A day that totally didn’t go as planned!


I got myself out of bed finally this morning for my run. Squad Runner told me to do 45 minutes today and for some reason I was super nervous about it! I’m not sure why though it kept going through my head that yes I’ve ran everyday before, but usually just a half hour and I’ve been doing more than that all week. I suppose I’m a little worried, I’ll get hurt, but there’s been no twinges yet with my run streak. I am also super happy that SR is already getting me out of my thirty minute running rut. There are no pictures from this morning’s run as the rain was bouncing off the sidewalks:(

I also got a cardio workout in this evening. It was quick but intense with skipping, high knees, butt kicks, running, burpees, and jump squats. I’m just glad it’s done!


I had arranged to spend the day with my mom. We had no idea what to do so she asked me for the list I had made earlier this year if things I wanted to do while she was home. Unfortunately, instead of a fun thing, we decided to start with investigating a new phone for me. I’m tired of mine turning off halfway through runs, etc. I got a new phone and there went the rest of the day. The backup and restore didn’t work properly and so I spent the rest of the day reloading apps, etc. I still don’t have all my notes, contacts, pictures and one app:(.

I might have finally figured out what to do. My phone keeps saying it can’t backup to iCloud because iCloud is full, so I’m going to delete the old backup, backup my old phone and then restore my new phone. Hopefully I don’t end up with two of everything! If you know of a reason this won’t work or a better way to do it, please speak up!!!!😂


I did a little online shopping too. My run this morning went well, except for my headphones again. They kept falling out and then they just cut out completely halfway through my run:(. I gave in and ordered a pair of aftershokz titanium mini headphones. They were a lot of money, but as everyone keeps reminding me, I run or walk with them everyday! I hope they fit and I like them.


I am still working on the first sleeve of my sweater. I can’t wait to be done this sweater! My mom and I looked at Walmart yarn for her boat blanket today, but there was nothing there she liked. We’ll try the other Walmart another day as otherwise we might have to order online!


I’m still working on my NetGalley book and am only about a third of the way through so I better get back to reading!

Have fun!


PS- sorry for no pictures I have absolutely none on this phone:)

16 thoughts on “Vacation Day 6

  1. Ugh. New phones a are the worst until you settle in with it and it starts to feel more familiar. Hopefully it helps in the long run! It may not have been a FUN day, but at least it sounded like a PRODUCTIVE day.

    1. Yup I hate getting a new phone, probably why I put it off so long! It was productive- one thing off the have to do list:)

  2. I’m glad you got a new phone! It takes time but you will figure it out (I don’t know how, sorry I can’t help with that). Everything sounds wonderful!

  3. You’ll figure out your new phone and then wonder why you didn’t get it sooner:)
    Headphones/earbuds are the worst. I treat mine like they’re gold and they still don’t last:( Can you do a review after you’ve used yours for a bit?

    1. Ha ha that’s what I was like when I first got my smart phone. I had put it off forever!
      You will for sure get to read my thoughts on them:)

  4. hope you can figure out your new phone and it doesn’t take away from another day of fun. at least you got your new phone before your old one completely died. Hope today is sunny and you fill it will all things smiles

    1. Thank you! I was pretty impressed with myself for finally replacing a phone before the old one died, though I actually need to thank my mom for that, not me😂

  5. Shopping for a new cell phone is like being sucked in to a black hole. For some mysterious reason, it takes an inordinate amount of time to complete the process. I loath it.

  6. Oh Im so sorry AJ. At least you were WITH your MOM. I despise new phone and old phone issues. Ugh. Thankfully my current phone is behaving! I dont really understand the CLOUD. Sigh. ENjoy your break lady. You deserve a fUN day

  7. What a day! A new phone and new earbuds, sound like two of the most unpleasant things to shop for and get used to, but at least it is over and you can move on to figuring stuff out. Hope everything finally works as you hope tomorrow!

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