The ladies at work are laughing at me as I wore three layers top and bottom today to try and stay warm!


I would love to say it was calmer, but it really wasn’t!

We had a parent who is an animator come on and speak to the grade one children this morning. It was neat and I learned a lot. I love having so many different occupations speak so students get a broad knowledge of what’s out there. I often wonder if I would have been a teacher if I had known about more jobs?

We also had a code red lockdown drill. Trying to keep 20 grade ones silent and in the corner for ten minutes is a bit of a challenge, but they did really well. I used this to read Matilda by Roland Dahl to them.

We also had our second math drill, made kindness hearts to put on the school tree and we had library. This afternoon we started practicing for our student led conferences by learning how to perform introductions. The children had a blast introducing their invisible parents to me:)

We ended the day with a Lion Dance to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The students love it and try to get hit by the lettuce as it’s supposed to be good luck. I haven’t been hit in the four years we’ve had it:(

I was pretty productive today myself as I used my prep time to call the bank and deal with all my tax items. Hopefully I’ve done them all and haven’t missed anything!

I also wrote four more report cards after school with my colleagues. I only have seven left to do over the next two days. I know my mom is waiting with bated breath to proofread them for me as they’re such riveting reading🤣🤣🤣


I came home as quickly as possible and once again wanted to use the -2 degree weather as an excuse not to run, but it’s calling for more snow later in the week, so I went! Yet again my Runkeeper list the GPS signal twice so it says I had a super fast first two miles, but I really didn’t:(. It did feel good to get out and my new leggings and down jacket are definitely paying for themselves. Now I just need something to keep my face warm!


I finally got around to throwing my pork loin roast in the oven with some garlic tonight. Hopefully it will turn out as I’m planning to eat that for the next couple of days!


I’m reading A Rogue if Her Own by Grace Burrowes right now and am really enjoying it. It’s a NetGalley book so hopefully I’ll be done quick! This author reminds me of Julia Quinn, who I also love reading:)


I casted on the Rose City Rollers last night and might do a few more rows on a sock tonight:)

The good thing about this cold weather is that it’s adding a new colour to my temperature scarf:)

Well I’m off to knit and read:)

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “Three Layers and Counting

  1. brrr! guess you aren’t getting the warm front that has come through my neck of the woods. But, you had a productive day and that in itself is something. hope today goes smoothly

    1. No it’s been the coldest this week that it has been all winter! I thought maybe we had escaped! Hopefully this is just the last hurrah!

  2. I’m glad you have a wide variety of parents professions as well! I bet you’d still be a teacher! I’m glad you ran. My activity tracker is FITIV Pulse and it hasn’t let me down yet.

    1. It is cool to hear about so many different jobs:)
      I was glad to get two runs in this week- made me happier as last week’s mileage was pretty small. I still might not make my February goal with all this snow:(
      Hmm I think it might be because it’s so loose on me

  3. Yikes! Has it really got to the point where we have ‘code red’ drills?? That’s a scary thought… And your book sounds like something I’d love to curl up and read!! I’ll have to look into it!

  4. I like how you had a lion dance performance at your school. Do you think having a wordsearch or something especially for such a drill would help in keeping the kids calm and quiet?

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