I thought I was all better, until I ate…😏


I had to do 6.5km this morning to complete my mission of 21km for the weekend. I got it done, but it wasn’t pretty. A solid ginger ale diet does not fuel a run well:(.

I’ve already told Lyndsay I won’t be doing a workout in the morning and as much as I’d like to go get the Monday mission ran, I think I may need the sleep and rest more.

While I was having tea with my former running buddies who now walk, Lyndsay had texted to see if I wanted to try out the Hatha yoga class at the rec centre. I zoomed home just in time to change and grab my mat. It was much more what I was looking for in a yoga class, though personally I still think there were too many vinyasas.


I had to finish up “The Keeper of Lost Things” by Ruth Hogan today for book club.

This book was a quick read and very interesting. It tells two stories at the same time that end up being connected. Laura is a woman who hasn’t found herself in her life yet, but her employer, Anthony, leaves her his house and a big job upon his death. The other story is of Eunice and Bomber who are also employer and employee in the publishing world. The story switches between these two storylines and also features other short story snippets in between.

I liked the story, though at first I was worried it was going to be super sad, but it ends happily so I was satisfied:).

A few of the Bookclub ladies felt like nothing really happened in the story until the end.

I also started a new book, Until There Was Us by Samantha Chase, which I can’t wait to get back to!!

It definitely has me intrigued at the start!


The Keeper of Lost Things talks a lot about “the lovely tea” as one character puts it, so I wanted to make something tea appropriate for Bookclub. I decided on scones. I made chocolate chip scones and also a batch of cranberry ones.

I used the recipe from the book, The Allergy Free Cook Bakes Bread.

I actually used the same recipe and just made slight variations for the cranberry ones. The chocolate chip ones turned out great!

1 cup Bob’s Redmill All purpose gf flour

2tbsp sugar

1.25tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp xantham gum

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/8 tsp salt

3 tbsp cold vegan buttery spread

1/3 cup non dairy chocolate chips

5 tbsp vegan buttermilk

You mix the dry ingredients together with a whisk. Then cut in the cold butter with a pastry blender. Stir in the chocolate chips and then bring the dough together with the buttermilk. Pat it out on parchment paper to 1-2″ thick and cut it into whatever shapes you want.


Bookclub is always a good time! I know there is a stereotype out there about Bookclub being all about wine, but ours is actually all about food and catching up on each other’s lives.

My mistake was that I tried some of the food. I lasted three hours and got caught up on everything, but then had to come home:( I’m glad I went though as two of the women had their kids there and they were so cute!

I can’t wait for the June meeting!

Well I’m going to curl up in bed with my new book.

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “Until I Ate

  1. I often think I’d enjoy belonging to a book club. Sounds like that time was well spent even if you stomach didn’t agree with putting food inside it. Hope you are doing better this morning

  2. I quite like books tgat have an unusual way of telling the story, beyond the usual linear narrative style. I also think if a writer has enough skill, a book can have very little happen and still be interesting. (I’m aware that many would disagree with me on that point though.)

    1. I do like my book club because we aren’t serious:) There is just as much talk about our lives as there is about the book:)

  3. The food looks delicious. I would love to host a book club or knit night, but I have NO energy at the end of the day to much of anything. I miss the socializing outside of work.

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