A pretty great day to start my vacation off with:)


I started Saturday off with a run through the trails with Sarah and Kula:). I had remembered Kleenex so we were able to add on and explore a couple new trails:). At the time we had no idea where we were or we’re going, but now that we know the route, it nicely extends that run which we always thought was too short. My phone yet again drove me crazy, but I won’t let that ruin an awesome trail run on a beautiful sunny day!

I started a workout later in the day but only got about five minutes of it done before I realized it was a bit much for me today. I’ll get there soon!


I finished reading my latest Net Galley book. It was actually two stories in one by Samantha Chase.

Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced copy in exchange for a review. This book was a lovely surprise in many ways, the first of which was that there were two stories in it!

The first story,In The Eye of the Storm tells of Holly and Stephen. Holly has been Stephen’s PA for three years and has an unrequited crush on him the whole time, but it’s not until the night of a storm that leaves them stranded together that there is finally a change in their relationship. I really loved the character of Holly in this story because she experiences what I often do. She finally speaks up about all the things that are bothering her at work and Stephen very kindly agrees to change them all, but once she has what she wants, Holly determines that it’s not as good as what she had. The characters in this book were so human and relatable! I also liked how the supportive friends were the guys in this book! It made a nice change from the regular. The book has a great pace and no lulls; I definitely had to keep reading until I was finished!

The second story, Catering to the CEO was a surprise to me and while I was expecting it to be about one of the friends from the first story it wasn’t. It was completely unrelated and told the story of CEO Adam Lawrence and caterer Cassie Jacobs. Again they have worked together for three years and have had a very professional relationship. It is not until Cassie speaks her mind that the relationship changes.

As I was reading along, I was thinking that there were a lot of instances of Adam being a jerk in this book, but then I realized that that was perfect because it was true to his character. I really loved the sweetness in the relationship in this story which has Adam taking care of Cassie when she is unwell. It showed the dichotomy that existed within Adam and gave hope that he would come around right from the beginning. The supporting cast of the Jacobs family was also awesome! I’d like to be adopted into this family!

Overall, both of these stories were wonderful! I did nothing but read until I was done and simply couldn’t put the book down! I would highly recommend these two stories to any romance reader who enjoys a strong female lead and a sweet, yet spicy read!


I had plans to meet up with two of my running buddies for drinks and appies this evening so of course I took this as an opportunity to play in the kitchen:) I was quite ticked that I couldn’t find any of my go to recipes!!😖, so I improvised. I made the very easy, but delicious appie of wrapping roast beef around pickled asparagus spears- oh so good!!!!

I also made an easy ham ball- mixing a tub of Daiya chive and onion cream cheese with 1/4 cup mayo, 1/4 tsp of chili powder and a can of flaked ham. I mixed it, shaped it into a ball and then refrigerated it for a few hours. Later on I rolled it in chopped fresh parsley since I wanted green for st. Patrick’s Day. (Otherwise I would have put parsley in it and rolled it in nuts).

The third thing I made were turkey roll ups. This was supposedly a copy cat of a Costco product, but of course, I’ve never had that. I found some gluten free tortillas at the store which weren’t too bad, just not quite as soft as flour ones. I mixed a tub of Tofutti cream cheese with 1/3 cup whole berry cranberry jelly. This was spread on the six tortillas and then I put in each tortilla lettuce, 2 deli turkey slices, slices of Soya mozzarella cheese, and four cut up cherry tomatoes. This was all layered down the centre. I rolled them and refrigerated them and then cut them into 1″ rounds later in the day.

I also made the In a Pinch Polenta crackers again with 1/2 cup more water this time and they were perfect!

Overall it was an awesome evening of visiting, with way too much food and a couple of drinks (those PalmBays go down way too easily!) and two very cute party crashers!

Well I’ve got to get back to living today so I’ll have something to post about tonight!

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “Vacation Day 1

  1. What are Palm Bays? What is in the center of the table that looks like sweet potatoes? Looks like a great party!

    1. Palm Bays are a sweet vodka drink. I don’t drink often, but when I do I have to give up dessert so I always drink something sweet

  2. looks like you are feeling much better. glad you had a good day and fun with friends. friends and good food are such a great combination. sounds like a good start to your vaction

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