Sure seemed like a busy day for a vacation day, but thankfully it was all good stuff:)


I met up with Brenda today to attend the Fibres West Show held in Cloverdale. We weren’t sure about going, but decided we should as we haven’t been to this show before.

We couldn’t believe that the parking was already almost full when we got there! It was the first day and we were there within the first hour! It cost $8 to get in and I paid for Brenda’s entrance too as she drove. So far I’m at $16. We decided to do a tour of the whole place while taking notes on the program of anything we wanted to go back to. You will be amazed, but I only spent $46 total!!!! So good for me compared to the last knitting show I went to! I ended up buying this:

I bought all from the same place. It was a mother daughter team and they had such cute stuff!

The little bags are for holding circular and double pointed needles so the stitches won’t come off when they’re in transport.

The bigger bad will hold my stitch markers and I decided I needed it because I say that exact thing so often!!!

Here are some of the other neat things I saw.

I would like to have my dad make me a bowl as I love them, but they are so expensive!!!

I took this picture because the colors were just so vibrant!!

The felting booth was amazing, but also so expensive!!!

It didn’t take us as long to go through as we thought! I think that if you were a spinner or weaver this would be a better show for you! I had to work really hard to not come home with the supplies to try one of these hobbies. I’m trying to keep my hobbies limited.

We stopped for coffee on our way home and I used the WiFi to upload some more apps to my phone.


The ride home gave me time to determine a plan for the afternoon. I had wanted to go for a thriftiness adventure with my mom but felt like we didn’t have enough time. So I indulged in a yummy tuna melt

And then laid down for a nap as I didn’t sleep well last night. As I laid there of course I couldn’t sleep, so I just got up for my run.

Squad Runner told me I was running 7km again today. Yesterday when I was nervous about doing this, I had done the four and one intervals that My Kind of Fit had suggested. Today I tried out my new Strava app and it didn’t let me set up intervals so I had to just run the whole 7km straight. My time wasn’t very different, but I sure didn’t feel as strong at the end:(. It was interesting to do the same run two days in a row and to test out the difference between intervals and straight running.

I did like the Strava app as it kept good time and didn’t lose GPS. I’ll try my old running app tomorrow to see if the difference is just my new phone.


After my run, I got cleaned up and headed over to meet up with my nephew. It was hilarious, he was supposed to be hanging out with a neighbor, but told his mom he’d rather hang out with auntie. Squeee makes my heart happy❤️💜💙💚

We met up with my parents for dinner at Mr. Mike’s. My dad had an awesome huge drink!

I didn’t have a lot of choices, but enjoyed a lobster avocado salad.

My nephew indulged in dessert:)

Afterwards it was back to my parent’s place to play pool. We discovered that everyone it my dad was horrible at this game😂

Finally it was time for some video games and then bed! My nephew just redid his bedroom and has the coolest under-bed lighting!

Well my nephew is in bed and I’ll be watching Hallmark movies in my brother’s tv and trying to stay awake later than the nephew😂

Have fun!AJ

28 thoughts on “Busy Vacation!

  1. Sounds like a great day! I don’t use the Strava app but I have a friend that bikes and lives by it. I use the Apple Watch workout. That looked like a lot of fun today!

  2. That Fibres show looked liked so much fun… a hobbyist’s dream! I hope you find an app that you’re happy with that works with SR. My Garmin connects to Strava which then uploads to every other app I want it to. My father-in-law uses Runkeeper which then syncs to Strava and it works well for him (he doesn’t use a watch). But hey, you got the mission, that’s the most important thing, 😉

    1. Lol I’ve been using runkeeper for years but lately it hasn’t been reliable. I’m hoping my new phone might solve the problems.
      Yup one more mission for the week:)

      1. It’s really good that we only have three per year. Just too bad that two of them are so close togwther

  3. What a great way to wind up your vacation! Love the fact that you and your Dad play pool, that is what my dad and I do every Wednesday after lunch, and we (the family) are all very good! He had a doctor’s appt. yesterday and we played more after that!
    The salad looked delish and I could eat that on my diet as well.
    I’m into crochet, but that event would have been a cool one for me to attend as well.
    My hubby drinks those beeritas all the time when we go to eat Mexican food. I have had them with Mike’s hard ales instead of beer (I don’t like beer) but can no more enjoy them knowing the tons of carbs and sugar they contain!!!

    1. I’m actually lucky enough to have another whole week of holidays:) Love that my district needs to save money😂
      The salad was good, but my dad can have the drink as I don’t care for tequila

  4. Gosh, my vacations consist of sitting and doing nothing. You are a dynamo! Glad you got family time in. We are headed to a family wedding so we will have all kinds of family time today!

    1. I’ve learned the hard way that I’m not great at sitting and doing nothing- at least need to knit and read:)
      Oh have fun! Weddings are so fun for catching up with everyone.

  5. I think you will love the aftershokz!! You can listen to your books in the run!!! I wouldn’t trade mine for anything!!! It looks as if you had a great day with friends and family…your dad’s drink tho!!!! I just used the 4:1 Intervals this morning after not running, but rolling all week!!!

    1. I hope I do! I got the minis so I’m hoping for a good fit! I’m ready to throw these other earphones and they were expensive!! I never thought of listening to my books, but I might have to try that:)
      It was a good day- but definitely don’t want my dad’s drink- tequila yuck! My friends say I just haven’t had good tequila😂
      I am so happy you told me about those four and ones!!

  6. sounds like a busy and productive day. I’ve never heard of a knitting show before, ok so I don’t knit and am not in the loop so that maybe a big part of that. But it would be cool to go check out. Hope you slept better and are feeling more yourself

  7. I feel like I went on vacation with you! I love my little dpn cases; I wonder how I ever got along without them. Very impressed that you only spent $46 with so many really fun things for sale. I love the sound of the lobster salad, and that drink is HUGE! I have only seen that type of concoction once when I took my son to a Mexican restaurant. I don’t know the name of the drink, but it was a giant margarita with a mini Corona stuck in it. Yikes!!
    So glad you had a nice holiday; you work hard and deserve it after being under the weather for so long. xoxo

    1. Oh good! I’m glad to hear someone likes those cases as I was worried I may have bought a dud product as I had never seen them before. I was pretty impressed with myself too😂
      Thank you:) I need to make this last 8 days go for as long as possible!!!

  8. Mmmmm… I love a good Beer-ita! I can’t believe you went to a craft/knitting show and only spent $46, my hat’s off to you! I don’t have that kind of restraint… Especially at that pretty wall of yarn!!

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