All day, the teachers were cheering each other on with a countdown of how many hours we had to go until our four day weekend began. We all made it😀🎉🎊


We worked on being good readers today and visualizing as we are reading. I did the reading, of Matilda, and the children drew pictures of what they saw in their heads as I read. They didn’t do too badly:). The children are amazed that I don’t watch tv, but I explained that I do, it’s just powered by what I’m reading:). I’d much rather read and make my own pictures than have to put up with what someone else’s imagination came up with! I am really noticing that with watching the Harry Potter movies!

We learned our last addition strategy so now we just have to practice!

My amazing co-teacher came up with a way for us to cover coding (which we now have to teach) in gym. We play robots!! We started yesterday and the children requested it today:). Yay for multi-tasking!


I got in to have my eyebrows and eyelashes died this afternoon. This is something that I just started doing a couple of years ago, but it makes such a difference to my face to have eyelashes and eyebrows that can actually be seen!! It has also brought a fellow reader into my life. My aesthetician likes chick lit too so we have a good gab about it while she’s making me look better:) Today it was like Christmas as she had a big bag of books for me!! Actually it might have been even better than Christmas as I never get chick lit books for Christmas!🤣 This bag of treasures along with the sunshine that peeked out this afternoon made for a fabulous start to my long weekend!


I had athletic yoga tonight again. I didn’t feel like going, but was glad after that I had:) That class goes so fast. I look up and am always amazed that we are already at the stretch!

I’ve been feeling blue this week and while talking to my colleague at yoga, realized that I haven’t gotten a run in since Sunday- maybe this explains my low mood?!?! I think I better get back to my morning runs, even if it’s in the dark! I’m thinking I might buy a three month rec pass after this yoga class is over so I can run in the mornings and then do a class in the evening. I’ll have to think about it more…


I am giving my new sweater a second try this evening. I told my mom earlier that I was finding the instructions super confusing. It was disheartening as I’m not a newbie knitter! I’ll give it another go and see how it is as I really like this pattern!

Well I’m going to go curl up with my book:)

Have fun!


45 thoughts on “Made it!

  1. I just saw the Girl on the Train recently so you need to read that one soon and tell me if it’s so good I need to go get it, lol!!

  2. I have never heard of eyelash dyeing. I do know how a little mascara brings out my eye, though. I applaud your sticktoitiveness (pretty sure that’s a word) with the sweater, that’s a trait which does not come naturally to me.

    1. Yes the dyeing just saves me from sticking a mascara wand in my eye way too often!!!
      I’m sometimes not very good at that either.

  3. Look at all the books! I know what you’ll be doing with part of your long weekend:)
    As you’re giving the sweater another try remember sometimes it’s the pattern not the knitter who has the issue. If you haven’t already read the knitters notes on Ravelry. Sometimes someone else will have solved the problem.

    1. Lol yup I’ll definitely be doing some reading, but it’s to finish the book I already have on the go.
      Unfortunately there’s only one note and it doesn’t seem like the person has made it:(

  4. I miss the woman that used to dye my eyelashes. That made my life so much easier.
    Yes, you probably do miss your runs. The yoga sounds like a good investment in yourself too!
    Congrats on your books. I love unexpected gifts like that!

  5. Books, books and more books! I love that you are doing visualizations with your kids. It seems like it is often a forgotten skill and with all the screen time kids get they don’t take time to actually visualize what they read

  6. Nice book grab! So true about books and the imagination being so much better than anything on television nowadays (I hardly watch t.v. too (less than a half hour a day) but do usually rent a a few movies from the library, (watched the Hitchcock classic “The 39 Steps,” “A Shot in the Dark,” with Peter Sellers as Inspector Closeau (hilarious) and “99 Homes” the past week, all really good.

    I hear you about lack of cardiovascular exercise affecting the mood! I didn’t do much Mon-Wed. and it affected the dreams and sleep, then after Wed and Thur bball felt so much better! Great dreams last night!

    1. I watch movies too:). I know the yoga helped as I woke up in a better frame of mind today and I’m heading out for a run this morning:)

      1. Lol I do manage to watch other movies too, just not lately. I’d better go to something soon so I can prove that to you. Oh wait, I already have as I’m watching the Harry Potter series right now:)

      2. So far I’ve enjoyed the first two though I hear they stop following the books as closely and I’m not sure I’m going to like that!

  7. 4 day weekend!! Wooooo!!!:) enjoy it girl!
    how exciting about the big bag of books! what an awesome surprise!
    I would bet money that it’s the lack of running affecting the mood. You don’t realize how good exercise and working out are for you physically and mentally until you stop.
    Good work on going to the yoga class anyway. Glad to hear you are enjoying it!:)

    1. Yup my long weekend is finally here!!! I thought about going away, but instead it’s going to be a mix of friend time, reading, baking, knitting and running:). Oh and getting my earring back to what it should be!!😳

  8. My 6 year old granddaughter is having trouble with reading in school. We have been reading at my house and she seems to do fine. I can see the frustration she has and wish there was more I could do. You have a tough job!

    1. Students always do better at home with their families because they’re in a safe, comfortable place with a loved one. Usually with a little one like that, I’ll sit on the floor and read with them multiple days and then surreptitiously do an assessment that way. Confidence and comfort have a big impact on reading!

  9. How lucky you get a four day weekend. We only get the 19th off. Matilda is a great book and a great movie. Yay for passing on books! What a stash you got now.

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