It felt like a busy day while it was happening, but I didn’t seem to get much done.


I did another 4km this morning to finish off my Squad Runner mission of 8km for Tuesday and Wednesday. I was glad to get it done and even happier to do it in sunshine. I told myself to just go out and take it easy and not worry about speed, but maybe the sun got to me as I did a 6:02 kilometer which is good for me:)

Of course, this afternoon my new Aftershockz headphones showed up😂. It was sunny and I had new headphones to try and I had company coming so it will all need to wait until tomorrow😣😖🤣


I met up with three of the ladies from work today for lunch at a local pub. I had the Cioppino which is a seafood stew. I always eat seafood if I possibly can when I go out. Even with it being salty, it didn’t disappoint. I ate all the seafood, but couldn’t finish the soup. I unfortunately didn’t think of bringing it home until my mom mentioned that:(


I met up with my mom for some errands. I often wonder if other mother/daughter combos get their quality time in while running errands? 😂. We hit Costco where I once again bought the wrong milk, but got canned salmon and chicken and my pictures. We hit Walmart, but didn’t find any yarn, Quest Bars or Nuun:(. Wow for so much driving it doesn’t seem like much when I list it:(


My mom saw my temperature scarf today and figures I should keep going on it, so I will. My friend who was also doing it has torn hers out as she wasn’t happy with it. I’ll see how mine goes. It is definitely a good thing that I found a weather site that gives me the high temperature each day as I’m horrible at checking that!

It was knit night tonight so my friend came to my place ( a good thing as it forced me to vacuum and clean the bathroom this morning). I’ve worked on my sweater collar and am almost done. Hopefully tomorrow there will be pictures for you!

I think that is all I have done today. See! For being so busy, I don’t have much to show for it:(. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “Run Here, Run There

  1. I have seen Quest bars at grocery stores but haven’t looked at Walmart. I prefer the Vitamin Shoppe because they have a bigger selection.
    I’m glad you spend time with your mom and I bet she is too! Living with mine is a bit different 😂

    1. Lol I thought I would look as there aren’t any at the grocery stores I’ve looked at:(
      Yup I try to enjoy mine as much as possible as I know she’ll be gone again soon!

  2. I started to send you a discount code for 30% off nuun but then remembered it’s only for US customers. They’re supposed to release a discount code for Canadian customers soon. If so, I’ll try to remember to share it with you!

  3. I’m sure the fact that you felt like your shopping trips weren’t as productive as you wished fed into the feeling of not getting enough done. Hope you enjoy getting in a run with your new headphones today.

    I’m super jealous of your blue skies. We have had rain and gray all week and it looks like it will continue through the weekend. it isn’t snowing at least and the temperatures are getting warmer so I guess I shouldn’t complain (too much)

    1. Yes I think the shopping trips were the main culprits!
      I can’t wait to get out and try them out. Not super excited about 7km though!
      I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get some sunshine soon. Yesterday was the only day of it, we’ve had.

    1. I’m only a busy bee some days. You all just don’t hear about the days I lay on the couch and read a book all day🤣
      It’s still wet here too:(

      1. I have to get back into reading again AJ. When I was reading your post about the books you’d read (only to discover you read that book already) I told myself that I need to get off the computer more and my nose back into a book. I used to be an avid reader. The blogging has been encompassing more and more of my time, but I am enjoying the interaction immensely. I live by myself and have no family, and most of my friends are out of state, so we communicate entirely through social media.

  4. You are on VACATION, but a clean house is very nice! I am on break now, and really looking forward to it. No students until next Wednesday, so hope to spend some office catch up time and maybe sew something other than a quilt block.

    1. Lol I always take any excuse to not clean so it’s probably good I have knit night every other week so I’m forced to do the bare minimum!
      Enjoy your time:)

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