The last words you want to hear when you come into your classroom after lunch!


We again didn’t get much work done today:( We watched a play this morning called Not So Dumb by Green-thumb Theatre.

I had really high hopes for this play as it was supposed to be about the fact that everyone is smart in some way, even people with a learning disability. Unfortunately the non examples, cruel teasing, physical fighting and mean names, was emphasized a lot more than the good message and how we should treat each other wasn’t touched on at all:(. It also was definitely more appropriate for the older children than for my little ones:(

We wrote about this presentation in the afternoon, our one piece of work today, but the children didn’t really have a lot to say about it.

We had an awesome time with our buddies today! We started in the gym with the big buddies guiding us through the ABC Fit Test and a couple of dances. Boy we’re there red cheeks by the end! We wanted to do a valentines project, but the supplies weren’t quite ready so that will be next week!

I returned from lunch to a closed door which I thought was very odd! It turned out that one of the boys, while depositing his toys back into toy storage, tripped and managed to knock a tray off the counter and break my teapot and spoon rest, both gifts from previous students:( Thankfully nobody was hurt, but I’m going to miss having those things at school!


I left the pie on my colleagues desk this morning. She thanked me and then brought the pie in for everyone to enjoy at recess break. Everyone liked it so I can recommend the recipe Raspberry Pie 1 on It was super good!!!😀

Photo Project:

I got home very late because we had an interminable staff meeting tonight. I wanted to get “finish labelling trip photos” off my to-do list so I sat down and did the 111 photos I had left. Now I just have to decide if I’m going to let that fulfill my goal or if I’m going to print the rest of my Boston pictures and get those labelled and deleted this month too.


I finished my first project of the month today. It fulfills a HPKCHC class and will be a gift for my friend’s new baby. It was a very simple baby sweater made with bulky yarn.

It uses the pattern Chunky Alpaca Baby Jacket which is free on Ravelry or can be found here.

I followed the instructions for the most part though I made the sleeves longer and put actual buttons (cute frogs) for closure rather than just ties. I thought these two changes were warranted by the dark colour and warmth of the yarn I was using. It was a very quick project and probably didn’t take more than two hours:)

I also have managed to stay up to date on my temperature scarf:)


I got a workout in this evening which was definitely necessary to relieve the frustration of the staff meeting. I had to do three sets of each of three circuits.

1) 20 squats, 15 squat jumps, 10 burpees

2) 20 mountain climbers, 15 push-ups, 10 hip bridges

3) 20 alternating lunges, 15 plié squats, 10 calf raises

It finished with a minute each of the following: Russian twists, bicycles, plank and superman.

I finished off with a little more cardio just to round up the time. I definitely liked the last circuit best:)


I got another couple of chapters of Wives and Daughters listened to on Librivox as I knitted and did cardio. I also have picked up a chick lit novel to read next. I hope it’s good!

Well I’m going to try and get to sleep now to make up for the lack of sleep Saturday night!

Have fun!


36 thoughts on “Uh oh

  1. Uh oh indeed!! R.I.P teapot… 😦 hope you find another one to bring in, although I know it may not have the same meaning. And what a cute sweater! I’ll have to try that one out for my sister who is apparently having ANOTHER little one (auntie Nicole can’t afford any more children! Lol!) I love working with bulky yarn as it makes it seem to go so much faster and be more forgiving. 😋

    1. Ya it’s ok as I often just bring a thermos of tea from home now.
      It was super easy and quick! Well at least Auntie Nicole has lots of little people to enjoy:) How many kids does your sister have?

  2. What a shame about the drama presentation.
    Poor teapot and spoon rest. I bet the children felt bad too.
    Lovely little baby jacket. I like the colour and the buttons sound really cute.

    1. It was a shame as so much could have been done with it!
      Ya I suppose my counter isn’t as cluttered now😏
      It was super easy and quick😀

  3. Allrecipes is the best! At least nothing else got broken!
    That sweater is so cute! And since babies like to chew on everything, having longer sleeves will help them not eat their fingers. 😀

    1. Yes this is the second recipe I’ve gotten from there, thanks for recommending it!
      I was thinking of warmth, but you’re right. Uh oh maybe I shouldn’t have put those buttons on it!

  4. I hate when you pay for something and it doesn’t workout especially when the kids don’t like it either… so annoying. that little sweater is too cute. hope you slept well and there is less drama today at school

  5. How cute is that sweater with the frog buttons!! That’s great the your friend shared the pie and that it was staff approved!! My workout consisted of sets of 3 exercises/3 rounds each with an ab exercise in between…High Five on getting it done!!

  6. Such a sweet little cardigan-and I love the frog buttons! Good idea to use them instead of the original ties-I would have thought they’d be a lot less tempting for little hands to pull on!

    1. Yes it was yummy! I highly recommend that recipe:)
      Yes I was upset at losing them, but more worried someone would be hurt:(
      Thanks I was hoping to elevate the cuteness of the sweater a bit with good buttons

  7. I hope you got a good night’s rest. I feel I’m still catching up from coming home late from Superbowl. Glad the pie was good and your coworkers loved it. The frog buttons are cute. I like that deep, mossy green you used for the cardigan.

    1. I have been sleeping good, but still tired. I’m blaming that on the weather too!
      Thank you I was super happy with the pie and the sweater!

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