It was another lovely day:) Maybe this is a record😂😂


It was a nice treat that Sarah came out to join me for my run this morning. I had to do at least 43 minutes to finish my mission, and she wasn’t sure she could run that much, but we surprised ourselves and ran 45 minutes straight. Yelling at Kula to get out of the mud may have helped distract us from the time. How that dog managed to get muddy head to toe is beyond me! It was a gorgeous morning for a run and was starting to get warm by the time we finished.

The best running buddies!

This evening I went out for another run to start off the new mission. Figured if I did 5km tonight that meant I only had to do 5km Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:). Somehow that seems much more doable to me than 20km🤣


I stopped to buy groceries right after my run. I figure this is a good time as a workout is fresh in my mind so hopefully will help keep me healthy at the grocery store. I didn’t do too badly, though I did spend more than I had planned. At least I have an eating plan for the week and not so much food in the house! I eat much better when there is less choice around-then my food is fuel rather than entertainment!


I was super productive on all of my projects today, or at least I touched them all:). I started the next square on my rug, I got another pattern repeat done on my tabard and I’m loving what it’s looking like! I got four rows done on the afghan, but am not going further tonight as I’m tired and I’m at the toe with the new -to-me stitch in it. I’ll wait until I’m fresh to tackle that!


My mom came over to help me clear my deck as they will be power washing it tomorrow. Last year I did it by myself but since I had advance warning this year, I asked for help. Some of my planters are the size of me! I took the opportunity to clean out all the dead plants and tidy up. I love having plants, but am thinking I may skip planting them this year as I always come home to dead plants after my holidays and it seems like a waste of money:(. I was telling my mom it’s a shame though as even those few minutes today were enjoyable:)

My mom and I also took the opportunity to go in and visit my aunt, uncle and cousin this afternoon. It’s my cousin’s 30th birthday tomorrow so it was good timing:)


I normally take every opportunity to go and do things so that I have something to write about each night, but I have to admit I skipped going to see the movie, Ready Player One today with my Bookclub. I know it would have been fun, but thought I should visit my family and it was a super sunny day, the first after many weeks of rain, so it just felt wrong to spend it in a movie theatre!


I did spend some time reading on my sunny couch today though:). I started a new book on LibriVox. I had downloaded Moby Dick, but didn’t even make it through the first chapter- too many quotations and definitions! That is not at all what I thought Moby Dick would be like. So instead I started on The Age of Innocence. It is read by Elizabeth Klett who I know I enjoy listening to:)


Last month I had taken a screenshot of a blueberry bisquick bake off of a blog. I’m so sorry that I can’t remember whose blog it was so can’t give credit:(. Today I made it up for my breakfasts for the week. It was super simple!

1.5 cups bisquick

1/3 cup sugar

1/2 cup coconut milk

1tsp vanilla

2 eggs

1/4 cup melted butter

Mix it all together, pour it into a greased pan (a 13×9 is way too big!) and then put blueberries on top and press them in. I then baked it for about 15 minutes. It called for 20-25 minutes in a 10×6 pan. They are okay, but a little dry. I think I will enjoy them with a touch of syrup all this week:)

Well that’s it for me:)

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “All Sunshine and Rainbows

  1. sounds like a fun Sunday. have you considered getting hardy plants that can sustain a bit of ignoring? Colby has a Pothos plant in his room (it needs light), he wanted a plant I knew it needed to be something that would survive a bit of neglect. I also have orchids that I moved up here from FL and they are thriving and I often forget to water them. I keep them in my bathroom since they like sun and steam. Just a thought if you want plants, but not all the work.

    1. I’ve tried orchids before and it was a disaster as my bathroom doesn’t have any natural light, but I’ll look into the other one. I’m really good at growing cacti

      1. have you tried Christmas Cactus? They flower at Christmas time. Pothos is just green, they grow almost like a vine. I’ll have to take a picture of Colby’s to share. I really need to do some clipping and repot it since it’s so big now. I”ve had them in my classroom in the past too. Spider plants are a great one for classrooms too, but can’t be ignored as easily

      2. I actually have two Christmas cactus that are doing great! You give me a good idea- I’ll have to do some research!

      1. I wish they would just stick to the book. It was good enough to make a movie of, you should keep it the same!

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