A quite lovely day with a little of everything:)


I woke up this morning and it was lovely to be able to stay in bed for a bit and continue reading Ready Player One. It sure seems to be taking me a long time to get this book read, though I think it may speed up now that it’s getting more interesting:)

Photo Project:

I got another 100 pictures from my Boston trip labelled and deleted off of my phone🎊🎉

I also got my dishes done during this time so I’m not a complete slob 🤣


I met up with Lyndsay for a workout at 11am. It was busy in the gym so we had to modify. Started with a five minute warm up on the treadmill and then we traded off- one person running on the treadmill and one person either rowing and riding the spin bike. I actually enjoyed this cardio because with all the changing of equipment it went very fast, plus the bike and rowing machine seem to use slightly different muscles:)

We then hit the floor for a deadly combo! It looked easy, but was actually tough. One person held a position and the other had to do reps. We did push-ups, knee tucks, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, squats, and crunches. We then finished off with three sets of twelve reps of goblet squats, swing squats and supermen. Ugh! I was tired! The best part was the sauna after, we definitely need to do that again!


I tried out a new product I saw at Costco this last week. It was sweet potato and zucchini noodles already prepared. I made up a quick spaghetti sauce and had this for dinner. It was pretty good, though I think I’ll just stick with making my own!I am in need of a raspberry pie recipe if anyone has a good one:)


I met up with Michelle for a coffee as it had been forever! It was so great to see her and learn about what’s happening in her life! I had to laugh at myself that I have become one of those people who carry their agenda with them everywhere! It was actually because I had a whole list of what I needed to do while I had wifi (it’s the end of my month and I’m almost out of data, which explains why I’m so quiet on here this weekend). I stayed after Michelle left and got some stuff done.


I tried the Kusmi: St. Petersburg tea again today. I allowed it to only steep for about a minute and I added some milk to it. I actually like it this way so I’ll finish off the container.

I tried a tip I had read on Patricia’s blog about storing my tea bags in a big glass jar. I emptied all my packaged teas into a big glass jar and an hour later I put them all back into their individual containers😂. I liked how it looked and the fact it took up less space, but I came to realize that I really like finishing off a container of tea and getting to recycle the container. With the glass jar, I had doubts it would ever be empty:(


I was pretty productive in this area today. I read through the HPKCHC classes for February and have chosen some yarns to use for projects to fulfill a few of them.
doing it properly. Unfortunately I got completely caught up to present day when I had a brain flash that it would be so much better if I did it another way:(. 😞🙄😏. Maybe tomorrow I will look into this more!

I have to share the yarn organizer I created for this project. I realize I am probably late to the party and everyone already does this, but I was pretty happy with myself. 🤣 Well I am off to pack up my spaghetti and curl up with my book!

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “A Little of Everything

  1. Well done on those photos! If they are selected and printed they will actually end up in an album! Do you scrapbook, or just use an album? I love how cool scrapbooking can be, but I am NOT going there, ever! Great reuse on the egg container, and a killer workout…I did walk the long route with Max today, but negated it by making and eating chocolate chip cookies!🙄 They were so good, but I should have stopped with one!!!

    1. No I am old school and put the photos in a photo album with paper labels. I don’t like paper so even though scrapbooking looks cool- I won’t do it!
      Oh I have the worst time not eating what I make, but hey, that’s why we exercise in the first place, I figure:)

  2. I love your yarn organizer!! Lol! My man will love you for it as my yarn is ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Lol! And, there’s NOTHING wrong with carrying your organizer everywhere… So I tell myself every day. 😉

  3. Partner workouts are the best! A crowded gym consistently isn’t always ideal, but it is nice sometimes as it spurs those new workout ideas; looks like you made it fun! Just started rowing in the last year or so myself, it is great how unique the movement is and how many muscles it uses!

    That butternut squash is a good reminder to finally get that spiral cutter from the co-op : )

    Love the use of the egg box! Something so nice about organization like that (the small pleasures).

    1. That workout was definitely a doozy! Though I liked working everything:)
      I have a spiralizer I need to try out!!
      I love my organization!!!!!!

  4. I love the egg carton yarn holder😂 it works perfect I bet!!
    Sounds like a tough, but great workout! I’m sweating just thinking about it haha
    You’re making me chuckle about the tea! I’d love it all to be in one jar, but I like the idea of using up cartons more! haha

    1. It has worked better than having it spread all over my living room floor! Sometimes it’s a good thing I’m single😂
      I know! I love the idea of the jar, but it’s so satisfying to empty the containers!

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