I woke up twenty five minutes later than normal today. I guess I forgot to set an alarm last night. I made it to work on time, but it was rushed:(

Today has been so cold! It only got to -2 for a high:(. It started snowing at 11:30 and hadn’t quit when I came home at 6pm.


Today we had workout Wednesday as a school and it was an arm workout. The legs didn’t do much but the arms had to stay above the head- punching, etc for an entire song. My arms were screaming!

We then introduced a whole school project that centres around building something “magnificent” from a box. It sounds like it could be fun!

I also taught a new math game to my class, the old classic addition war. I love the war card game as it can be adapted to almost any concept and it goes on forever. The children will be playing this with their parents tomorrow night during student led conferences.

During silent reading I got asked:

Miss B is 4600 million years ago a long time ago? Were you alive then??


Only sometimes does it feel like it:)

We wrote about the lion dance we saw yesterday and then bundled up to go out in the snow and play.


After school I got one of my students set up to do her student led conference and then went off for bootcamp. None of us were feeling particularly energetic but we did the whole Rabat’s circuit. It included:

Corkscrew sliders

Leg curls on the sliders

Kneeling an rollouts

Agility ladder fast feet

Bicep curls and lateral raises with the band

Plank tricep kickbacks

Narrow lunges

Star jumps



Swing lunges

Donkey kicks

Wall balls

ISO squat with shoulder press

Enough to get me sweaty and tired! I think that might be it for exercise today with this weather:(

I also managed to write four report cards before walking home in the snow. It was quite the mental challenge as none of us felt like it! We did take a short break to play with the aging booth app that we will use Monday for 100 Day. It’s super fun if you want to take a look at it:)


I’m still working on my Grace Burrowes book, A Rogue of Her Own. I’m still enjoying it and may just finish it up tonight. I’m thinking I can’t be on Net Galley and go to the library:( I think I’m going to have to pick which one to go with:(


I am keeping up to date with the temperature scarf and may get a bit more of my sock done while my phone charges.

Well, I’m cosy in front of the fire and not moving so that’s it for my day:)

Have fun!


50 thoughts on “Eeeeeek!

  1. Not good for us with cranky/shot knees!
    I do love seeing life through your eyes, your kids having a blast, and the pride you take in your daily accomplishments!

  2. I like the idea of punching above my head for a whole song. Going to be trying that!

    So, what was the outcome of 4600 million years ago? 😘😝😝😝

      1. I tried this morning. I did an entire song until the last line. O… M… G… My arms!! Will do it again tomorrow in the shower! It was fun, though, I must admit!

  3. Kids can be so cute yet so mean without even trying. I love the snow and I have to say I’m glad it’s you and not me. People here can’t drive in it and walking? Not many people have that chance here since everything is so spread out.

    1. I just laugh in my head- they really don’t mean it.
      I’m glad I can walk most places on a daily basis, but super glad when it’s snowing!

  4. sounds like another productive day. can’t wait to hear what you make with your box. I love teaching kids to play war, but I always called it “top it” in school (name came from a math curriculum). I used to tell my K kids that I was older than dirt just to see their reactions

    1. It was productive:). Ugh I so dislike projects like this- I’m just not creative in this way!!! The students love it:)
      I always have the kids guess my age- always get somewhere between 14 and 100!😂

      1. Whenever a student asked me my age I would always say… “How old do you think I am?” if they said a number close to my age or younger I would say “sure lets go with that” if it was way too old I’d say… “really? I must be having a bad day if you think I look that old”

    1. I absolutely adore my gas fireplace. A real one is lovely, but this one is faster and cleaner.
      If I get a bright enough day I’ll take some pictures:)

    1. I know! I might save BetGalley just for books that are from my favourite authors. Hopefully it won’t penalize me for not requesting a ton!

      1. I’m in the same boat. I’ve had other reviews to get done , so I actually have a couple reviews due that are over 3 months old and have started to get turned down for things I forgot I requested because of it. Lol!

      2. Oh I’m trying not to have that happen but it does worry me. I just love being able to read the new books for my favourite authora

      3. Smart! I have about 9 on my list right now and keep hearing back from submissions that I put in months ago and forgot about! Sometimes it takes them a while to get back to ou so you forget and request more… and then you get them all back at once!! Lol!

      4. Ugh!
        Well I have four there, 20 from the library and about ten borrowed from friends and then another series of 18 from my aunt:( too many, so much pressure!

  5. So many interesting things! Our church youth groups does a magnificent box maze every two or three years. They clear the sanctuary (seats 450) and the entire floor is a maze

    1. It is an engineering marvel, though I have no desire to go through it! The HS kids take the little ones through so they won’t get scared.😊 we are at 22 today, a regular heat wave! I used to tell my 4-H kids that my 4-H project was a dinosaur! This is book weather isn’t it! I’m off to go buy some tiny needles so I can knit my Bloomin Happy mittens. It is going to be cold for weeks, so I will get good use out of them.

      1. I don’t love the corn mazes we have around here at thanksgiving so I think I would avoid that too!
        Oh 22 sounds lovely. Walking home yesterday I was thinking that I need to make myself some mittens! Enjoy them:)

    2. Oh that is so cool!! I think it will be neat to see what the different children come up with as everyone from kindergarten to grade five will be doing it.

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