Another long day, but a couple of steps forward.


Wow! I have more than 500 followers as of today! It blows me away. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone! You’ve been a big help many times:)


It was really tough to stop reading last night and I put my time before school to use reading again this morning. I finished the novella,Medal Up I got from Net Galley.

This book contains two novellas set at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea.

The first story is about Arielle, a figure skater and Brady a snowboarder who used to be a figure skater. I really loved the pacing of this story. It was realistic and moved the story along appropriately. The characters were realistic and interesting, and it really felt to like they belonged together. Finally the sequence of events felt reasonable for athletes at the Olympics.

The second story tells of Maybelle and Bohdan’s relationship. They have been pairs figure skating partners for months, but are really no closer to knowing each other than they were the first day.

This story had a faster pace, but I really liked how the story concentrated mainly on the emotion within the relationship. The characters and situations were again realistic and these were also heart warming as the characters got to know each other and found they had more things in common than they thought.

One of the best parts of this duology is how well the two stories work together. The first story introduces all the characters and the friendship problem/situation that needs resolution carries through both stories seamlessly, almost as though one author had written both. Flockton and Marsden have done a fabulous job providing readers with realistic entertaining Olympic stories.

I reviewed it on both Goodreads, Amazon and here so hopefully I will be approved for something else soon! I really enjoyed this book and it was perfect timing as a pivotal moment in the first story happens on Valentines Day and that’s when I read it:)Until I hear something I am back to a book I’ve been meaning to read forever, Longbourn by Jo Baker. I’m a huge Jane Austen fan and often read the spinoff stories. I’ve heard lots of good reviews of this book written about the domestic help of the Bennet family. I’m only one chapter in and am already enjoying it:)Teaching:Today was a busy day as we had to plan before school and then prep in any free moments and then write three report cards after we finished the prep after school. All of this other stuff would be fine if I wasn’t expected to teach! Of course, all I feel like I’m doing right now is assessing the poor children to death for these report cards! I do wish we could move to having three conversations with parents a year! By the time they get these report cards they are out of date:(We did Writer’s Workshop and a little math today along with computers. The highlight of the day was the Rocks and Rings program which teaches the children about curling. Very cool! Finally a sport I know something about!Exercise:Tonight I had Athletic Yoga which was quite the challenge. Another instructor sat in and it was like our instructor went into overdrive because she was there. In the hour there was only one water break! It was a challenge, but in a good way. I can tell you I don’t love running on gliders though! My poor hamstrings!Knitting:Well I haven’t touched my sweater today:( I did get my Olympics Bootcamp from yesterday to count for the Headmistress’ challenge on HPKCHC! I really need to get going though as I only have 13 days left to get this sweater done!Well I’m tired so I think I’ll just take my book to bed.Have fun!AJ

37 thoughts on “Progress

  1. We don’t have parent conferences anymore now that my son is in middle school. I’m sorry you have to deal with it. Great job on boot camp even with a different instructor.

    1. I don’t know that there is anything official about it, but I take every opportunity to get free books and I always have an opinion, LOL

  2. sounds like a good day. how cool that you are teaching curling during the winter Olympics very fitting. and yes, testing and assessments that are needed right before report card time is overwhelming and annoying

    1. Yes the Rocks and Rings program is fabulous and the children love it!I should look for some Olympic curling to show them before we go today.
      I just dislike how teaching has to stop in order to get all the assessing done, and I do a lot of it as I go so I’m not sure where this all comes from!

  3. Whoa, someone’s really getting into the Olympics!! It’s fun readng reviews of books; sometimes I’ll look at reviews of a really good book and only see a 3.9 rating, and think, “what the heck,” that was a 4.9 at least!

    Ahh, sliders, so many grueling exercises within the humble furniture sliders : ) Thrifted a pair from Goodwill a few years back, and did the Kamala Mathis workout that came with them just a week ago. Planning on doing a exercise post on them, just have the picture so far though.

    Congrats on 500 followers, not surprised at all!!

    1. Not really, I just take any opportunity for free books:) It’s funny how life conspires to make you involved in something, LOL.
      Oh those sliders are my nemesis! I want a pair for home! ROFL I guess I like to torture myself, but I want to get better at the window washers and the running! It’s great to do something and feel it:)
      It still surprises me every day!

    1. I still can’t quite believe I say anything interesting enough to keep 500 people entertained, LOL. I’m enjoying the experience and interactions though so I’ll definitely be continuing:)

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