Organizational Flop

A super busy day where I thought I was organized.


A busy day with no real breaks, but not much work either:( There are just too many interruptions right now. We had morning workout, writers workshop where the children were super excited to write lists, family groups where we made valentines cards for local seniors and then gym this afternoon. I also had a meeting at recess and another at lunch:( I found I really missed my lunchtime reading!


The highlight of my day was bootcamp with Lyndsay and some of the other women I work with. I wasn’t feeling very energetic beforehand, but was better afterwards. We did:

Burpee to long jump

Single leg squat and dips

Butterfly crunches with medicine ball and squat with overhead press with the ball

Leg curls and plank window washers with the gliders

Skipping and flutter kicks

Swing lunges

ISO squat tricep kickbacks and dead bug bicycles

Weighted donkey kicks and fire hydrants

I think I liked the weighted dead bug bicycles best:)


I finished the book Crushing on Cooper by Violet Vaughn.

It is part of a series I have read a few books in. It tells the story of Allie who crushed on her brother’s friend Cooper her last year at summer camp, but nothing ever happened. Fast forward a number of years and Allie is working at the camp when Cooper shows up to attend a corporate retreat. Things move fast from there.

This is a shorter story so the insta Love is definitely present. These two are making out on the first day they run into each other. I found this pacing just too fast for my liking. The characters were interesting as were the camp details, however, the big issue seems to be inside Allie and I thought it was pretty overblown.

If you enjoy a steamy read or a camp book, you’ll enjoy this book! My favourite part were probably the baking details.

I am back to finishing up the Frederick Blackman book, My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry.


I had sold a mug on a Facebook budding site and the woman was coming to pick it up tonight. She was getting a $25 mug for $5 so a great deal, but I completely lost track of time and missed her. I feel so horrible as I’ve never done this before!!! She’s ignoring me now so I may need to go through the process of reselling it. Here I thought I was all prepared, had the mug by the door, had made the arrangements and I still managed to screw it up:(


Tonight was knit night and I was super excited because I had already chosen my next three projects and printed the patterns so I didn’t need to spend Knit night doing that! Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the sweater I picked only came in s chart, not written instructions. I got to row nine of following the chart before I became two stitches out. I really dislike following a chart so now I’ve spent most of Knit night working on writing out the pattern:( I guess I’ll just start again tomorrow night.

Well I’m yawning away so I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Comfort Food Day

My day was pretty typical, but for some reason most of us teachers just felt off and kind of sad. My co-teacher thinks it’s a mix of the weather and being so busy with report cards looming. I actually thought of looking for cheap flights for the long weekend this weekend🤣


I had my alarm set for six this morning to get a run in before work, but I was still needing more sleep so today became my rest day:(. One of my goals for February was to exercise for at least half an hour a day, so I suppose I’ve just botched that one!


It was such a busy day as we are gearing up to make sure we’ve covered everything before we have to start writing report cards. It made me a bit grouchy, but we did end up accomplishing everything on the list so that’s good. I’ll reward the children tomorrow with some Centre time.


I rushed out of work this evening to get to my massage appt and from there I decided I should hit the grocery store. Maureen had included a recipe the other day that screamed cold weather comfort food to me and since its cold and wet I grabbed the ingredients. It was very easy to make and only took a few minutes to cut up the potatoes, peppers, sausage and celery and get them into the oven. Even better the thirty minutes in the oven gave me just enough time to tidy my place for knit night tomorrow. It was an easy recipe to ensure was gluten free and dairy free and I think it would work well with whatever veggies you have on hand. It tasted awesome and it will give me five more meals!Knitting:

I finished another project which I’ve been meaning to do for a while. My friend Brenda has been making Izzy dolls which the Canadian army distribute to children in other countries. It seems like an awesome cause and I wanted to help so today on my lunch hour I started an Izzy doll. I have to admit I was just using up leftover yarn scraps, but even so I don’t think Brenda will be asking me for any more. I think perhaps I should stick with wearables! I did get to enter it into the HPKCHC class for trying something new as I had never made a doll or toy of any kind before.


As I was knitting and sewing I listened to a few more chapters of Wives and Daughters. I’m happy that I seem to finally be making a little progress:)

I’m also over halfway through a chick lit book so I’ll hopefully be done that tonight or tomorrow:)

Well I think I’m off to curl up in my bed with my book:)

Have fun!


Uh oh

The last words you want to hear when you come into your classroom after lunch!


We again didn’t get much work done today:( We watched a play this morning called Not So Dumb by Green-thumb Theatre.

I had really high hopes for this play as it was supposed to be about the fact that everyone is smart in some way, even people with a learning disability. Unfortunately the non examples, cruel teasing, physical fighting and mean names, was emphasized a lot more than the good message and how we should treat each other wasn’t touched on at all:(. It also was definitely more appropriate for the older children than for my little ones:(

We wrote about this presentation in the afternoon, our one piece of work today, but the children didn’t really have a lot to say about it.

We had an awesome time with our buddies today! We started in the gym with the big buddies guiding us through the ABC Fit Test and a couple of dances. Boy we’re there red cheeks by the end! We wanted to do a valentines project, but the supplies weren’t quite ready so that will be next week!

I returned from lunch to a closed door which I thought was very odd! It turned out that one of the boys, while depositing his toys back into toy storage, tripped and managed to knock a tray off the counter and break my teapot and spoon rest, both gifts from previous students:( Thankfully nobody was hurt, but I’m going to miss having those things at school!


I left the pie on my colleagues desk this morning. She thanked me and then brought the pie in for everyone to enjoy at recess break. Everyone liked it so I can recommend the recipe Raspberry Pie 1 on It was super good!!!😀

Photo Project:

I got home very late because we had an interminable staff meeting tonight. I wanted to get “finish labelling trip photos” off my to-do list so I sat down and did the 111 photos I had left. Now I just have to decide if I’m going to let that fulfill my goal or if I’m going to print the rest of my Boston pictures and get those labelled and deleted this month too.


I finished my first project of the month today. It fulfills a HPKCHC class and will be a gift for my friend’s new baby. It was a very simple baby sweater made with bulky yarn.

It uses the pattern Chunky Alpaca Baby Jacket which is free on Ravelry or can be found here.

I followed the instructions for the most part though I made the sleeves longer and put actual buttons (cute frogs) for closure rather than just ties. I thought these two changes were warranted by the dark colour and warmth of the yarn I was using. It was a very quick project and probably didn’t take more than two hours:)

I also have managed to stay up to date on my temperature scarf:)


I got a workout in this evening which was definitely necessary to relieve the frustration of the staff meeting. I had to do three sets of each of three circuits.

1) 20 squats, 15 squat jumps, 10 burpees

2) 20 mountain climbers, 15 push-ups, 10 hip bridges

3) 20 alternating lunges, 15 plié squats, 10 calf raises

It finished with a minute each of the following: Russian twists, bicycles, plank and superman.

I finished off with a little more cardio just to round up the time. I definitely liked the last circuit best:)


I got another couple of chapters of Wives and Daughters listened to on Librivox as I knitted and did cardio. I also have picked up a chick lit novel to read next. I hope it’s good!

Well I’m going to try and get to sleep now to make up for the lack of sleep Saturday night!

Have fun!


Tea and Advice

Another quiet, but lovely day:)


I slept horribly last night which is really weird for me. At 10:30 I was wired and just tossed and turned and then I was awake from 3-5:30, so of course when my alarm went off this morning I didn’t want to get up! The situation wasn’t helped by the rain that was teeming down! I met friends at a park and got the run done though. Runkeeper gives me my average speed every five minutes and my first one always comes in over seven minutes, so then I speed up to bring it under 7. I ended with an average of 6:47/km so I was happy and actually I felt really strong the whole time:).

Whenever I go out to run, I run the whole time. This was a goal I had for a long time, but as my runs get longer I wonder if I should be adding walk breaks back in. Any pieces of advice or opinions are welcomed:)

I grabbed tea with my friends after the run, but then had to carry on to have tea with another friend who I haven’t seen in a while. It must be my weekend for tea catch-ups:)

It was absolutely lovely to catch up, but we definitely needed another hour or two!


I ran by Michaels to get some more short circular needles, but they didn’t have any. It turned out I didn’t need them for one of the projects, but I will for the other two. I am starting to wonder if I should just invest in some of those interchangeable sets. I haven’t because I have so many sets of circular needles that I inherited from my grandma, but lately it seems like I never have the right length:( Has anyone used any of these sets? Any recommendations or opinions? I guess it’s my day to ask for advice!


I sat down and frogged the temperature scarf for the second day in a row, but I’m much happier with it this time! Before I was putting one gray section (31 stitches) in at the end of each week, but I decided I didn’t like how broken up it made the colouring, so now I’m just doing one round of gray (217 stitches) after each month. I’m happier, but it still looks like this Cowl is going to be very skinny!

I also got a baby sweater started for my friend’s new baby Sam who I will hopefully meet next Sunday. I just have the sleeves left so I should be able to show it off tomorrow:). Thankfully it should also count for a HPKCHC class this month.


I finished the book!!!!🎉🎊

Only my sixth for the year, but at least it’s another one done!

Ready Player One tells the story of Wade3, also known as Perzival who lives in a future time where life is very bleak on Earth so everyone lives in the virtual reality called the Oasis. The creator of the Oasis died and leaves a game/hunt for his fortune.

I found the start of the book very depressing,but it definitely improved when Wade3 got started on playing the game. The character interactions were awesome. The book is very detailed, and there is a little bit of romance. It is well written and the pace is great.

Anyone who is a gamer or was a teenager in the 80s would probably absolutely adore this book. It is sci-fi, but even as someone who doesn’t usually read that, I enjoyed it.

I also got a few more chapters of Wives and Daughters listened to on Librivox:)

Now I just have to decide what to read next!


The only other thing I did today, well other than drink tea, was bake a raspberry pie.

One of my co-workers has very kindly been sharing her avocados with me( no I didn’t ask for them, but I do love avocado) and I wanted to gift her in return. Our secretary did a little sleuthing and found out raspberry pie was her favourite dessert, so I made one using this Recipe. I just hope it’s good! I’ll have to ask her for a truthful review so I’ll know whether to use the recipe again. I’m a little worried that the filling might be too thin as my raspberries were frozen:( I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

It was a very easy recipe to convert to gluten free and dairy free. I was also impressed by how easy the recipe was to follow and how quick it came together! If I hadn’t had to chill the dough it would have all been done in an hour!


I watched the last Hallmark movie I have recorded this evening. It was called Moonlight in Vermont. It was very cute, but so implausible. An up and coming real estate agent chucks it all to stay on at her Dad’s inn. It also bugged me that they never explained what the brother did that he could go from the inn to New York City at the drop of a hat. I know, I’m taking this way too seriously!😂

Well, I’m hoping to get a good night’s sleep tonight, so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


A Little of Everything

A quite lovely day with a little of everything:)


I woke up this morning and it was lovely to be able to stay in bed for a bit and continue reading Ready Player One. It sure seems to be taking me a long time to get this book read, though I think it may speed up now that it’s getting more interesting:)

Photo Project:

I got another 100 pictures from my Boston trip labelled and deleted off of my phone🎊🎉

I also got my dishes done during this time so I’m not a complete slob 🤣


I met up with Lyndsay for a workout at 11am. It was busy in the gym so we had to modify. Started with a five minute warm up on the treadmill and then we traded off- one person running on the treadmill and one person either rowing and riding the spin bike. I actually enjoyed this cardio because with all the changing of equipment it went very fast, plus the bike and rowing machine seem to use slightly different muscles:)

We then hit the floor for a deadly combo! It looked easy, but was actually tough. One person held a position and the other had to do reps. We did push-ups, knee tucks, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, squats, and crunches. We then finished off with three sets of twelve reps of goblet squats, swing squats and supermen. Ugh! I was tired! The best part was the sauna after, we definitely need to do that again!


I tried out a new product I saw at Costco this last week. It was sweet potato and zucchini noodles already prepared. I made up a quick spaghetti sauce and had this for dinner. It was pretty good, though I think I’ll just stick with making my own!I am in need of a raspberry pie recipe if anyone has a good one:)


I met up with Michelle for a coffee as it had been forever! It was so great to see her and learn about what’s happening in her life! I had to laugh at myself that I have become one of those people who carry their agenda with them everywhere! It was actually because I had a whole list of what I needed to do while I had wifi (it’s the end of my month and I’m almost out of data, which explains why I’m so quiet on here this weekend). I stayed after Michelle left and got some stuff done.


I tried the Kusmi: St. Petersburg tea again today. I allowed it to only steep for about a minute and I added some milk to it. I actually like it this way so I’ll finish off the container.

I tried a tip I had read on Patricia’s blog about storing my tea bags in a big glass jar. I emptied all my packaged teas into a big glass jar and an hour later I put them all back into their individual containers😂. I liked how it looked and the fact it took up less space, but I came to realize that I really like finishing off a container of tea and getting to recycle the container. With the glass jar, I had doubts it would ever be empty:(


I was pretty productive in this area today. I read through the HPKCHC classes for February and have chosen some yarns to use for projects to fulfill a few of them.
doing it properly. Unfortunately I got completely caught up to present day when I had a brain flash that it would be so much better if I did it another way:(. 😞🙄😏. Maybe tomorrow I will look into this more!

I have to share the yarn organizer I created for this project. I realize I am probably late to the party and everyone already does this, but I was pretty happy with myself. 🤣 Well I am off to pack up my spaghetti and curl up with my book!

Have fun!



Not a very exciting day, but some little things got done:)


I had a parent meeting first thing this morning and it led to the best part of my day! I’ve been having difficulty with a couple of boys who pull out their Pokemon cards and bey blades to play with at inappropriate times. I get they want them for lunch and daycare, but I don’t want them during math! After talking to the mom, I started “toy storage”.

It’s just a labelled basket in which the children can store their toys until an appropriate time to play. I labelled ziploc bags with their names so we’d know what belonged to who. The kids loved it and I didn’t have one incident of inappropriate timed play all day. It was super cute that at the end of the day a girl asked if girls could use the toy storage too?🤣 Today gave me hope that we’ve solved one of the bigger problems in my class this year:)

Otherwise we had cupcakes and goodie bags for my new child’s birthday. Not an exciting day, though the children were excited that we played math games, painted and had centres all in one day! What was I thinking??!!


I tried another product from the GF expo today.

It was a soft ginger cookie. I thought it was very attractive with the crystallized sugar on top. It was a soft cookie which I’m not really used to, but it seemed nice. The one thing I’d have to say was that I didn’t find the cookie had enough of a ginger flavour for me. Yet another product that I’m glad I got to try before buying as I won’t be buying it.


I made sure I left work by four so that I could get out for a run before dark. I decided to go out along the road as I knew the park path would just be one big puddle today after all the rain we’ve had:(. It made for a very boring run with no good picture opportunity:(. It was also frustrating because my earbuds kept falling out and though I was running a good pace, my average was 7:14/km because I had to wait at red lights:(. Grrr, but it will help on my goal of more running in February than the 72km I did in January.


I tried the Kasmi: St Petersburg tea again today and again I didn’t like it. I will give it one more try tomorrow where I won’t steep it as long, but that is its last chance. It’s going in the garbage or to school if I still don’t like it!


I didn’t get much time to read st lunch today because it was hot dog day, but I got s bit more done tonight. Ready Player One seems to be getting to a more interesting part:)

I’ve been upset that I’ve done so little reading in January. I thought about it and wondered if a trip to the library would help with getting my reading mojo back. I often have a light fluffy book on the go at the same time as a heavier one. They both get read faster:). I drove to the next town’s library as they have a better fluffy book selection and happily spent an hour and a half there:). I did really well and only came home with 21 books!😀


I have to thank Tracey for the help that let me finish my Cowl tonight for the third quidditch match on HPKCHC. I had tried casting off three times and was always fifteen stitches short. I ended up casting off as much as I could and then using the yarnless cast off she told me about for the rest. It got the job done and the Cowl off my needles:). Im glad it’s only for the Christmas market as I personally think it’s too long and skinny, but I’m just not willing to rip it out and redo it!

Tomorrow I will spend some time trying to plan my next few projects so I fulfill some of the HPKCHC classes for February and use up some stash yarn!

Photo Project:

The rest of my evening was spent labelling and deleting 100 of my trip photos off my phone. I figure it’s a start and I better do 100 each day! Amazingly I actually found two photos that I like of myself!!!! Doesn’t happen often so I kept them😂

Well I think that’s it for me:)

Have fun!


Need to Get More Done!

I’ve been loving my new agenda, but I feel like I need to write even more notes as I had some time today when I could have gotten things done and didn’t:(


We had a lot of start of month jobs this morning that took up a large chunk of our morning time. We got started on printing D but most will have to finish it up on ketchup day.

Math went so well today! I was teaching the commutative law- the children love saying that- it’s really just turn around facts. Everyone got the concept!!😀

I love my Thursday afternoons as I have prep, then gym and then silent reading and planners. I was aggravated when I released the children and then remembered I was suppose to FreshGrade record them talking about hibernation:(. I have just written myself a note for tomorrow, but what a waste of a good opportunity today!!

I had a parent meeting after school today which means that tomorrow I need to have a discussion with my class about manners, again. The difference between saying “get out of my way” and “excuse me”! I feel some role playing coming on😜


My tea today was by Kusmi and was called St. Petersburg. I didn’t care for it, but I have a whole ton of it to use so I may try it tomorrow with some almond milk and see if that improves it.


I fit in six rows to finish off my Cowl that I started tomorrow. I did the cast off and have had to retry twice as I keep running out of yarn:( I finally left it for the night and I’ll tackle it in the morning. Grrrr!


I listened to Wives and Daughters on Librivox while I was knitting today. Why did I choose such a long book? It would be nice to be making progress!

I also had our school book club after school today. There were twelve children there and nine of them were boys!!! Definitely the opposite of the usual bookclub, but it’s so cool to hear them discussing books! It’s a good bookclub as there is always dissension in whether people like the book or not, makes for a good discussion!


I went toAthletic yoga tonight. I had asked the instructor before class if she could perhaps include a stretch for the muscle just worked within the class as I’ve been finding I’m really tight. She said she would, but then she also made it really clear I was the one who asked for it during the class. I hope the rest of the class doesn’t lynch me!


I made no resolutions this year, but when I received my new agenda, it is goal centred so I made some for January. I am trying my best to spread my goals out between my interests, to make some more difficult and lengthier than others, and to not beat myself up if I don’t achieve them (definitely tough for me!). I succeeded at meeting half of my goals for January:) Yay🎉🎊. I have made some more for February so we’ll see how it goes since I’ll have right from the start of the month, rather than halfway through.

Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!