A great start to a new season!


I slept in this morning but was up in time to join two friends for a walk around a local lake. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes and is just a series of big rolling hills. You come down a hill, just to go right back up one. I would definitely call it a workout, but it was so great to be out hiking on the first day of Spring! It definitely checked something off my spring break list:). We had taken Sarah’s dogs Kula and Wilson with us and I think Kula did about four times what we did!🤣

Later in the afternoon I forced myself out for a run so that I could continue my run streak:) Paula at Never a Dull Bling has been talking about Squad Runner so I looked it up today and the challenge was to run one hour over Monday and Tuesday. While I had thought to do just my usual half hour run I decided to tack on the extra five minutes to accomplish this challenge, just so I could test whether this was doable for me. I did get my 35 minutes in, though no thanks to Runkeeper which decided to tell me I was doing a 3:09 for my first km. Haha not unless I’ve recently sprouted wings!

Paula very kindly found me a team and I have joined up to Squad Runner. I’m just hoping it will inspire me to do more than my normal. The team I’ve joined seems amazing! And I now have to do a 5km run in the morning🤣.

I guess I was on fire as I also got a quick Lyndsay workout in this evening!

It wasn’t too much, but was at least something to keep me getting back on track:). I also discovered that catching up on WordPress is an awesome distraction during wall sits!!!🤣


I haven’t just exercised today though. I had cranberries and cranberry jelly leftover from Saturday so decided to make muffins. Some of my (and my dad’s) favourite recipes come from the Joanne Fluke book series: Hannah Swenson Mysteries. I definitely recommend the series for anyone who likes cosy mysteries. She has a recipe for blue blueberry muffins that I love where you use blueberries and blueberry pie filling. I decided to try it out with cranberries and cranberry jelly. They turned out awesome, even with being gluten free and dairy free. The only thing I don’t love is my own fault! I ran out of butter and used lard in the crumb topping and I definitely don’t recommend this!


I have also managed to get the front of my sweater finished:) I just hope it all works out though as because I started with less stitches I also finished with less😳

My friend Brenda and I are trying to decide if we should go to the Fibres West festival or just save our money for the Knit Shop Hop next month. Decisions, decisions🤣

I should have really been cleaning my house today, but all I managed to do was take my poor dead houseplants outside and sweep up the living room:(. I really need to get a kick in the butt about this. I guess I’ll have to invite someone over🤣

Well I’m off to finish the Wives and Daughters movie, which so far has been really good!

Have fun!AJ

41 thoughts on “Happy Spring:)

  1. That bread looks delish! I’m ok though, I learned how to make Keto bread in a cup and I’ve had a slice with supper the past two nights. (And breakfast this morning 😉)

  2. putting the lard in the muffin itself probably would have worked out better as the flavor of the topping is probably needing the butter even more. glad to hear you are feeling better and have the energy to get in your workouts. maybe you were just sick of working?

    1. Lol I’m still really stuffed up and am running way slower than normal, but just couldn’t take sitting around anymore

  3. Those muffins look devine!! Paula’s husband James recruited the Hubs for SquadRunner a few weeks ago, he runs A-L-O-T!! However, I did give him the answer to last night’s quiz question. I’m glad you are finally well and able to enjoy your holiday.

    1. No Paula and I live a few hours apart, but she found me an awesome team on squad runner so I would break out if my running rut:)
      Yup I had to freeze them today🤣

      1. Nope it’s all virtual. Only one person on my team lives in the same province as me, one guy lives in Hong Kong! I wish I could find someone local to run with!!!

    1. I actually don’t usually get to run with anyone other than on Saturdays:(
      That’s awesome Al joined a running group- that’s how I got started

    1. I like that workout because it goes quickly and yet by the end I still feel like I’ve had a workout! Hope you like it too:)

    1. I like to do some on my days off. I’m trying to get enough things frozen that I’ll have one treat for each day until Spring Break:)

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