It was just another day:)


We worked this morning on a school wide project. We had read the book, The Most Magnificent Thing and every child in the school worked on turning a box into something. I unfortunately missed so much of it and was very worried about how crazy it would be, but this morning my class finished up and there were actually some quite clever projects! A cat, a dog, a unicorn, two boxtrolls, a rainbow, an airplane, and some that only the creator could name. We have a lovely assortment outside of our classroom for everyone to admire:)

This afternoon we finished our science unit about animals in winter with an animal adaptation experiment. The students were asked to put one hand in ice water and the other hand in a blubber hand in ice water. The blubber hand was made of lard. It was so neat to see their faces when they did the experiment and they all seemed to understand the concept that blubber is an adaptation that keeps animals warm and allows them to survive in cold regions:) ✅


After work we had a staff social at a local brew pub. It was nice to see most of the staff turn out and to see some smiles after the hard work of report card time. I left early as Who wants to drink beside a sick person, but it was an enjoyable evening of cider and two bags of chips (as the food truck hadn’t arrived yet🙁).

I at least got a tiny bit of exercise today in that I walked home from the brew pub:)

Now it’s off to bed for another eleven hour sleep in the hopes of turfing this cold!

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “Being Social

    1. Yup I’m tired of sounding like a broken record. I figure you all will revolt and refuse to read my posts soon!:(
      Thank you:)

      1. Oh no! I hate that I missed that:( I just can’t figure out how to just see the posts I’m interested in:(

    1. Lol I’ve finally given in and am going to the doctor so maybe that will help. I’m definitely done with this quiet lifestyle I’ve been leading!

  1. I’ll sip bourbon for medicinal purposes! 😂
    The cold is still around, eh? I can’t blame you for taking to bed early. I require a lot of sleep to begin with, so imagine me when I am under the weather! 😴

      1. I thought I was an anomaly with how much sleep I require. I am currently learning about the impact lack of proper sleep has on women over 50. I am struggling with this new decade.

  2. glad to hear your kiddos were able to finish the box project. that is the perfect thing do to in class time when you don’t feel 100% because I bet they had fun, were focused and actually accomplished what they needed to do. Hope a good night sleep helped

    1. It was really quite amazing how focused and quiet they were. I’ll have to try and grab some photos of the projects tomorrow

  3. Sounds like a good day minus the cold!Feel better soon! Do you have throat coat tea there? It has licorice and coats your throat. I also use Vicks vabor tub on my chest and sometimes on the bottom of my feet with socks. I’m not sure how it works but it does, helps with coughing.

    1. I’ve definitely been using the Vick’s, but I’m not sure I could get licorice tea down as I really don’t like licorice! Thanks for the tips though- I’m trying everything to get rid of this cold right now!

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