It was a cold, but sunny spring day today, but definitely an improvement over our incessant rain of late!


My Squad Runner mission is for two hours by 3pm tomorrow and I was only at 21 minutes, so I got out for another quick 21 minutes this morning. It wasn’t the most successful run as I hadn’t eaten beforehand and was super hungry. It added a bit more time though:)

This evening I got out for a slightly more successful run of 35 minutes. It’s funny because when I am running there are times when I feel like I’m going nice and fast, but my phone clearly shows me I’m not fast, so I often wonder what I really look like?🤣. I know that I have gotten a little faster though as the local inlet trail now only takes 35 minutes rather than 40+😀


A few years ago my co- teacher introduced me to garage sales and it has become our tradition to go to the two community wide garage sales each year. I have to admit that that is enough garage saling for me for a year, but it’s still fun! Today was the first garage sale day. I quickly made a plan this morning as I navigate and my friend drives. We always start with the better parts of town and see how far we get. Today we actually got through 22 stops! I ended up spending $11 total and most of that was on books for my classroom. I also picked up lots of little freebies for the prize bag. In addition, I got a new word art piece for my house, an abs roller and a Lululemon workout top. Not a bad morning’s work. I’ll take a picture of the art for you all when I figure out where to hang it:)


I’ve been wanting to try out a caramel apple cinnamon roll recipe from Paleo Eats by Kelly Bejelly for a while and today was the day. I knew almost immediately that the choux dough was going to be dry, but I persevered. I always think you need to follow the recipe exactly the first time. My mom did make a good point that the dough is better to be dry as they are covered in a glaze afterwards. I found the glaze to be too strong of a coconut flavor and think they would have been better with just a simple caramel sauce drizzled over them. Oh well, I have some ideas but I’m still on the lookout for a good go-to df/gf cinnamon bun recipe.

Shucks sorry, I just realized I didn’t take a photo before I froze the leftovers.


I got another square of my rug finished so I’m still on track after three weeks:)

I also got the tabard started again and have decided on a double miss stitch pattern. We’ll see how it goes.


Finally I finished the day off with laundry and finishing my book. I read Like Cats and Dogs.

This is the story of Laura and Spencer. Laura is a bubbly, recent college graduate who is not happy with where she is in life, but doesn’t know where she wants to go. Spencer is a serious, graduate student writing his dissertation on love being only a chemical thing. What happens when they are stuck together in a house for two weeks?

The differences between these two characters are significant and at first I really couldn’t see them ending up together. The timeline is fast, but successful.

The premise is very cute of the rental house owner playing matchmaker.

I also really liked the plot line. It featured some laugh out loud funny moments and many other moments one just wishes to experience with someone special.

This is a very sweet book and anyone who likes an opposites attract book would enjoy it.

Thank you to Hallmark and Netgalley for the the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Well, it has been another lovely day, including an awesome nap, but I think I’m ready to crawl into bed with another book:)

Have fun!


41 thoughts on “A Spring Tradition

  1. I laughed at your speaking of “garage sailing”. It’s a very appropriate phrase.

    I agree with you that one should follow the directions when trying a new recipe. Experiment after that.

    1. Ugh I thought I had managed to fix all of those auto corrects grrrr!
      I’m not sure I’ll even bother to try experimenting with this one:(

  2. I had a light day, compared to friday’s long trip. Just took my MIL shopping, which is an almost all day event. Then ran out for apps and salad for dinner take home. But I was still wiped out from the previous day. I slept well last night!

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