I’ve been working away all day, but nothing got completed:(


I joined up with my old running buddies (I’m the only one still running- they all just walk) for a run out along the dykes. It’s the same run I did on Friday, but was gray and empty today. I managed just over 7km in my 47 minute run. This run I did with no walking breaks which is something I want to keep doing regularly so I don’t become reliant on walk breaks.

The tea after the run was the best part as it rained on me for the whole run and I had no hat:(

I got the schedule of missions for the week of Squad Runner and I have to admit I’m a little hesitant as it seems like a lot of running!! We’ll see how it goes, but I really don’t want to hurt myself!

I managed to sneak in a ladder workout this evening. I really don’t want to give up my workouts as I really think they make me a better runner and improve my fitness and physique. I did: 1 push-up, 2 v-ups, 3 dips, 4 bridges, 5 burpees, 6 toe reaches, 7 plank up-downs, 8 mountain climbers, 9 sit ups, 10 lunges, 11 squats, 12 jumping jacks. The tough thing about this workout is the accumulation of the exercises as you move up the ladder. I was a little sweaty by the end😂


I did my grocery shopping on the way home and still managed to forget to buy salsa and I didn’t buy tomatoes so I can’t even make my own😖


I had to go buy new knitting needles to start my parent’s afghan. It’s amazing I didn’t have the right size as I have mine, my mom’s, my grandma’s, and my great aunt and uncle’s knitting needles. Knitting needles are expensive, but I never balk at buying the as I know I’ll have them for life. I ended up getting the 9mm circular I needed and another 3.75mm circular as my temperature scarf is taking that one up for the year.

I got the afghan casted on and the first four rows of border done. Tomorrow I can start the fun stuff!

I got caught up on my temperature scarf. I’m tempted to use the calendar I found online and only do it on the last day of the month. We’ll see what happens with this next month.

I also hauled out my rug again and have been working away at it. Unfortunately, I haven’t finished the square yet:( My mom figured out that if I did one square a week or did 30 minutes a day during the school year and then 90 minutes in the summer, I could be done by the end of August. It would be lovely to have the project finished as it’s been hanging over my head for years. I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of projects I have going and how they are taking over my living room:(. I’m really just a one project at s time person!!


As I was working away on my rug I listened to the end of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was a really great story and I can see why it is a classic. It’s an excellent story that holds your interest for every chapter. I think it would be an awesome read aloud for boys who are aged 8- 10:). I listened on LibriVox to version 2 and the voices were excellent.


I’ve also been working on redoing my Stylebook wardrobe app. I decided to stick with the same app and just make sure I have the backup turned on this time! I didn’t want to learn anything new, I’ve already paid for this one and it seems simple and to suit my needs. I used Brenda’s WiFi last night and dropped all the photos to myself so at least I don’t have to go through that step this time. I was hoping to be done today, but it looks like it will be tomorrow.

I’m off to do a bit more on my rug as I’d really like to “accomplish” something today!

Have fun!


42 thoughts on “In Progress

  1. sounds like you need to finish up some of them almost done things before you start your next ones? But, knowing crafting nothing is every really finished is it? are you back to school today?

    1. I’m definitely not letting myself start anything else, but I may have to as I’ll need a small transportable project for knit night:(
      No I go back tomorrow. We got today off for Easter Monday.

      1. my boys have to go to school today as one of their make up days for snow. Can you take your temperature scarf for knit night? just a thought

      2. The temperature scarf is one of the biggest knitting messes I’ve ever seen- comes with yarn everywhere:( That was my plan but now I’m going to have to find something else:(

  2. Work in that rug! Find another great book and work in the rug for 30 minutes, then the afghan or your sweater the rest of the time. Maybe by the time you have the sweater finished you can do only rug 2 days and the afghan the other days. I fool myself like this all the time,making this elaborate schedule so I don’t “have a choice”. At the end of a week or two, or month, I look back and it revs me up to keep going.😊 I’m not sure but I think something like that might appeal to your personality.

    1. Lol I always make schedules for myself too! I just feel like I’m getting too many daily projects. I’m going to have to start a small project that can travel too as my projects are all big!

  3. I remember reading Treasure Island to my son when he was in High School. He was home tutored because of Lyme Disease, and I read it to him because he couldn’t do it on his own. Great story, memorable time for me. xoxo

  4. Wow – you leave me breathless and feeling like a sloth once again. A word to the wise about the afghan. My mom loved to knit, mostly baby outfits for friends and their families, sweaters and vests for me, and decided to embark on making an afghan. She bought those same big circular needles, and gasped at the price – I can still see her face when we were at Michael’s Craft Store and it is at least 35+ years later. She made two for my grandmother, one for the couch, one for the big chair she sat in. That was in one year, and Mom liked them so much she made one for herself and one for me the next year. She developed carpal tunnel syndrome … doctor said that it was making all the afghans and pushing herself so hard to get them done, night after night. She was older at the time than you, would have been in her mid-fifties. Don’t make a slew of them at one time … please learn from my mom’s mistake. Carpal tunnel surgeries in each hand. – Doctor Linda

    1. Lol I already know I’ll probably have carpal tunnel later on as I’ve been knitting for 30+ years. Thankfully I only make one afghan a year usually. I’ll be careful to keep it to that!

      1. OK, I wanted to warn you – my mom found it so much easier than the other more intricate items she’d been knitting for decades and she could watch T.V. and just plug along on it without having to keep watch the pattern, etc. She went to town and then regretted it later. Once a year should be fine then. My mom loved to knit, tried to teach me and I was always dropping stitches or doing something wrong and she’d have to rip it out and start over – oops.

      2. My mom got exasperated with me – I switched to Pretty Punch. It was a type of wool embroidery that you did onto a special cloth. You used wool and a punching apparatus and punched through the cloth making different heights of wool tufts. Then you coated the back and could put into sweatshirts, or bags. It took me forever to make just one – maybe one a year and I did it mostly to stay awake during TV shows that were on at 10:00 p.m. This was before VCRs – gulp, I’m showing my age now. But, even when I was younger, I could not sit down in a comfortable chair like a couch to read, or read in bed … I’d be out like a light. Same with watching TV unless it was on a weekend or long holiday. I’d fall asleep and miss the ending of a show or movie, so this kept me busy, though I did use to nod off and the puncher would fall on the floor. My mother would say “are you tired Linda?” “Oh no … why are you asking Mom?” “Well, ‘cuz your puncher is laying on the floor.” 🙂

      3. Lol I use my knitting and other crafts to allow me to sit as otherwise I can’t sit and do nothing. Besides they feed my need to accomplish things:)
        I’ve never done punching but I’ve done embroidery, rug hooking, beading, cross stitch and crocheting as well as knitting. I finally had to limit my hobbies so I chose cross stitch and knitting.

      4. I guess Pretty Punch would be similar to rug hooking because you created different sizes of your loops to create texture and depth. I have done embroidery too but it has been awhile. I saw this tie-dye wool project on a friend’s site. She doesn’t knit, but has followers who did, so I circulated it to a few people I know who knit, including Ann Mehrling. It would be fun to show your student if you have show and tell, provided it is not too messy – do you show your students your finished knitting projects?

      5. Because you are petite? I sewed my clothes when I was in high school because I was 5 ‘ 9″ tall and they did not have tall-sized clothes back then. I have not sewn anything in years though.

      6. My parents were very short (5′ 2″ for my mom; 5′ 3″ for my father) and I towered over them at 5′ 9″ by the time I was in high school.

      7. LOL I’m the opposite – my mom is 5’10 and my dad is 6’0. My oldest brother is exactly two feet taller than me 6’7!

  5. Ha.. I have multiple furniture projects in the works 😛 and knitting, gosh, my mom tried but I never got still long enough to do it. Pretty impressive you can do that! although, I did learn how to sew, do needle point, cross stitch and all that cool stuff.

    1. I learned all those too, but had to limit my hobbies so chose sewing, knitting and cross stitch. I use them to be able to sit still as otherwise I can’t!

  6. That cabled afghan is stunning- I love how the twist sections in the cables are spaced out and offset-I don’t think I’ve seen cables used quite like that before.
    Thanks for mentioning the stylebook app-it sounds like it could be really handy, so going to investigate now!

    1. My mom chose the afghan pattern because she felt it reminded her of nautical ropes and the afghan is going to be for her boat, so it seemed appropriate:)
      I love my stylebook app so I hope it works for you:)

      1. What a perfect design for a boat! I’ve got details for stylebook up at the moment and plan to download it later-excited to try it-had no idea anything like it existed!

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