It wasn’t a bad day, just a disappointment and frustration at the end is colouring it.


I finished the school Bookclub book last night. It was Moo by Sharon Creech.

It was a very easy and quick read as an adult. It contains an interesting mix of prose and poetry and would be a great book to demonstrate the power and use of poetic form. I didn’t like Mrs. Falala at first, but by the end I could definitely see her use. This book is great for showing how you can reinvent yourself, that change isn’t a bad thing and that you have to persevere and push through to really determine if a new course is for you. I would recommend it for a girl about age 10-13.


We had our first outdoor workout Wednesday today where we were running around the school. It went quite well and was an awesome day for it as it was a sunny, good smelling, Spring day. My only disappointment was that Strava didn’t track it. I ran for 16 minutes so it must have been at least a kilometer!!! Grr.

The rest of the day was fine. My new student did great again. It was tough during writing time as I had to sit with her and point to the letters and say them so I didn’t get to help any of the other children. I really hope their letters are okay!! After I was done with the little girl, I moved onto Lyndsay’s son. It made such a difference in his printing to be able to see me make the letter right before he had to! We sent a picture to his mom and she almost cried. It was his day as he also read his first list of sight words to me and did a great job!

We couldn’t resist taking the children outside this afternoon as it was so beautiful. Of course my crier hit another kid and then cried instead of explaining her side. Grrrr! I sent both of them in with the principal who had perfect timing!


I did Lyndsay’s boot camp after school even though my legs have been killing me all day from my long run yesterday. 9.2km with only two short walk breaks was a little much, I guess.

Today we did tabatas again, but they were all single exercises that you just switched sides for and they were all legs as in between each tabata we did 30 seconds of punching while holding 5lb weights. We did:

Banded bear fire hydrants

Reverse lunge with lateral step up

One legged lunge

Banded back leg extension

Single leg squats

Banded single leg hamstring curl

Banded curtsy lunge to side leg lift

Swing lunges

My legs were definitely on fire by the end! I needed this though as I don’t feel like I’ve been doing enough weigh training lately!

When I came home from this, I didn’t give myself the chance to sit down and get comfortable, but instead headed out for my run. I thought today would be my rest day, but then realized it was a 6.5km run for 200 points. I can do that! Well it was a calamity of errors. After the first kilometer I realized that Strava was yet again not tracking my run, so I switched to runkeeper. This is what I ended up with:

Grrrr! Then it wouldn’t sync so I will probably miss out on these awesome points as there is no way that I am running 6.5km before school tomorrow!! All of that hard running on sore legs, for nothing:( I’m frustrated!!!

It’s been a quiet night of an epsom salts bath and my rug. I’ll get back to it now:)

Have fun!


43 thoughts on “Can I Sit Down and Cry?

  1. just remember that no exercise is for nothing. did it help you clear your head from the other frustrations of the day? I’m sorry things are tough with so many little guys we need that extra attention. But, it is that time of the year when you want the majority of the students to complete everything independently and realize they are ready to move forward to the next year. Hope your Friday eve treats you better than your Wednesday

  2. Well, it doesn’t sounds like your day was TOO bad! I hope you got the Mich needed unwind time. That time is so very important to rest a busy brain! Just think of your book and “push through and persevere!

      1. That’s always an amazing feeling!! I’m in my “weekend” right now, so YAY for (hopefully) relaxing!! … Things always seem to come up… But, fingers crossed!

      2. I know! Every time I think I have a day with nothing, it turns out busy:( My fingers are crossed you are relaxing:)

      3. Nope! My man’s best friend walked in the door (literally… None of his friends or family KNOCK) just as we were about to take a nice walk in this gorgeous weather! Lol! I always end up playing hostess to SOMEONE on my days off!! At least he’s gone now so we can head out and enjoy the evening….?? (fingers crossed??)

    1. Thank you! I miss my mom hugs when she is away! I didn’t end up crying as people reminded me that the day had been good and I shouldn’t let one thing ruin it.

    1. Yup! I know it’s not true, but I always feel like if it doesn’t record, it didn’t happen! I’m a numbers girl so it’s really the stats that keep me moving forward.

  3. Well, at least the app on your phone said “Nice job.” So all is not lost and now it must be just 8 weeks til Summer vacation … and it is Friday eve. Carry on!

    1. Yes it’s nice that it’s a mindless project- don’t even have to pick colors because I randomly draw them out of a bag:)

  4. Curtsy Lunges are my favorite, Fire Hydrants not so much!! I’ve been using the huge tub in the new house on Fridays for a soak and loving it. I only use Garmin Connect to track my run, I can’t have to much of the same thing even though each is different. The Hubs has them all and gets frustrated at them sometimes.

    1. I don’t mind either, I know they’re doing good for my lower half😂
      That’s part of the problem is that this is a 1980s tub so I’m only in a couple of inches of water and the rest of me is cold:(
      I don’t want to use too many but Strava isn’t tracking anything for me right now:(

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