Sorry I had to delay my post a bit, but I wanted to be able to show off a finished sock, however, I had to do my homework first 🤣


I was principal today so I didn’t get to enjoy running club with the children as much as I usually do as I was busy scheduling TTOCs and preps and checking on everything. We got everything settled in the end and the children did pretty good. We had them run the beep test. They only made it to level 5 so we’ll definitely have to practice this. I’d really like the snow and ice to melt so that we could get a baseline run for them. Hopefully by Monday!

Today was the 100th day of school and I usually make such a fuss and we get to do so many fun activities, but unfortunately we just didn’t seem to have a lot of time today. We read three books about 100 day, we made a mini book about what people brought in the class, we made a class book about what we’ve been told 100 times, and we had a sharing circle so we could show what we brought. In addition, we had gym where we did 100 exercises, we had music and we had a parent who is a welder come in and talk about his job. It was a very busy day, but kind of a letdown as it wasn’t as exciting as I wanted it to be:(. I’ll just have to do better next year!


I ate some dairy after school by mistake:( That is definitely my most vulnerable time. I seem to eat anything without thinking:(. I decided that this wasn’t going to change my plan to go home and go for a run!! It wasn’t a pleasant experience and my phone also died, but I ran and had a decent average pace:)

I was reading some blog posts tonight and was thinking that perhaps I should just start a training plan and then when I’ve completed it, I’ll look around for a race. Has anyone done this backwards approach with success? I should also ask if anyone has a suggestion for a training plan?


I started a new book for NetGalley on my lunch hour (the heroine is already bugging me), but my reading otherwise was my friend Lyndsay’s report cards. We traded today so I read hers and she read mine. Not quite as exciting as my usual fare!


I have completed a sock:). I love it and it fits really well. I however am not loving the yarn, which came as a surprise. It is Madeline Tosh: Toah Merino Light and I am finding that it splits way too easily. As well, there was a break in it:( Ugh I have to persevere though as I’d like a second sock!

Well that’s it for me tonight! I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


48 thoughts on “Better Than Nothing

  1. That sock is adorable! The children in the elementary school here love celebrating the 100th day of school. I bet you had some great responses to the things the kids have heard 100 times!

      1. In my case it would be “kids, don’t run in the hallway” or “did you wash your paws?” I still ask my boys about their paws and they are 22 and 24 years old. I don’t have to worry about Razz, he washes his paws constantly! 🙂

      2. LOL yup I heard a lot about cleaning up, not fighting,etc. but I wish I could remember the really good one from a few years ago!

  2. Great sock!
    I think you should try a race, see how you do and then make a plan. It’s easier to plan when you know what you need. My son ran his first 5k in November and came in third in his age group. He was quite pleased and felt he had a better idea of what it was like.
    When my kids were in elementary school they did a 100 days project. It was a huge event for the whole school.

  3. the 100th day is so important in those primary grades. it is that big turning point for the kiddos in the counting the number of days in school. As a teacher I always celebrated the 91st day. We have 180 days in school so 91 meant there were more days in front of me than behind me. Those hours between right after school and dinner planning are the worst for snacking, even for me when I’m not teaching. I try to always have a snack on the ready for that time of day

    1. oops more days behind me than in front of me… guess I’m still tired! oh and happy dalmatian day 101st day of school

    2. We have 180 days as well, but for some reason, the kids really love celebrating 100 day! We had some fun:)
      That’s a good idea – I should bring my after school snack to school.

  4. A great sock and custom fit is such a delight isn’t it? Your 100 days activities sounded pretty cool to me, but I’m not a 1st grader, so not sure my opinion is helpful!!

  5. Your 100th day sounds spectacular! Ours was the beginning of the month. I take small groups for reading so it was hard to celebrate but we collectively read 100 words in each group! Your sock is awesome…I wish I had that talent! 😁

    1. Oh reading 100 words is cool. I’ve done writing 100 words, but never reading.
      Thank you – not sure it’s a talent, just a hobby.

  6. I always try to tailor my training plan to a specific race and what I expect the course to be like (i.e., I run hills if its a hilly race) but it would be interesting to try it the other way around.

    1. I think the most difficult thing for me is that I’ve only ever had terrible race experiences so it doesn’t make me want to sign up as I’m afraid I’ll just have another one:(

  7. My kids had 100th Day activities in the primary grades; we were real lazy for the projects that had to show 100 items. Some kids came up with some real creative ones. Madtosh Merino Light is a single ply so yeah, it can split easily. But it’s really soft. I used the speckled version for my Pioneer Girl shawl.

    1. I love the feel of it, just wondering how well it’s going to wear!
      I couldn’t believe that only five of my students had to count out their own items!!!

  8. I have used the Marathon Rookie training plan for my 3 marathons and love it!! They also have a half training plan as well. I liked that I was only running 4 days a week vs. 6. How awesome is that sock, I would’ve never thought to knit my own socks.

    1. I always knit the rest of my family socks for their birthdays so decided it was time for me to have some. I love that they fit perfect!
      Thanks for the training suggestion – I will look:)

  9. Knit on (cute sock! I hate splitty yarn) and blog when you feel like it or are able to. Life happens constantly. No one is watching the clock. Awhile back a blog follower and Friend told me to quit apologizing about posting and being late b. That no one cared when I posted or not. At first I felt hurt and bewildered but I have come to learn and understand that she was absolutely correct. All my worry about posting or not was totally self imposed. Ouch!

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