A pretty good day:) It started with a beautiful view this morning!

All the snow is gone from the trees now as we’ve had beautiful sunshine all day:)


I stayed in bed for an extra hour this morning reading the chick lit book I started last night.

This book, The Perfect Present contains three short novellas in one. Each is about 100 pages. The first story is A Christmas Layover by Rochelle Aleta, the second is The Christmas Lesson by Cheri’s Hodges and the third was Christmas With You by Pamela Yaye. I really enjoyed the first two stories, but didn’t really care for the third one. The first story has a teacher meeting a serviceman on the flight from LA, home to Chicago for Christmas. Yes it is quite amazing how easily it is accepted that she has brought a man home by a household of alpha military men, but at least the two main characters had a connection and were likeable. I also loved the large family atmosphere and the perfect family Christmas events:).

The second story has Kayla returning home to North Carolina after a nasty divorce. She immediately meets up with her best friend from high school. It turns out they both wanted it to be more than friends so the relationship moves fast, but still seems realistic. The story also features a sideline of a problematic sisterly relationship which gets ironed out. The main character of this story reminds me of a blogger I read:)

The third story, I found annoying and I found myself skipping paragraphs just to be done it. It has the magic moment across the dance floor, not once, but twice. Instantaneous attraction, a one night stand, and the obnoxious overbearing brother. I just felt like if the heroine was staying true to her character she wouldn’t have let her brother dictate her life. There were way too many baby’s and darlings and the main character didn’t seem genuine.

All in all, three quick Christmas reads to help anyone get into the Christmas mood.

I also got some more of my school book club book read. I just wish it wasn’t so sad! That’s why I had to read a chick lit at the same time! I’ll get it done by Monday though!


I had a date this afternoon for coffee with a guy I met online. It was okay, but I felt like I could have been talking to anyone and didn’t really feel a connection or like we had much in common. I had decided to try an older guy as everyone says I’m old, but I think ten years might be too much for me, but I suppose it really depends on the personality. Oh well, at least I finally went on another date, my friends will be happy. I just really shouldn’t have let my vanity get the better of me! I always wear heels the first time I meet someone as my height does come as a bit of a shock, but I didn’t take into account the puddles from the snow and I think I ruined my black boots:(. The date was not worth that!🤣


With the rule of having only soft, non sticky food until May I figured I’d better plan out some food! I was wanting to do meal prep for the week as I had gotten out of the habit and had noticed the scale reflected this. I now have six bags of cantaloupe for recess snack this week, seven servings of roasted veggies (I had to do something to make all the veggies I had just bought to eat raw with hummus work), and I put my granola into my yogurt so hopefully it will soften up by the time I eat it.

I have a plan to make blueberry muffins, but know I will want to eat one so I’ll try to do that for tomorrow at recess time.


I helped out my friend Sarah by going and letting her dog out this evening. Wilson is a very easy dog to take care of, but I almost lost him in the snow tonight! I had to wade in and get him and bring him back to the pavement!


I went on an awesome evening walk in the snow with Lyndsay and her son this evening. It was so quiet and peaceful as there were very few people out. We stopped at the ice cream store in the park and I managed to not buy ice cream. We were planning to hit up one of the brew pubs for a drink, but there was a line up at all of them:(. Neither of us were desperate for a beer, just for something to do, so we just walked back home.

The walk was good reconnaissance for the fact that the sidewalk is cleared all the way to the park, so I should be able to get a run in tomorrow morning:)


Wondering if I can get both of these socks done in four days, by the end of the month so I can enter them into a HPKCHC class?? I finished the heel flap of one today and will try to do a bit more tonight.

Well, not a super exciting day, but quite nicely full of fun things:)

Have fun!


36 thoughts on “A Pretty Good Day

  1. Ha ha! Of COURSE you liked the story of the teacher and the service man. 😉 sounds like a pretty cute easy read though. You have so much snow there!! Our March blizzard should be coming soon… Right now all we have is rain, rain and more rain…. And Oooo! A date, huh? Well, sucks that it didn’t seem to work out (hope he doesn’t read your blog! 😋) but, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince!! (not that I’m saying there was kissing involved! You get what I mean!!) Although, I’m sad you sacrificed your boots for it.. A good pair of boots is sometimes harder to find than a man! Lol!! 😂😅

    1. I have quite enjoyed the rainy winter we had up until this point. This better be winter’s last hurrah!!
      Lol I hadn’t thought about the fact it was a teacher, but it was my favourite out of these three easy, quick reads. Need to get my reading challenge back on track for the year and brighten my spirits between parts of the sad book!
      Ugh I don’t know what’s more difficult- boots or men? I actually don’t seem to do well with either:(

      1. I’m not really enjoying all the rain… But, I’ll take it over more snow for sure!! I definitely have to get my reading challenge back on track too. I haven’t been doing great since I got back and being sick hasn’t helped so much. Maybe we can motivate each other! Lol!

      2. Well the short story trick worked for me- that book went fast! I’m hoping to finish this sad one tomorrow as I’m not allowed to go to bed tonight until I get to at least page 200!!
        Yup we’ll spur each other on:)

      3. That’s what I think after listening to the women at work or spending an extended time with any of my brothers or dad🤣

  2. You’ve got to find a single guy who likes to run. Just look for a running buddy and maybe something romantic will develop. Don’t worry about your height. The right guy won’t care.

  3. I agree! You need to find a running mate and see what develops. The right person for you won’t care about your height. I’m so sorry about your boots. I hope they dry well. Sorry it didn’t work out on your date.

  4. the snow is so beautiful when it falls, it’s the shoveling and then the sand mixed snow that makes it yuck!
    I’m intrigued by this book service you are using, but I’m not sure I could read on technology, I love having the book in hand. But, it’s cool to read new books especially for free. Are they mostly novellas? I don’t like short stories I usually feel like they are unresolved.

    1. No NetGalley is for mostly full length books:). I’m pretty evenly split between reading real books and reading on technology. Mostly as long as i get to read, I don’t care how:)

  5. Happy Sunday AJ~ Your date gives me a taste of what my grown kids must go through. Good for you for giving it a go. And sharing it with us! Your snow is lovely. And little things like helping out a friend are the best part of our lives. It means so much to someone else….I’m so glad when friends help my Al out

    1. Happy Sunday to you! Yes dating as an adult is horrible!!
      I like helping people- it makes you feel good inside, besides I have many times been the one being helped:)
      Have a great day!

  6. Wow, looks like we’re getting the same weather in MN today that you had yesterday! Got about six inches yesterday afternoon and evening, but the sun’s been out all morning, but I’m not sure all of it will melt of the tree’s, there is so much! It is such a picturesque winter wonderland!

    Those online dates never seem to go well 😦 I’ve heard the grocery store, and church are two of the more common areas to meet someone.

    As for allegedly being old, think of that Satchel Paige quote; “how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are.”

    Looks like Wilson could use almost use a snorkel to make his way through the snow : )

    1. Snow only on the side of the road now! It always makes me realize really how much heat the sun gives!
      Ugh online dating is the worst! Hmm maybe the grocery store, but I run Sunday morning so church won’t be happening😂
      That’s a good way to look at age. I think I’ll stick with being 27:)
      Yes I had to rescue the poor thing!

      1. Yeah, same here! Couldn’t believe pavement could be seen all ready by about 10 today. The plows did a good job, but the sun definitely did a lot. Solar power!

        Lol, agreed about online dating. I’m the same way about skipping church, I see God everywhere on hikes!

        27 was a good year, I’d pick that too, give or take a year lol : )

        That dog will forever be thankful!!

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