A day with a friend is never a waste!


Couple of months ago my close friend had mentioned she wanted to go to a specific mall while we were on vacation, and today was the day:)

I met her at ten am, and we went from there. I was terrified when we walked in the doors and I immediately saw a running vest I wanted. Was that what today was going to be like? Was I going to spend a ton of money?

Thankfully not. I put the vest on hold so I could think about it and we carried on. We saw super cute home wares and then cute baby toys too!We both had a couple of stores we wanted to go to, but mostly we just wandered. I checked out the kids shoe store, but there were no amazing deals and nothing I desperately needed. I stopped into the Apple store in Best Buy and they were no help with transferring my app:(. We then broke for lunch. After perusing the food court ( we didn’t want to take the time for a restaurant meal) we decided to split a Freshii Bamboo bowl and each get their new dairy free smoothie.

My friend was a little upset at how little I took of the bowl, but I knew the smoothie would be plenty, and I was right! Both were mighty delicious though.

Refreshed we went back to the shopping. I almost bought my SIL a mug from Anthropologie for her birthday, but my mom reminded me that as a teacher, she probably gets a ton. I had a good look through J Crew, but again, no great sales and nothing I desperately needed. Free People and Forever 21 were the same.

I did have success in David’s Tea at getting Queen of Tarts hibiscus tea for my dad and a present for my friend whose birthday it is tomorrow- tea lip gloss, tea spoon, tea chocolate and her favorite tea.

I also had success in Whole Foods. Like me, my friend likes to wander through grocery stores just to see what they have. WF had a few gluten free and dairy free products on sale that I hadn’t tried before, so I picked those up:)

We went back to Simons and I bought the running jacket as I have been looking for one. I hope it works well. It has elastic at the bottom and I didn’t know if I wanted that or not, but I guess we’ll soon find out๐Ÿ˜‚


Upon coming home, I knew I needed to get out for my run as I had a double boost from my teammates that I didn’t want to waste! I turned on Strava and off I went. I managed 5.1km in 33 minutes so I was happy:)

This evening I also got a circuit workout in. It had three circuits and in each there was 6-8 exercises you had to do for a minute each. The first was all about legs- pile squats, lunges, jacks, wall sit, sumo squats, leg raises, and regular squats.

The second circuit was all arms: pushups, dips, bicep curls, and plank. I had to do the dips and pushups twice.

The final set was and- plank, bicycles twice, right plank, left plank, v ups, hip dips and reverse crunches.

I could swear I’ve been working out regularly, but I was sweating through this workout like I was out of shape!

After all this, I utilized the lovely roller bar my brother had given me for my last birthday, boy did that feel good!!!


Well I have the front and back of my sweater sewn together, but I’ve been having difficulty getting the sleeves attached. I’ll give it another try tonight as I want to be able to do the collar tomorrow!

Product Review:

I just had to try out one of the new products I bought today (which necessitated the workout this evening)๐Ÿ˜‚

This does not have a strong base taste like ice cream made with coconut milk has. It just tastes deliciously of cinnamon. It also has big chunks of cinnamon cookie dough throughout. I would definitely buy this again! Though perhaps it would be better if I didn’t!๐Ÿ˜‚

Have fun!


45 thoughts on “Friend Time

  1. It DOES look tasty, I wish I could have it! I’m sure it’s not low-carb or sugar-free though. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I think you are doing great, but remember, gluten free and dairy free does not necessarily mean healthy. All those products are still full of sugar and carbs, I just hate to see you “spinning your wheels” busting butt with all that exercise when you’re still eating a ton of sugar. There are low carb and low sugar options out there for ice cream, or you can make your own! Check out my Pinterest board at http://www.pinterest.com/Kimberlysmy0267 and look at the Keto For Beginners board for lots of yummy recipes!

    1. Thanks for your concern:) I usually do make all my own food and this was certainly just a treat. I allow myself one treat a day and the rest of the time itโ€™s just fruits, veggies and protein. Iโ€™m pretty well right where I want to be and maintain it not too badly:)

  2. I really like the So Delicious desserts. I have not seen this one before and it looks really yummy. I am not a chocolate lover, so this is right up my alley. I want to see photos of your sweater!!

    1. I like so delicious too! I wish we could get their yogurt here!!!!
      I do t like chocolate either so went with the cinnamon:)

  3. All things in moderation… food, shopping, and so anything else that crosses your path are best when you enjoy them. Glad you had a good day. That ice cream looks good and after working out and running… you can certainly have a treat.

  4. You are kicking butt on SquadRunner! Nice going! And that frozen dessert looks delicious! I can’t eat ice cream itself, so I’ll have to look for something like that to try!

    1. I am enjoying Squad Runner- it definitely gets me out there more!
      I love so delicious for dairy free desserts:). Their coco whip is good on fruit:)

    1. Lol you sound like my mom!!! I decided it was ok and not an impulse buy because I had been looking for one for a while

  5. That Ice cream looks and sounds amazing! I want some! Also the peas were super cute! A day browsing the mall with your friend sounds like a lot of fun! I haven’t done that in forever!

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