It was definitely another very long day, but it started with a beautiful walk to school this morning:)


Today was all about getting ready for student led conferences this evening. This is where the students show their parents their work and around the classroom and school. We compiled all of our materials this morning- school survey, journal, mini book bag, addition drill booklet, printing book, writer’s workshop folder, art portfolio along with cards for playing addition war and our class books.

I role played the conference for the children, using two of them as my parents which they all love and then paired them up. They all took it so seriously, even my goofball boys were on task. After recess we cleaned our desks, and then after computers we cleaned the classroom. ( Magic spot is so motivating🤣)! We had some fun with the aging booth app and I’ve sent the pictures off to be printed.

The conferences started at 2pm and went until 6pm. The children were so cute!! It was just so neat to hear their thoughts on what we do every day, and also to see their personalities. One little girl did not want to go out of order and waited at my desk until I got back so she could introduce me to her mom. Another little boy, who is usually an angel, was in a horrid mood because they had gone to his brother’s classroom first. Math war got him back to his normal cheery self:). Overall, I was very proud of my students!

I also made it a point to check in with parents and let them know what their child is doing well at and what we’ll be working on in third term. This isn’t supposed to be a parent teacher meeting but it only takes two minutes and ensures there are no surprises on the report cards. Oh ya, I also finished writing those today! Yay🎊🎉🎊🎉

Overall, a very successful night of watching my cute students.


Unfortunately the conferences went long so I didn’t get to athletic yoga tonight:( There was just no way I was going to make it down the hill, change, pick up my colleague and make it back up the hill:(. So I did a Lyndsay workout at home:)

It was enough of a challenge! I’m just hoping my Polar Loop recorded it!

I am now going to laze around in front of the fireplace reading and knitting, so I’ll leave you!

Have fun!


57 thoughts on “Long But Cute

  1. That is so nice that they were good for you! I have lots of teacher friends and those are the worst days since you can’t get anything done for yourself but you do it with pride. Way to go on finishing report cards!

  2. I love the idea of these student led conferences. So fun. Hope you celebrated finishing your report cards! one less thing on your plate. I think it’s really cool that you walk to work every day. exercise, money saving and so many more perks to that

    1. Oh there’s still plenty to do with reports, it’s just a rough draft finished:(
      It has made such a big difference in my life to be able to walk to work. Takes a lot of the stress away and the children seem to love it when they see me😂

      1. Yuppers, it has it’s negatives and positives depending on how much it snows lol, but fun to make mini workouts within the shoveling (skate back and forth as quickly if it’s a light snowfall, do a squat and use the legs to pick up the heavier snow, etc). Definitely no substitute for a quality workout, but good way to warm up outside!

      2. Lol : ) That’s a nice bonus to have the plows, I’ve got a retired neighbor that does mine luckily, but my parents live about a mile away so I often do that one for exercise! Become OCD with making perfect lines, but partially just an excuse to enjoy the outside too : )

      3. I grew up having to do ours, my grandmas and all the retired neighbours. I’ve done enough shovelling for a lifetime, especially as most were circular driveways and you had to go down to the pavement or it wasn’t done “right”🤣

  3. Aj your enthusiasm for teaching is wonderful. I think you’d enjoy talking to my son! He loves teaching in Mexico. You are both making an impact in peoples’ lives. We need great teachers!

  4. I skipped yoga last week to be on-call for my teenager who just went back to school after being home with digestive issues. I hope I can go to the last class this week but I have a dr’s appt tomorrow and so my toe may be out of commission after that.

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