A second fantastic day in my long weekend.


I got up this morning and after my mini box of raisins I was out the door for my run:). A while back I had been reading My Kind of Fit’s latest blog post and found out she did her long runs using four and one intervals. I was curious whether that would help my speed on my long runs? Today, I decided to give it a try. I did my ten km run using run four minutes, walk one minute intervals and was only eleven seconds off of my best 10km time. I obviously need to work on this! The only thing is that I need to figure out what length of intervals to do so that it doesn’t block out my audio cues. I think I would have been faster if I had gotten regular updates on my time as at one point I know I slowed down because I thought I had already been out an hour and fifteen:(. That eleven seconds makes me want to run another 10k tomorrow, but I promise, I won’t 🤣. I liked how strong I still felt at the end with using these intervals but I don’t want to do them on every run as I don’t want to lose my ability to run steady.

It was a great day for a run as it was cold but super sunny and beautiful, actually maybe those icy patches are responsible for those eleven seconds🤣. I also liked the calorie burn that came with doing a longer run again:)

I also got a Lyndsay workout in this evening. It felt great to get back to a double workout day!! Today I did The Dirty 3,2,1 workout. It was three sets- 30 reps, 20 reps, 10 reps of the following exercises: plank, jumping jacks, wall sit, squats, crunches, pushups, sit-ups, lunges, butt kicks, and mountain climbers. I probably should have gone through the sequence again as I wasn’t that sweaty, but at least it was something:)


I had a few errands to run as I had a package to get mailed, needed to buy the movie A Charlie Brown Valentine to show the kids on Wednesday ( I always do movies rather than parties as the little guys are excited enough already!). I also picked up my new Sugoi sub zero running tights:) I can’t wait to try them out tomorrow morning. I also got to wear the new casual super warm jacket I bought yesterday while doing these errands and it was so nice to be warm!!! I was doing really well at staying focused on my errands until I saw Iron Dog Books outside the running store. I just couldn’t resist and got myself a new gluten free, vegan cookbook:). I also had a nice chat with the owner- she’s a knitter too!

In addition to buying, I also got six bags/boxes donated this morning. It felt so great to get some things out of my house!! It inspired me to come home and get my counter cleared off and my spare room tidied:).


I have to take 24 heart shaped cookies for a Wigs for Kids fundraiser on Tuesday so I tried out two different recipes today. I wanted to make sure they tasted okay. I found them both slightly dry, but they need to be decorated and iced anyways so I think they will be fine. I need to remember to email the parents of the two children who have the same allergies as me so they’ll know there will be treats they can eat if they want to participate. Thankfully I think I have enough dough made so I’ll just need to bake and decorate now on Monday.


I had to restart my sweater again as there was a large hole from how they had me adding stitches. I know the pattern says to use a yarn over, but I think I’ll do a different method as I don’t want holes there! I’m trying to persevere on this sweater because I really like the looks of it, but it’s definitely making it difficult!!!

Well it’s been an awesome day of all my favourite things in sunshine so I think I’ll end it with some reading. My book has finally caught my interest:)

Have fun!


41 thoughts on “✅, ✅, ✅

  1. The perils of gluten free, I have coeliacs so should not eat wheat or gluten, but I do and end up suffering. But baking I always find gluten-free flour a right pain in the backside. When doing bread the consistency of the dough is never right and cakes end up dry. I used to make GF onion flatbread that was lovely, however, the next day you could knock walls down with it, so I now bake normal, and just eat very little bread and cake. PS the coat looks lovely and warm.

    1. My experience of British flours has been the same however it can be different overseas. My friend bought me a gluten free loaf when I stayed with her in NZ and I couldn’t tell the difference from an ordinary loaf in looks, texture, everything! And this was in 2000.

      1. The only GF bread in the UK that is decent and resembles bread I’d Genius GF Bread. Although I found Schar a close second. All the rest were like eating cardboard and tasted just as bad. Other countries seem to have got it right.

      2. Oh yes I’ve heard of Genius bread but we don’t have it here. Here, I go for the Glutino as it seems the most like normal bread, or I make my own.

      3. Oh that’s awesome when you can’t tell the difference! The big thing I’m finding is to make sure to use several different flours!

    2. Oh I just get too sick when I eat gluten or dairy so I persevere with the gf/df baking. I’m slowly building up an arsenal of recipes that are good, but it takes a lot more work!
      Thank you:)

      1. I’ve got a good recipe for a fruit loaf that stays moist. If you would like it send me your email via my contact page and I’ll send an image of the recipe to you xx

  2. One of my office mates had celiac disease 30 years ago. He had to make up his own combos of everything because there was nothing available. He ordered different kinds of flours from all over the world trying to come up with a mixture that approximated bread. It was a lot of experimentation over many years before he got something he was happy with. I bet the cookies are A OK with a bit of frosting!😍

    1. It does take a lot of experimentation still when baking, but I know how lucky I am that there are so many products available today. It’s just a little tough having both allergies as often gf isn’t df.

  3. We did errands yesterday too, but no cookbook buying happened. I keep looking at my bookcase and thinking I never use my cookbooks anymore! I could empty out that bookcase and put it in my sewing room, but I have no wall space there! LOL

    1. I used to never buy cookbooks and just used recipes online, but then my friend introduced me to the fun of sitting down with my cookbooks and a cup of tea to decide on a recipe. As well I find that cookbook recipes usually turn out better than online recipes

  4. That was a good day! Good for you!
    You know I know nothing about knitting so whatever you think is best will probably work out great. Very cute jacket, I’m so glad it was warm! Cookies will look and taste awesome with some frosting, don’t worry about that too much. 😀

  5. Looks like a very productve, fun day! Intervals are great!

    I rented a cookbook from the library yesterday, “Secrets from the Best Chefs,” it’s got a few recipes from each “Best Chef,” some really good looking recipes!

    Cookies are always better when shared lol, (or not) : )

    1. It was a great day! I enjoyed the intervals more than I thought I would! Now I just have to figure out the timing of my updates and intervals so they don’t cancel each other out!
      Oh that sounds like a good cookbook. Let me know how the recipes go please as it sounds like a good gift for my SIL:)

      1. Woo! Yeah those intervals can be a bad kind of good lol, but you’re well conditioned for them : )

        I’ll definitely try a few of these recipes and let you know! I’ll look for a gluten and lactose free recipe as well, so you can enjoy it too : )

      1. I found them on ThriftBooks and they were crazy super cheap. So it was my birthday present from my parents!😁 I’ve looked through two of them the whole way. United States of Bread by Adrienne Kane and Small Batch Baking by Debbie Maugans. They are both really good!! Neither are gf or df, so I’m not sure if you could adapt them or not. But two really good books!

      2. Oh that is so cool- a deal and cookbooks!😀
        Is Thrift Books a website? Everyone seems to buy everything online and I never have😂

      3. Exactly!! Yes, it’s a website and an app actually. I’ve only used it to buy these cookbooks, but my sister and a friend of mine use it consistently for books. They are all used books as far as I’m aware.

  6. I had to do the math too!! I think I ended up with 30 intervals would get me over 10 miles. I did notice that I could run .50 mile in 4 minutes and walk about .15 miles with the intervals. I hate that my Garmin does not show the time!! I was fortunate enough to have the Hubs along that could tell me!! I didn’t have a problem switching back to running without the intervals, I think everyone is different.

    1. Yup I need to sit down and figure all this out! I ran without intervals the other two days and it didn’t seem to be a problem. Thanks for introducing me to this!

  7. I’m sure you’re parents were extremely pleased you had allergy free sweets that worked for their kids. I forgot to type in one other of your posts that I loved how your class made Valentine’s for the seniors. I bet they had wide smiles on their faces.

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