A very laid back day that went its own way:)


For the first time in several weeks I managed to get up for my Sunday run. Unfortunately right now I’m the only one running in the group so it was a little lonely, and wet!!!! I swear I would have been better off as a duck out there today!! Even running a forest trail, it was wet! I didn’t get the entire trail done as at one point I figured out I couldn’t really breathe, but I did get most of it done at a slightly slower pace than normal. It at least continued my holiday run streak to 2:)

This evening I got back onto the double workout track with a short L workout:). I did differing intervals of run hard, sprint and recovery two times and then went on to weights. The first group was three sets of burpees, side plank crunches and squats. The second group was pushups, mountain climbers and walking lunges.

It was a short workout, but I’m glad to be getting back on track.


I have started a new book today, but haven’t yet managed to finish it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to review it. It’s called Tangled Up in Tinsel by Candis Terry and it’s been good so far. And yes, I am willing to read holiday books anytime of year:)

I also started listening to a new book on Librivox today. I took Abbey’s advice and got Treasure Island and have made it through to the third chapter so far. It’s interesting and I’m enjoying the narrator’s voices!

I’ve been thinking I’d like to go through my Goodreads Books Read list and finish off all the series I have started. I always have to read books in order, but because I won’t buy books, I often miss the lady in a series. I’d like to rectify that!


Around lunchtime my friend and I discovered that we may not have enough time to meet up tomorrow between her hair appointment and my massage so we decided to meet up this afternoon instead for our thrift store treasure hunt. I think, for the first time in my life, I didn’t even try anything on at the thrift store. I guess I just wasn’t feeling it today. My friend found a few cute things, two of which I found for her, but it still wasn’t as successful as usual, for her either:(

We decided we needed to have tea/coffee to revive our spirits🤣. I ended up at the same coffee shop I was at after my run this morning, but thankfully, no one commented on it! It was lovely to sit and catch up!!

Hopefully the first of many such friend catch-up dates I have this Spring Break!!


I got busy on my Modern Lodge Pullover sweater today and finished up the back. Boy do I hope it fits!!!

Well I’m back to reading!

Have fun!


22 thoughts on “Sunday Funday:)

    1. Yes it’s definitely not the first time I’ve come home with nothing. I have to go back before March 31st though as my coupon expires then!

    1. Oh I’m jealous, I ran out of holiday hallmark movies. What have you watched lately? I’ll live vicariously through you:)

      1. The one I JUST watched actually wasn’t holiday! I watched ‘sun, sand and romance’, the last holiday ones I watched were Christmas incorporated, and every Christmas has a story. I’d missed them. Lol!

  1. sounds like your break is bringing about a healthy happy you. Glad you had a good day with your friend even if you didn’t find any good deals at the thrift store. Hope today brings about more smiles and less soggy workouts

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