Not the day I thought I’d have!


It really is my own fault. Yesterday I was in denial that I was going to have to get up and go back to work today so I prepared nothing. I threw a few packages from the GF Expo in my bag and ran out the door. When two pm arrived and I quite literally could have laid down on the floor in the middle of forty children and had a nap, I paid for it:(. What’s funny is how long it took me to realize that a lack of water and eating nothing but chips and cookies was the cause! If I needed proof that I need to get back on track, I think this was it! I still feel draggy and too full:(


The day with the children was fine. We had an assembly that I had to run today and that was the cause of most of my angst. We were lucky enough to have the Vancouver Stealth coming to our school today, but I had absolutely no idea what they were doing, how long they were going to be, what they needed, nothing! I didn’t even have confirmation they were coming until yesterday. It turned out just fine. One player came and it was a lot of talking, and listening for the children, but they seemed to enjoy it. It seemed the staff enjoyed it too as he was a lovely piece of eye candy and was great with the children:). You have no idea how many winks and nudges I’ve had today, sometimes it’s not so much fun being the only single person on staff!

This afternoon we made our Valentines bags do we’ll be ready for tomorrow. It actually went quite calmly, but we’ll see how they do tomorrow!

The worst part of the day was that the EA organizing the Wigs for Kids fundraiser decided she couldn’t use my cookies because I used almond milk. Couldn’t they just be labelled. I made sure the three children I know share my allergies all got several to enjoy and take home and then just have the rest away ( after I had eaten a few more😞). I guess that was a waste of two afternoons!


I started report cards after school but still managed to get home in time to get a run in before dark. I love the new feature I set up on Runkeeper where it doesn’t start tracking for ten seconds- enough time to get my phone put away and start running. It really helped with the pacing information. It wasn’t a fabulous run as it was fuelled by only cookies and chips and no water and then my phone died, but it was great to get outside into the fresh air and no rain! It has warmed up so it will be interesting to see if we get the snow it’s calling for. I’m hoping not as I’d like to get a run in before school tomorrow!

Product Reviews:

With my crappy diet today, I do have a few new gluten free and dairy free products to tell you about.

We’ll start with the cookies!
These were actually a nice little treat and at 140 calories for the bag (about five cookies), not too bad! I think they would go with a cup of tea really nice. They were firm cookies, but not crispy. Not a really strong taste, but I didn’t expect that from honey graham flavour. The only downside was the amount of crumbs!

The chips:
These chips really do look like the ones on the front of the package! Once you get past the odd colouring they were quite good. I have to admit I was expecting fabulous as the ones at the show were, but they were a new flavour. I think these classic ones would be great to send in a kids lunchbox as they would feel like they were getting chips without being really unhealthy. The best thing about them was that they weren’t greasy!


It felt great to finish another book today after finishing one yesterday, much more normal for me.<<<
I started the book, The Twelve Days of Christmas by Debbie Macomber late last night and wanted to stay up all night to finish it!

It tells the story of Julia and Cain who are neighbours and opposites in New York. They annoy each other and after a run in over a newspaper, Julia decides to “kill Cain with kindness” and blog about it in the hopes of getting a new job. However, Cain isn’t the only one affected by this experiment.

I love Debbie Macomber books and this one didn’t disappoint. I was laughing out loud at the start and sighing by the end. I especially loved that it gave an epilogue to tell us what happened for these two during the following year. Both characters were realistic and complex. They had their doubles and their contradictions. In addition, the actions they took in the book for with their personalities consistently. I also found the scenario realistic which is a nice change in a romance novel! The only part that I found unrealistic was how blogging was portrayed in the book, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t had that experience. The comments and relationship between Julie and her readers was realistic and shows the positivity of blogging relationships well. It was mainly the fact that Julie went from 50 readers to 25,000 in a matter of days that I found unrealistic. It seems more like the hey day of twitter to me than blogging. It’s a pretty minor point though and definitely didn’t keep me from loving the book.

If you like Debbie Macomber’s other books you’ll enjoy this one. I would also recommend it to anyone who especially likes a Christmas read, a very modern scenario or irascible relatives stories.😀

The other reading news I have today is that I got approved for my first story on NetGalley! I guess I better get right on reading that one!


I have felt horrible as I have t touched the sweater since Sunday, but I’m just so worried about screwing it up again. I know that once I get the hang of it, I’ll enjoy it, but it’s getting to that point that might do me in! I at least did some counting on the chart tonight and maybe tomorrow I’ll pick it up:)

Well, this ended up being much longer than planned! I’m off to bed in the hopes that when I wake up, I’ll feel better!

Have fun!


37 thoughts on “Crash:(

  1. Sleep well. I hate that your phone dies so much in the middle of your runs!
    Those chips are good! And I haven’t heard of those cookies. I wonder if they are only in Canada.

    1. It is driving me crazy! But new phone is on the list for when my mom comes home.
      That would be amazing if we have something you don’t but I actually haven’t seen them here either:(

  2. I wouldn’t call it wasted time in making the cookies – you made sure the kiddies with the same allergies as you got something! I don’t understand why they couldn’t label the cookies. XXXXX

  3. I was actually shocked that they allowed people to make homemade cookies to be distributed at school. The last few schools I’ve taught at have gotten to a place where you can only use products that are in the original packaging with the labels intact AND then they have to be inspected by the adult in charge for possible allergens. I like Terra’s sweets and apples, or just sweets. Their sweet potato chips are nice and crisp like a potato chip should be.

  4. Oh I love Debbie MaComber, just nice stories that are always an enjoyable read. I feel your pain on the day’s diet. UFDA! I used to pack my breakfast and lunch while at the State Fair, and ate Lean Cuisine, etc for dinner, because all the eating out and Fair Food was like poison to my system.

    1. LOL us teachers need to have fun some way! I’m going to try tonight to at least do a couple of rows. I know the sweater will be easy once I get past this chart!

  5. Well… At least you just wanted to lie down and nap in front of your kids a d not lie down and cry. Lol! I’ve had those days! And you had never tried the Terra chips?? They’re really good! They’re a little expensive here, but not greasy and very enjoyable. And I really enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas! It was a cute, fun read and probably one of my favourites that I chose over the Christmas season!

    1. You’re right, it could have been worse! Today was slightly better, no chips, just cookies, LOL
      I reallly liked that book, but Debbie Macomber is a pretty reliable good read:)

  6. I haven’t food prepped in a month and it’s killing me!! I told the Hubs that we are stocking the pantry, fridge and freezer this weekend!! I have found a link for a few Instant Pot Freezer Meals, I have to check it out at home due to the block at work, but the ease of taking something from the freezer to the IP…love it!!

    I had the Terra Purple and Orange Sweet Potato chips after our Half this past weekend, one of the venders were handing them out and I thought they tasted great!! I didn’t share with the Hubs, I made him get his own bag!!

    1. I know! The lack of food prep is killing me too! I am actually better at home than I am at school where there were df/gf cookies for the past two days! I think I prefer it when I can’t eat any of the treats!
      The Terra chips were really good! If I was back at my normal weight, I’d be tempted to buy a bag for my afternoon snacks.

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