight times, but have never seen any of the movies. We’re going to try and work our way through them over the next eight weeks. I liked the first one as it mainly followed the book:).

Well, that’s all for me today.

Have fun!


47 thoughts on “Knit Night Got Me Through It

    1. Glad I could provide a chuckle:) Oh thank goodness it’s not just me! I think that even if i abstained from buying for years, I’d still have a ton of yarn!

  1. Enjoy the Harry Potter movies – I love them!! I have monkey plasters (band aids) in my first aid box. Plain plasters are boring. No wonder they all wanted a Mickey Mouse one πŸ˜‰

    1. I have fancy polka dot ones at home, but I think I’ll go back to normal for school so I don’t spend so much time giving them out!

  2. Aww, please thank the girls for showing us ❀
    Brilliant mathematicians πŸ™‚ πŸ˜ƒ
    Isn’t it typical not having the correct needles!? I have many, many pairs of all sorts of needles but I still had to buy additional sock needles last month. Crazy! πŸ˜†

    1. They loved doing it! Everyone in both classes wanted to do it actually!
      I have my grandma’s needles, my great aunts and my great uncles – you would think I would never have to buy a needle!

  3. love the idea for the number of the day and how many examples they were able to create. The HP movies are great. We watched each one after my youngest read the books. they aren’t as good as the book, but they are still good for a movie from a book

  4. Wow! That is impressive math, I’m not sure I could come up with all of that!! How on earth were you able to recall all the exercises from bootcamp?? I can only usually remember the ones that are most difficult. Since I was sick last week, I have been enjoying a Citrus Defense tea from Starbucks. I’m not sure what the exact tea combo is, but it has steamed lemonade and honey in it!!

    1. Oh that tea sounds lovely! I will have to look for it in my local Starbucks:) I’ve been cheating and writing my post as I go through my day so that I remember more things:) LOL

  5. Holy leg day! You’ll have more mojo in two days off of that I predict!

    I still haven’t seen any of the Harry Potters; I read the first “Hunger Games,” then rented the movie after; pretty good but the books are of course always better than the movie. Though the first Jurassic Park movie and book were were both great (course I read the book after the movie).

    1. I just got given the Hunger Games books so I’ll have to get to them and then watch the movies. I always think the books are better as I get to imagine what I want.

  6. We didn’t read or see Harry Potter until the girls were going into college. They decided they better read them, because St Olaf was reputed to look very much like Hogwarts! I enjoyed them all, though I think there was a terrible amount of fuss about them. πŸ˜„

    1. I loved reading the books and read them each summer as they came out, but I’ve never been a huge movie watcher so I didn’t bother with the movies.

  7. Forty-one kids in your class? When I was in public school – the Pterodactyl was still America’s national bird – we generally had fifty kids. My third grade, we didn’t have desks so the teacher brought in a big pillow and we took turns sitting on an overturned trash can. It probably lasted less than a week, but it obviously made quite an impression. Our eldest daughter once remarked that there were 35 students in her son’s class, and I was waiting for a punch line. I didn’t ever realize she was complaining! They try to keep classes around 25 now. Coulda fooled me.

    1. That was actually two classes together. Classes are usually around 24 here, but there’s no help and it includes kids with special needs.

  8. I remember doing something similar to what those girls were doing!
    That math is great for year ones!
    Great job on the workout and knitting. I didn’t do diddly exercise wise today. Oh well!

  9. I can’t believe you’ve read the HP books but never saw a movie! I love HP! Now that you’ve watched a movie, you have to go Universal Studios. It’s crazy how similar to the movie Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade are!

  10. I’m sure with the HP movies your brain will automatically start filling in the blanks and noticing differences. The first two are true to the books; after that, artistic license was taken. I used to play a similar clapping game like that but it was called Down by the Banks and ended differently.

    1. Ugh I dislike artistic license in movies! If the book was good enough to make into a movie- stick to it!!
      The kids are loving the clapping game! I may need to go looking for more:)

  11. I like following your progression of the students which is something I don’t see as a sub as I am thrust into sometimes challenging situations in urban/suburban schools. There is very little rural in the Tampa Bay area. I am looking forward to interviewing and trying to find my own class to lead for 2018. I really found subbing to be much more challenging this time than when I did it during graduate school in 2003. I sampled a variety of grades, title 1, renaissance schools, subjects…..to get my feet back in the door. I do see some progression with my adult ed class but adults definitely have opinions and some think they have reached their learning curve with writing. It is challenging in another way. Thanks for listening! Enjoy your day and the weekend.

    1. It would be interesting to compare adult teaching to child teaching! I’m not sure I could go back to TOCing now!

      1. I take it that TOCing refers to supply teaching or subbing. I have decided to stop subbing for this year and focus on my adjunct position , my husband’s recovery from cancer or remission, and putting out feelers for full-time positions. I subbed part time and the pay was so low, and the stress so high that after 8 months, I am finished with it. I understand why they have a hard time retaining subs. I wrote about it this week in my blog: no support administratively for us if a situation arises. There is no support from anyone and that is a scary position to be in albeit “my dry heaves in the morning.” Thanks for listening. Enjoy your weekend.

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