Another long day!


My day started with a meeting and I just have to say that I don’t love it when others don’t respect my time! Grrrr😖

I had an awesome young teacher help me through some yeh difficulties and then it was time to get the children.

I forgot my keys at home this morning. I don’t know how as I hang them on the doorknob, but I managed to, so we had to change things around a little, but we all survived. McCracken spelling, some math while I finished assessing addition strategies, and our second Rocks and Rings session.

I can’t recommend the Rocks and Rings program enough! It seems like every child in the school enjoyed it and it is such an inclusive sport. A definite success and the children were much better behaved today!


I stole a tea bag off of a colleague today. In my defence the tea was in the tea cupboard at work which usually means it’s up for grabs and she wasn’t upset at me:). I mention the tea because it was delicious! It was Apple Cranberry tea from Trader Joe’s and it was amazing. The box is a simple red design and the tea is reddish when it is steeped. I would definitely recommend this tea!


I met up with Lyndsay for a workout. Hit the treadmill for a bit and then the floor. The treadmill went relatively fast as the Olympic women’s curling was on. Canada wasn’t competing so I was relatively calm😂. A guy came in though who was decidedly weird! I suppose it gave Lyndsay and I something to laugh about as he “worked out” by grunting through three reps and then checking his phone, turning the tv, playing with the volume, etc😂

The floor exercises today were single leg squats, goblet sumo squats, pendulum, mountain climbers, and upper cuts. I managed to use 10,12 and 20 lb weights today and hit 7.6 on the treadmill so I was happy with myself. We rewarded ourselves with the sauna.

My co worker this morning helped me set up the Polar Loop I was given a couple weeks ago. Amazingly it says I should still do another twenty five minutes of exercise today even though I’ve done 15,967 steps. I don’t think it’s happening😂. It will be interesting to see if I make my movement goal when I wear it for an entire day. I might have to see if I can wear it on my ankle though as it’s kind of big for my wrist:(

Photo Project:

This morning I was super efficient and got my RRSP contribution amount determined, got a manual printed off and got the last of my Boston trip pictures sent to Costco. Tonight I ran out to pick them up so I can get them off of my phone. They’re calling for some snow tomorrow so this will be a good indoor project:)


I got approved for three more books on Net Galley today, but I’m going to finish Longbourne first.


I tried Shape Shifter’s nutritional yeast popcorn tonight finally! I love eating popcorn but had never thought of putting nutritional yeast on it to get that slight cheesy taste. First, I always make my popcorn in a pot on the stove. It is loud, but it only takes five minutes! The popcorn was very yummy and the only change I would make is to try mixing the yeast with the vegan butter in the microwave so it wasn’t so powdery.

Well, I think I’m going to read and dream about what I want to do tomorrow as I have no commitments:)

Have fun!


50 thoughts on “Long Day Repeated

  1. Trader Joe has a really good tea selection at a great price! Going to have to try that apple cranberry : ) Have a choice of 3 right now on the shelf; the old standy “well rested,” “turmeric ginger,” and Moroccan Mint.” All really good!

    Lol about “the Grunter!” I wrote up some blogs about “cliche workout characters” a few years ago for Anytime Fitness, and “the Screecher,” was the first one mentioned. They can be really obnoxious! He must have wanted attention grunting through 3 reps lol.

    Just had popcorn with nutritional yeast an hour ago too! Yours looks spot on : )

    1. Ugh between the grunting and his staring at us, then playing with the tv without even asking if we were watching it!!! Grrr!
      I need to get to the states I guess and do some shopping! You all have so many more options down there!
      It was good! It’s been forever since I had popcorn!

      1. Rofl!!
        Yup, the U.S. Has no limit on shopping options, that’s probably why the countries so unhealthy lol. Could take a page from Canada and be more active! Though Minnesota is ranked among the more active states, so there is a lot of hiking options, and plethora of co-op’s, so blessed with that! Of course there’s the Mall of America (which I have only been to 3x since it opened) but IKEA is across the parking lot from it, and that’s alway fun to go to : )

      2. Yo your country seems to take shopping seriously!
        That’s great you have lots of hiking options. I’m sitting here looking through cookbooks and waiting for a break in the weather so I can get out for a run!

      3. Haha! Yo yo yiggity yo : ) Yup, shopping is taken very seriously here, but not so much personal health lol. Which is okay, because usually have the park all to myself! I’m going for a hike shortly here too, hoping the sun will peek out from the clouds as well (it just did for about five seconds).

        Enjoy your run!

      1. Lol ok well I reviewed one book and seemed to get immediately approved for three others! I need to finish my current book first though!

    1. It was so good!!! I also love that finally a sport came to school that I know something g about!! The children were so impressed🤣

  2. I love watching people when I go to the gym. When Richard and I are together we always laugh at the people who think they know what they are doing, but are actually clueless. Or the ones who spend more time doing everything except working out.

    1. Oh we had a good giggle as this guy left twice, talked on his phone twice, texted four times, played with the tv twice, rearranged and gathered all the equipment, all within about twenty minutes! He sure didn’t do much working out. Oh and he stared at us three times!

  3. I have nutritional yeast on the shelf, but never thought to use it on popcorn. I tried a really yummy tea from company near me that blends their own. It was jasmine green tea and it was sooooo yummy. The tea comes in beautiful little sachets. I’ll share the link. You aren’t in the US, are you? I read about your teaching and it is very different from the school where I work in many ways.
    Enjoy your weekend. We are expecting snow!!

    1. I had never thought about the yeast on popcorn either until I read it in that blog!
      I’m in Canada:) We’re supposed to be getting snow too! I hope it doesn’t come true!
      Oh that’s interesting! I guess I just always assume most schools are the same.

  4. AJ. I love your posts. (my allison is Allison Jo so she’s AJ too) My zach is a teacher so you have that in common. I love popcorn. SKinny pop pepper popcorn is a staple here. I find it so cute that you print your photos out old school. But really having them in a disc is no way to view them. We need those hard copies!!!Have a sweet weekend

    1. Awww thank you!! One of my brothers started the AJ and the other calls me Al. I also get Ali a lot! I pretty well answer to everything now:)
      I love popcorn too! After all my dental surgeries they told me not to eat it, but I’m hoping that was just for the immediate time as it’s my go-to snack and meal 🤣
      I always loved looking at my grandma’s photo albums so it seemed like the right thing for me to do

  5. That’s the first time I’ve heard of nutritional yeast. Is stuff like that mostly sold at a health food store? The apple cranberry tea sounds interesting. I’ll check it out next time I’m at TJS.

      1. Guess what??!! I finally uploaded over 2700 pictures from my phone to dropbox last night!! This just means that on our trip to Tampa this weekend, I will be deleting photos from my phone. I didn’t want to delete when uploaded because there are a few that I want readily available when I need them without downloading. I promise it will only be a FEW. I plan to make sure I upload and delete once a week.

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