A third nice day in a row:)


I got out first thing this morning for my regular Sunday morning run. I wasn’t sure how it would go after doing 10km yesterday, but I did 6.7km today with no problems and no rests or walking breaks. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for a run!

I thought about working out tonight, but I have plans to meet up with Lyndsay early tomorrow morning so figure is better stretch and roll and save my energy for her killer workout. I’m still hoping to keep my weekend of running going with a short run tomorrow afternoon though!


The sunshine must bring something out in me as I got a deep vacuuming done of my bedroom. I get so much road dust! It felt great to get that done and three more things taken out of my place! I love living with as little as possible. I know it’s in response to my dad who is a “collector”.😀


I had knit day today with Brenda. I took Nothing but Knit’s advice and reprinted the chart for my sweater and colour coded it, numbered the rows and counted up the plain knit and Purl stitches. I still ripped it out another three times today. It was only when I finally said that “this was the last try and if it didn’t work I was knitting something else” that I finally got beyond row four. I got to row 14 before I was a stitch short and I just picked one up and kept going🤣. No one will notice, but me and hopefully I can now make some good progress on this thing! Any other sweater would have been half done by now!!!! Thank you Nothing But Knit for the advice, it really helped!


Brenda and I watched the third Harry Potter movie this afternoon and so far they haven’t been too scary for me. It’s tough though as I know death is coming for some characters that I really like! I have to say that I don’t like the new Albus Dumbledore as much as the old one. They made him too doddering and as though he’s not really smart:(

We couldn’t get the fourth movie to play in her machine so I actually ended up watching a part of an Olympic event, for the first time in my life! I can’t imagine how those athletes feel to have years of their life come down to thirty seconds and to know you have the works watching you. I now know why I don’t watch though Maureen, I am way too high strung! I get nervous for them and I’m just watching! It was neat to finally see something though:)


It has taken a hundred pages but Fredrik Backman finally has my attention. I’ve gotten through another hundred pages just today and am hoping I’ll be done the book tomorrow!

I loved Christina’s post today as it clearly explained about this NetGalley I keep hearing about. I’ve signed up, but I think I’d better limit myself or this is going to be dangerous!


When I was out shopping the other day there was a new gluten free, vegan product on sale that I had never used so I picked it up. I usually try to buy gf/df products when they’re on sale so they’ll keep stocking them, though I usually just eat fruits, veggies and protein.

This was a refrigerated cookie dough by Eat Pastry that comes in a pretty square blue box, just like the Earth Balance box. The dough is very light coloured inside, but clearly has chocolate chips which is good as it’s chocolate chip cookie dough. I tried a little bit of the dough and realized right away from the taste that it has garbanzo flour in it, so definitely not what to buy if you just want to eat raw cookie dough! The dough scooped out very easily and I cooked it for 9 minutes. I have to admit it was at 400 instead of 350 as I had just put two scoops in with my other cookies. They were very brown but not burned at all. The cookies are very light in texture and not crumbly and not overly sweet either which was good. I think I’ll stick to my regular baking from scratch as I love to do that, but this would be a good product for anyone who isn’t in to baking and just wants to spoon and bake.

Well I’m off to more reading:)

Have fun!


47 thoughts on “Trifecta

    1. I never thought I’d be a runner, but now I love it. I use it to keep myself emotionally balanced.
      I’ve read the books many times but this is my first time seeing the movies. They’ve been pretty good so far!
      Thanks for reading:)

  1. Wow, a 6.7 km run with no problem. You’re keeping yourself a good shape. My daughter and her hubby watch Harry Potter the whole series once a year. I didn’t realize that I didn’t see the last one in the theater because the commercial said it was dark and I don’t like horror movies. The Olympic – one year. one couple )husband and wife) did the figure skating. They were trained in China. They slept in different dorms for 18 (?) years during training. Well, they won (2nd or 3rd). It was a long journey for them. They didn’t stay for the closing ceremony. They probably eager to go back to China to have a normal life.

    1. It has been nice to pick up the amount of running I’m doing!
      Yes I am watching the movies with my friend as I wasn’t sure if they’d be too scary to watch on my own:(
      It blows me away what these athletes go through to compete

  2. I’m glad the suggestions worked for you! The other thing that helps is to put your chart in a plastic sleeve (the kind from the office supply store) and use highlighter tape to keep track of your row.

  3. I can’t watch Olympics because I am too nervous for the athletes. But my Jeep Girl asked me how I could watch Diva Girl tumble and dive and not be nervous. I guess because of my pride as her parent and the fact it wasn’t a world wide competition. LOL

  4. I love Harry Potter books and movies and the run scenery is so nice!
    Mmm, cookies! I actually may watch the olympics this year. I can have it on the tv at the gym while I’m working out. Maybe it will give me more motivation!

    1. It has been a weekend filled with my favourites:)
      Hmmm that’s a good idea to try watching it at the gym. They sure are motivational!

  5. AJ. I have to look up sub zero tights now. We have a funny pho story. We know call it pho-getaboutit. As for the cookies…ive packed them in coconut shavings . I think im posting on the wrong day. But im trying with my phone! 🙂

    1. Oh the sub zero tights were expensive but worth every penny. I was outside for two hours and wasn’t cold! That’s never happened before!!!
      Lol pho getaboutit sounds like a cute story! I don’t get it often but it’s awesome on a cold day!
      Coconut shavings? Shucks I definitely don’t have any of those:(

  6. I love the pictures from the run! So pretty😊 glad the sweater finally has some progress!! I love that you just picked up a stitch and kept going😂
    That’s awesome you got to see some of the Olympics! We love to watch them!!

    1. I felt so bad as I didn’t even touch my knitting yesterday, but at least I finally got another book finished. I’m glad some people can watch the Olympics!

      1. Hmm oh right, I can listen to Librivox and then I would accomplish both at the same time. Have to finish this chart first though as I need to concentrate.

    1. I just love that feeling of having less stuff around me! I also find that it’s much easier to keep my house clean if I have less stuff!

  7. I just helped my teenager dig out the last three books from the towers of bins in the office. She knows what’s coming. How awesome Mother Nature can be. It’s great you can see such views as your up and early running. It was interesting RI read about how you tried intervals. I’m back on the workout horse and it feels good.

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