I’ve been loving my new agenda, but I feel like I need to write even more notes as I had some time today when I could have gotten things done and didn’t:(


We had a lot of start of month jobs this morning that took up a large chunk of our morning time. We got started on printing D but most will have to finish it up on ketchup day.

Math went so well today! I was teaching the commutative law- the children love saying that- it’s really just turn around facts. Everyone got the concept!!😀

I love my Thursday afternoons as I have prep, then gym and then silent reading and planners. I was aggravated when I released the children and then remembered I was suppose to FreshGrade record them talking about hibernation:(. I have just written myself a note for tomorrow, but what a waste of a good opportunity today!!

I had a parent meeting after school today which means that tomorrow I need to have a discussion with my class about manners, again. The difference between saying “get out of my way” and “excuse me”! I feel some role playing coming on😜


My tea today was by Kusmi and was called St. Petersburg. I didn’t care for it, but I have a whole ton of it to use so I may try it tomorrow with some almond milk and see if that improves it.


I fit in six rows to finish off my Cowl that I started tomorrow. I did the cast off and have had to retry twice as I keep running out of yarn:( I finally left it for the night and I’ll tackle it in the morning. Grrrr!


I listened to Wives and Daughters on Librivox while I was knitting today. Why did I choose such a long book? It would be nice to be making progress!

I also had our school book club after school today. There were twelve children there and nine of them were boys!!! Definitely the opposite of the usual bookclub, but it’s so cool to hear them discussing books! It’s a good bookclub as there is always dissension in whether people like the book or not, makes for a good discussion!


I went toAthletic yoga tonight. I had asked the instructor before class if she could perhaps include a stretch for the muscle just worked within the class as I’ve been finding I’m really tight. She said she would, but then she also made it really clear I was the one who asked for it during the class. I hope the rest of the class doesn’t lynch me!


I made no resolutions this year, but when I received my new agenda, it is goal centred so I made some for January. I am trying my best to spread my goals out between my interests, to make some more difficult and lengthier than others, and to not beat myself up if I don’t achieve them (definitely tough for me!). I succeeded at meeting half of my goals for January:) Yay🎉🎊. I have made some more for February so we’ll see how it goes since I’ll have right from the start of the month, rather than halfway through.

Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


45 thoughts on “Need to Get More Done!

    1. Yes we are loving the fact the boys are coming! We know they come because there are chips, but at least they have to read first!
      Sometimes, I don’t exercise, but my goal for this month is to exercise for at least a half hour each day:)

  1. Must be nice to be young and full of energy! I wish I had half of mine back but I
    m still trying to get over the neck surgery and do not feel back to 100% yet.
    Congrats on the book club, don’t beat yourself up, you get PLENTY done, you make the rest of us tired, lol!!

  2. I hate it when teachers/instructors point people out. I feel like if you ask for feedback and extra help, you give it. Pointing someone out seems like a way to get people to STOP asking you for feedback and that’s not what yoga is about. As a long time practitioner, I have a lot of feels about what that teacher did!

    1. Thank you! I just wanted a little more stretching, not for the whole class to know that I was tight and asking for stretching. It really ruined the hour that I usually enjoy!

  3. Silly yoga instructor, but there are probably 10 people in class thinking Thank goodness AJ said something, cause I’ve been dying. Manners, manners…true character is how you act when no one is looking. Yes, I did about 15 years worth of Character Counts! I always over compensate and have too much yarn, caused by multiple failures with a 250 stitch cast on several years ago!

    1. I hope so and that I didn’t ruin it for others. We had another manners discussion this morning!
      Ugh I’ve casted off three times now and I am still short – just want to be done this, but I guess I’m going to have to rip out an entire row:(

  4. How awesome for the boys in book club, I hope they stick with it!! Maybe you inspired others in class to ask for more specific exercises/stretches?? No harm in asking. I hope you have a great weekend.

    1. It is very cool to have so many boys and they seem to be really into it!
      I hope I didn’t ruin the class for anyone!

      Thank you – you too!

    1. I am trying really hard! I made way too many, but some are just a one off thing that I will hopefully accomplish this weekend! I have a difficult time not beating myself up though:(

  5. I read somewhere that if you are short of yarn when casting off you can skip one stitch over another to the end. So, it would work best with a dble pointed or circ needle. Start the other end from where the yarn if hanging. With the needle full of stitches in your left hand take the first two stiches off and on to right hand needle and pass first stitch over second. Flip one stitch from left to right needle and pass first st over and so forth to the end where the yarn end can be threaded through last stitch. I’ve not needed to try it but can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

      1. 😂 well it must work! I used to run an invite only spelling club and we gave them biscuits otherwise I don’t think they’d have come to it.

  6. I love that your school has that bookclub, so cool! That’s can be awkward when you get singled out in class like that, but I’m sure they didn’t mind the stretch.

      1. HA HA HA!! I LOVE IT!! I have ketchup days all the time and that’s TOTALLY what I’m calling them forever now! You absolutely just made my day… I know… Weird things make my day!

      2. Nope it makes me smile every time and my students always giggle over it. Makes something boring a little more fun:)

  7. I hope the instructor carries out what she said she’d do. I love mine; she is nice and tells us what muscle we’re working and how to modify if needed. My youngest has been learning about all kinds of math laws; she asks me about them and I tell her to google them b/c I can’t remember what they are and what they do.

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