I felt like all day people were staring at my nose!


Just a regular day though we had an undercover policeman come in and speak to the class today. I had tons of questions for him, but not with the children present. They had tons of “what if” scenarios for him. I think it made their day that four of them got “arrested”.🤣

Otherwise at the end of the day we went out and observed our tree in winter and then played on the playground. It got up to 18 today so we had to take advantage of the warmth and sunshine!

The beautiful weather continued all day into a spectacular sunset:)

I managed a two hour nap when I got home from school 😀.


I finally finished listening to Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell this evening.

It was an excellent read. The characters are well portrayed and very in-depth with many foibles and follies, though you become invested in them and want the best for them. I liked that while this was obviously the original soap opera, it didn’t read as implausible. The characters made mistakes and many things happened, but it rang true.

The only thing I didn’t like was that it wasn’t finished!!! At the end I learned the author had passed away when she was one chapter short of finishing the book. While we all know what would have happened, I really would have liked to have heard the author’s rendition of it.

I think that anyone who likes period classics would enjoy this book. It in many ways reminded me of Pride and Prejudice, especially in how the mother and father are portrayed.

I also have to put in a race review of the narrator of this book, Elizabeth Klett. This is the second book I have heard her read and they have both been wonderfully done!


I have casted on a new sweater, but I am having to make changes to it. It called for 82 stitches just for the back and I think that would be quite huge on me so I have pared it down to 62. Hopefully I don’t regret that. It is nice how quickly it knits along with being in worsted weight yarn.


My friend Lyndsay was going for a hike after school and I so wanted to go, but even I know I’m not healthy enough for that:(. I can’t wait to be back to normal!!!!!

Well, I’m off to bed early to try and get healthy.

Have fun!


31 thoughts on “Rudolph

  1. Glad you are taking the time to get better. Sounds fun with the officer. We had one come to a scout meeting one time and “arrest” some of the boys. They had a blast playing in his suv too.

  2. glad to hear you were well enough to go to work. Hope you start feeling more and more yourself over the week. can’t wait to see your newest sweater creation

  3. Gorgeous sunset!!
    I’m glad you are easing back into your every day schedule. Take time to get better:) You don’t want to relapse!
    I hope the little “criminals” pick a different career path;)

    1. Yes I’m hoping they didn’t like the feel of handcuffs!
      I’m hoping I’m taking it easy enough that I’ll be healthy soon!

  4. I shouldn’t be nosy, but I wonder if your nose is temporarily disfigured by your cold. I’d say wear it proudly like you would a terrible bruise. You earned it! It could bring you lots of well-deserved sympathy.

    1. LOL it’s just bright red right now from being blown and wiped way too much! It goes well with the horrible piglet snorting noises I’m also making regularly right now:(

      1. I probably shouldn’t have joked about the misfortunes of head colds. Everyone knows colds are beyond miserable. Hopefully you will soon be back in the land of the living and able to enjoy life once more.

      2. No it’s nice to giggle when you have a cold so joke away:)
        I can’t wait to be back to healthy! I have quite the list!

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