I should know better than to worry about a day!

I had a rough night last night with not being able to breathe and so didn’t actually get to sleep until after four am. Now in the past this has not stopped me from my usual Sunday morning run, but in this case, it did! I took advantage and slept until ten am (that’s actually only nine as we had a Spring ahead time change). At this point I am back to being congested and can’t hear out of my left ear. I haven’t decided if this is improvement or not??!!

I didn’t accomplish much this morning other than hard boiling a few eggs. I must admit this cold has been great for shrinking my stomachs down and dropping a few pounds:) Sorry, I have to find a silver lining somewhere:)


My oldest friend was in town from Regina and I had said I would meet up downtown with her and her husband. I had let her know a few days ago that I had a cold, but she was still okay with meeting. I wasn’t sure how long I would last, but took some DayQuil and headed out!

It was an awesome drive down as I got to listen to more of my Wives and Daughters audiobook. I’m almost to the end!

We ended up taking advantage of the spectacular day (14 degrees out) and walking across most of Vancouver today with two stops for coffee. It really felt like Spring. The sane spot from opposite sides.

It’s always awesome to meet up with this couple as they are so easy going and it never really feels as though any time has past. I even feel comfortable with her husband which is kind of amazing! We have often gone years without seeing each other, but this time it’s been less than a year which is a record for us!! We had a great talk and catch up and she is looking amazing at 26 weeks, still won’t tell me what she is having though😂. I got to be the first baby gift they have received and they seemed to like the baby vest I had made for them:)

We ended the day with an early dinner at Los Margaritas which was as good as it always is!!!

Way too much food though! I was stuffed after the first taco and didn’t even start on any of the sides!!

Well I am off to cast on my next project, mostly just so that I can listen to more of Wives and Daughters🤣

Have fun!



31 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. Glad you went out but don’t forget to rest a lot too. Dinner looks scrumptious! Can’t be as good as Mexican food is here in Texas 😉
    Sleep well and have a great Monday!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you are still battling away at this cold. How discouraging. I would have devoured that entire meal whether I was sick or not! I hope the week finds you one day closer to a full recovery.

  3. I LOVE that you had so much fun with your friend and you gave them their first baby gift. So sweet of you . The sun and warmth are so welcome . we are back to gray and cold but I’m trying very hard not to let it get me too down! I know this will pass and i know we all feel rotten about it around here…..so I’m not alone!
    I would have wanted a margarita!!!

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