Just when I thought I was done and going to celebrate, I realize I’m not:(


Today started off neat with a high school teacher coming to tell us about the differences between teaching high school and elementary. Smart woman, she brought pictures of a locker for the kids to decorate and they loved it!!!

We had another math drill, Library time, silent reading and science. We introduced our last element of the animals in winter unit- adaptations. The students listened to a story and then we brainstormed all the adaptations and the animals that do them. No amazing lesson, but the best thing was that the boy with behaviour issues in the other class nailed it!! He was giving one right answer after another:) I taught his sister last year and know that the family is very into science (Dad is a geologist). It was just so neat to see him shine and then to be able to give Mom this happy news after school was super too! It was a good reminder of why I struggle through teaching seven different subjects every day!

At lunch we had another meeting about report cards which I wasn’t super happy about. Then this afternoon I sent my reports to my mom to have her read them ( I know she just loves it when I do this!)🤣 and she called me on them:( Said they read like first drafts. If anyone ever wonders where I get my bluntness from….🤣. I sat down and gave myself forty minutes to try to improve them. I only got through five and felt like crying several times, but I did get a “great job” on those five. I guess I know what I will be doing for all my spare moments over the next few days as they are due Friday. It is report card time that I really notice that I always took speech therapy instead of English:(. I should probably just apologize now for the writing in this blog! I will try to fix them though as the choppiness is what I have noticed in other reports too and as my mom said when I complained it was taking forever, is that they’ll be around forever too!


I did leave pretty close to when I planned to and got out for a run. I’m hoping the snow will clear up completely soon so I will have other running routes available to me as doing the same loop every day is not exciting. I was not as fast as yesterday, but I noticed that my splits were within seconds of each other which seems like a good thing! It’s another run done. I won’t make my mileage goal for February but it’s a short month and we’ve had snow so I’m okay with that. I’ll try again for March:)


I really wanted to be reading and knitting but I needed to clean my place up first for knit night tomorrow night.


I have to admit I did the bare minimum for someone to come over and sat down with my needles. I got the second sock casted on and the cuff done. It’s going much faster than the first one, thankfully!

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “Almost Starting Over

  1. It’s nice that you go to a knit night to do knitting and socializing. Our women’s group used to meet up and bring whatever project we want to do and just spend time together while we work on our own things. Somehow people’s priorities changed and we stopped meeting for fun.

  2. sounds like your report cards are rather involved. we always just had to write a quick blurb and had a number of character limit to them. You will get them done, teachers always figure out a way to get these things done on deadline time. Hope you enjoy having your knitting group over

  3. Sounds like my mom! Yeah, our report cards weren’t special in any way. A grade on a piece of paper, nothing else. Your writing is fine by me, absolutely nothing wrong with how you write!

  4. It is so fun to read that you and your mom collaborate. You are good to take her wisdom !! Your success story about the little boy in your class really shows you make a difference in your students’ lives!!!

      1. No watch yet, just a Polar Loop. I’ve just been using my phone, but figure I need a watch if I want to train for a race

  5. I remember reading or someone sharing how when she wrote report card comments she started out with a good comment, then wrote a comment where the child needed improvement on, and then ended with a positive comment.

  6. Your blog writing is just fine. The words flow nicely, and I enjoy reading your posts. Since you seem to write easily, I’m surprised you struggle with report cards. I’m sure you have to present things carefully, which could be a drag. I’d like to suggest to your administration that this is the age of Tweeting. Parents might be more comfortable with a Tweet than an essay.

      1. I should rethink that. I don’t use Twitter because I can’t contain the flow of words. Putting a limit on comments might be horrendous. It would be for me.

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