I love three day weekends and think every weekend should be three days, but four is even better! I didn’t have any family time and I have to admit I’m even missing my dad now, but it was still a great day!


I got out of bed this morning with the thought that I could go back to bed once I was done. Of course, after a Lyndsay workout I didn’t feel like going back to bed. I definitely noticed my legs were tired from the upswing in running this weekend. It was still a great workout though! Cardio on the treadmill of intervals of fast and faster. I hit a 7.5 for my faster for the first time. I know that may not be fast for most people, but it’s the first time I’ve hit it so I’m going to celebrate it.

The floor work was all bosu ball based today, so my tummy was really working- lateral hop overs, mountain climbers, burpees, pullovers, static goblet lunges, and plank jacks. We then ended with three minutes on the spin bike and three minutes on the rowing machine. Definitely didn’t leave anything untouched!

I have to show off how beautiful a day it already was on my way home.


After about an hour at home I got dressed in my new, warm workout gear and met a friend for a hike. Back to the workout gear… I have to say that Sugoi Sub Zero tights and the Ivivva Up To Snow Good Jacket were worth the cost! I was actually warm!!!! This never happens as my friends and family will tell you. I actually had to unzip at one point. I really liked the tights because they didn’t work their way down, in fact I don’t think they moved an inch the whole time I wore them:). I wonder if anyone would notice if I just wore this outfit every day until summer???🤔

Ok back to the hike. It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be hiking through our rainforest. We took a slightly different route up the mountain this time and it was nice as it wasn’t crazy busy!<
he view from the top:). We made our way back down the path we went up last time. I really think Kula did about three times as much as we did, but little Wilson just calmly meandered along at our side. He is so soothing because he’s so calm. Unfortunately I only got one photo as my phone turned itself off again and wouldn’t turn on:(

From the hike we went for Pho:) I was determined to try something new but when we got there I yet again got the small seafood. I realize now that I do that because it is clearly marked as having rice noodles. I swapped my friend the imitation crab (has gluten in it) for a couple of pieces of her chicken. This was perfect as I had wanted to try the prawn and chicken dish but it didn’t come as soup and I really wanted soup today. It was perfect on this cold day, though today I really noticed how salty it is.After lunch we stopped by the Starbucks in the same strip mall so my friend could get a coffee as she was off to work. I got a tea and it came with a nice interaction with a cute guy:). When I dropped my friend off, she gave me a bag of kale she wasn’t going to use so I’ll be making kale chips this week sometime.


This afternoon I had to get busy on making the heart sugar cookies for the Wigs for Kids Fundraiser at school tomorrow. I have decided I like the taste and texture of the cookies I made from Silvana’s Gluten Free and Dairy Free Kitchen by Silvana Nardone better than the cookies from the Sweet Eats For All by Allyson Kramer. I had already made the dough so it really wasn’t tough to get the dough rolled out, though I definitely want to hit Lee Valley and get their dough thickness guide as I’ve learned I’m horrible at getting the cookies all rolled out to the same thickness! I also made up the Royal icing and got them decorated. I didn’t discover the easy and neatest thing to put on the cookie until I was almost done:(If anyone has a good suggestion for how to get three dozen cookies to school without ruining the icing, please let me know. The icing seems hard but I’m not sure I can stack them.

I really wanted to do the nutritional yeast popcorn that Shape Shifters Fitness was talking about yesterday, but I’m afraid I ate too many cookies (3 or 4) while baking and decorating so that will have to wait until tomorrow.


I finished My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman tonight.

The book tells the story of Elsa as she is sent on a treasure hunt by her beloved, but recently deceased, Granny. This treasure hunt leads Elsa to get to know her neighbours and her Granny much better.

I spent the first hundred pages of this book wondering what it was about as I couldn’t keep track of all the ‘fairy tale worlds” and fairy tales the story is told through. I spent the next two hundred pages reading as fast as I could to find out what happened. I was totally engrossed and amazed at how once again, Backman has managed to reveal so much of life and humanity through a story of one little girl. I loved how all the characters and the relationships between them are so complicated, just as life is. I liked how Backman includes some great teaching without being preachy. I also liked how you go from laughing and smiling to crying and back again.

This book is a great read and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes a good story or to read about being human.

Hmmm now I just have to decide what to read next!

Well for right now, I’m off to do some knitting on the sweat-inducing sweater!

Have fun!


41 thoughts on “Family Day

  1. Nice work on the 7.5! Looks like you’ve been blessed with beautiful weather lately : )

    That Pho l oo ks so clean, taste buds are envious! The good thing about popcorn is it’s good at anytime of the day, but always good while watching a movie; maybe the next Harry Potter movie will provide the inspiration : )

    1. Thank you! It has been an awesome weekend weather wise and a nice break from the past four months of rain!
      Oh I won’t get the next movie for two weeks and I’m not waiting that long for popcorn!

  2. Very beautiful view on the mountain! Jealousy is creeping in…I need to now take a mountain trip (that is, go anywhere there is a mountain and hike it).
    Great job on the Lyndsey workout plus your hike. You are so active! I want to be like that too.
    Cookies look amazing! Although this may not help much; I leave the cookies out overnight to make sure the icing is dry and then put a piece of parchment paper between each one.
    Good luck!

    1. You have perfect timing I just woke up and thought I’d better go wrap up the cookies, but now I’ll just turn over and go back to sleep:)

  3. Seems like you had an amazing day. We moved countries in July last year and somehow I still cannot seen settle down… I need to get out of bed and go for a walk … I just cannot do it anymore … I use to walk every day before and Long walks I was never a runner but I love hikes …. I am going to keep reading your blog till I can find the inspiration to go for a walk … thank you for sharing lovely pictures

    1. Thank you! Hopefully we’ll raise a lot of money for a great charity!
      Yes even three day weekends would cut down on adsenteeism I think!

  4. I would put my iced cookies in the freezer to set the icing, then a slip of waxed paper before placing the next level if there was one. Then, take them out right before leaving the house. I would transport them in a jelly roll pan. Worked for me 99% of the time

  5. sounds like a great weekend to me. I felt the same way reading that story… it was strange to start and then was really great. Hope you find another good book to read soon

  6. I’ve wanted a bosu for a couple of years now, such a great core workout!! That view from your hike, love it!! I’m sure if you stacked the cookies the kids wouldn’t mind, they’ll probably eat anything!! I have yet to crack my book I bought in January!!!

    1. The view was definitely worth the climb up the hill, though it was nice just to be outside and not have it raining!
      Oh you must be saving it for a special occasion:)

    1. It was so awesome to get out hiking and even better to have a nice day for it in February!
      Thank you! I’m not much of a decorator 🤣

  7. I recently dropped a Monday and now have long weekends every weekend. I do work some Sundays; maybe once a month.. but it has been the best decision I have made 😄 more time with my 3 year old 😄

    1. I’ve always thought three day weekends would be great! One day for chores, one day for fun out and one day to relax at home and rejuvenate. That’s great you get more time with your son!

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