My day didn’t go as planned, but I just didn’t seem to have a lot of energy.


I got out first thing this morning to complete my Squad Runner mission of 7km. I did this in 4 and 1 intervals. When I finished, Runkeeper said my average pace was a 7:02, which made me wonder how fast I was running as that included my walks, which were definitely not fast! Even though I wasn’t as fast as I wanted to be, I felt good right to the end which is what I think I like best about doing the intervals:)

I also got a quick workout in this evening. It’s called the Tap it Out workout and its by the blogger, Pizza and Pull-ups. It was a nice quick workout with a set done standing and a set of abs. I definitely felt the abs and liked this set best!


Before I went out today, I finished the collar of my sweater and sewed it down.

It’s not a great picture, sorry. I really like how the body and collar fit, but don’t like the sleeves so I have detached one and frogged it back to the cuff and am remaking it half the size it was before. Hopefully the sweater will be wearable soon!


I have been listening to Treasure Island in LibriVox as I have been knitting and am on chapter 25 of 34! I’m getting closer. I’ll have to figure out what book to listen to next!

Lol this is a problem I have in everything! As I near the end of a book, a knitting project, a recipe, I’m already searching around for what I’m going to do next and that is often of more interest to me than finishing the project I have on the go😂


Most of today was taken up with errands. I started by going back to Costco to return the milk I bought, but of course I was on my way into the store when I realized my Costco card was sitting on the desk at home😖😣. I so dislike when I do things like that!

Costco wasn’t a waste though as my mom bought some new lawn chairs and we ran into my brother, sister in law and nephew:) I always love seeing them!

We also hit Michaels and found some yarn for the new boat blanket I will make for my parents. It will be started right after I get this sweater finished!

We also stopped in at Bath and Bodyworks and got some new smelly things. I like my classroom to smell good and unfortunately 21 little people don’t contribute well to this goal🤣

They final stop was at the Runner’s Den for some honey stingers and Nuun so I will be more prepared for the longer runs in doing. I won’t use them unless I’m doing more than ten km, but it will be good to be prepared. I wanted to get myself a new handheld water bottle, but just didn’t know which to get. I’ll have to do some research.


The final events for today have been to do with my house. My fireplace has turned itself off and I spent some time looking at how to turn it back on, but then decided I should wait and take this opportunity to clean it once it’s all cool.

I have decided to go with my Stylebook App for my wardrobe again. I know I will probably run into the problem of transfer again in the future, but I think I just need to get better at backing up and restoring! This app suits me as it’s not about shopping and it’s not about trends. I really just use it to know what I have while I’m out shopping and to ensure I’m using my wardrobe.

Well I’m off to make some oatmeal in the crockpot for tomorrow morning!

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “A Lot of Nothing

  1. The sweater is beautiful!!😍
    I do the same thing with books and knitting projects!!😂😂 I just started listening to Around the World in Eighty Days! My friend bought me a pattern for a stuffed unicorn, but I haven’t had any chance to work on it yet!

    1. Thank you:) it will be nice to get the sleeves fixed!
      Maybe I’ll do the same book again 😛
      Ooo a stuffed unicorn sounds super cute!!! I hope you get some knitting time soon:)

  2. Ah kids and smells. Totally agree!
    I like your sweater too but I can see why you are redoing the sleeves, they look a tiny bit long.
    Your run and shopping were great though! I have forgotten my Costco card as well so I was happy they could find me with my name and phone number!

    1. Oh I never thought of seeing if they could do a return without my card, but of course my bank card was also sitting beside my Costco card😝

  3. the sweater looks good, but I hope you can make it so it looks the way you want it to look on you.

    I’m the same way with looking for the next before I finish what I’m reading/doing. I don’t like to have down time between books and often times activities.

    hope you have a great weekend

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