Some days I surprise myself!


My new student showed up today. I was given some extra help in case she bolted again, but the morning was very smooth and she seemed happy.  We had a pretty relaxed morning and then it was out for more coaching sprints in the afternoon for me.  Another sunny day, so I wasn’t about to complain! I couldn’t believe though how many excuses the kids already have not to run, so sad:(


I finished another NetGalley read. This was The Hookup by Erin McCarthy.

This book tells the story of Harvard math PhD candidate Sophie and lobster fisherman Cain Jordan. They were supposed to share just one night together, but find that they crave more time together as each helps the other in their own way.
The characterization in this story was very realistic. I had a difficult time reading it because Cain is an alcoholic and my father is too, but Erin McCarthy has done a great job of making both Cain and Sophie realistic, believable and interesting. They are multi-faceted and interesting.
I also liked the tempo of the book. It didn’t seem exceedingly fast and yet it carried the reader along and kept you wanting to read. I had a difficult time turning out the light and going to sleep as I just wanted to read one more chapter.
Finally, I liked the ending of the story as, while it gave hope for a happy ending, it was still realistic. These two people who are not perfect still have issues to resolve. It felt satisfying and yet wasn’t sickly sweet.
If you like complex and complicated characters, realistic and believable relationship and a satisfying plot then this is the story for you.
Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.


I have to admit I had another nap after school today. This may become a habit😂. I knew I needed to head out for a run however to knock off some more of the 20km mission that needs to be finished by 3pm tomorrow. I set out along the busy road I avoid and over to the park in the neighboring city. It was an okay run though I think my Strava was messed up at the beginning:(. I learned quickly that I needed to give up on the timing as the multitude of lights was killing that. I ended up getting 9.1km done and now I’ll be able to sleep in tomorrow and have a rest day from running!! It was a gorgeous night for a run, but I wish I had taken my water with me!!!

Product Review:

I need to crow about another product I recently bought and have been loving. A few weeks ago I saw that Costco had Swell water bottles. I hemmed and hawed a bit, but ended up buying myself one. I didn’t really see why they were so special and worth so much more than other bottles, but I take one to work each day and mine were looking very beat up! Well, today I found out the reason! I came back in after track attack, where I had been screaming ready, set, go down the length of the field for two hours, very parched! I grabbed my water bottle and much to my surprise had icy cold water still in it. It had been filled at 7:30 that morning! It was a lovely treat. I also have been liking that it’s slim enough for my small hand to hold it without feeling like I’m going to drop it. I also like that it doesn’t leave water rings on my desk as there is no condensation from it because it is double walled. I see that they come in some gorgeous colors and designs, but I’m okay with my classic silver. This is another product that I’m happy I stepped up and bought (though I admit I got a good deal on it).

Well, I’m off to read and work on my rug!

Have fun!


35 thoughts on “I Did It

  1. It kind makes sense that the kids came up with excuses to run. For some of them mom and/or dad may be telling them they have to so it makes them not want to do it. Hopefully they learn to love running!

    The water bottle sounds like my Yeti that I have. I fill it with hot tea in the morning and have to let it air out so I don’t burn my mouth on it while sipping it at work.

    1. That sounds about right! I use my David’s Tea for hot and have to do that and then the swell for cold as I pack both to work each day:)

  2. My husband found a very similar water bottle on sale-2 for 99 cents at CVS, which is a pharmacy (about 2 years ago) at an after Christmas mark down. It was one of the best deals we have ever gotten! I put my water in the refrigerator and then it is cold for the day. While I was subbing in different schools, I was always careful where I left it. It was definitely a keeper!

  3. some days just call for a nap, and teaching brings out those days and spades… I say nap while you can! Glad your new student had a better day yesterday, hope it works out well for all of your students today.

  4. I don’t usually like the metal containers because of the perceived, to me, metal taste when I drink from them. But my daughter got me a cup that has a clear plastic lid and I like how it keeps things cold, but doesn’t have a metal taste.

  5. Sounds like you had a great day – a nap is needed with your busy day. The water bottle does sound like a keeper. I tote one with me when I walk in the Summer on the really hot days. I have a shoulder harness that I can put it in which is good as I’m carrying squirrel treats and the camera so don’t have an extra hand to hold a water bottle.

      1. Mine in the holster would not work well for running, more just for walking. I saw people asked if there was a metal taste to the water and none, so you could a great deal on that bottle.

      2. Yes I have a hard time wearing anything extra when I’m running!
        Yup I was a little worried about the metallic taste, but there’s been nothing:)

      1. I hear that! That’s why I have my Jane Austen Fan fiction… Mr. Darcy makes everything better!! 💖💖 and I love that when I put Mr. Into my phone Darcy was the 1st prediction… Does that mean I talk about him too much?? 😂😂😂

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