Just a nice day:)


It was a nice day as there wasn’t much out of the ordinary, except the 26 degree weather! We worked on story elements and explored characters today. I surprised the children and used a Pokémon book. They were super excited, but it seemed like horrible writing to me. Our second book was Curious George and that was way better in my mind, but at least the boys were completely engaged in the activity.

We sorted shapes, had a fire drill, went to computers, played outside and had silent reading. I played aight word go fish with my lowest readers and they had fun:)

Overall a nice day- no one cried, no one fought, no one got hurt and everyone was happy:)

Creating daisy chains during outside play:). Wish I could show you the picture of the finished crowns!


I had told my students that I was looking forward to sitting in my silent house. They asked if I was going to read or knit. 🤣 time for them to move on- they know me too well!🤣

I have worked on my rug, only 20 rows left for this square, and have been listening to the Age of Innocence in LibriVox again. It has been a perfectly lovely night with no commitments!


After all the running lately, I wanted a break, but it was just too beautiful to stay inside. A half hour walk satisfies that craving!

I hope everyone has had as good a night as I have!

Have fun!


51 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Looks like a perfect day! Super nice that the sun was out to combat the 26 degree temperature. I heard rumors of a cold front moving in the next few days- hopefully like usual the forecasters are wrong lol as the snow has finally melted here (mostly). Lol about the Pokemon, it’s hard to go wrong with the classics! Especially “Curious George”

      1. I know. Right now they are recruiting for teachers to move to a very rural area of Alaska offering bonuses. As I was reading the description, I thought it sounded interesting if I were younger, single, or just starting out in teaching. It sounded like a proper adventure! With a good friend if you can find one to follow!

      2. Yes there are always jobs in the north of where I am too- just not going to happen- all my family is here

      3. Same here. There are always positions full-time overseas for ESOL instructors. Here it is very challenging to find one full-time but I am staying here with my husband.

  2. got to love days like that. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Pokemon book at work, but I do like to pick up and read books that have tv or movie character to keep the kids engaged in the activity. In the early years there is a need of balance between excellent literature and stories that may engage them a bit more because of previous interest in the characters.

    Glad you had a good evening everyone needs a quieter day and a 30 min walk is still a decedent workout on a rest day.

    1. I think it was the first thing the boys told their parents about after school!!!
      I really did enjoy my quiet night- nice to have one on occasion

      1. Oh that’s not good!!! I need a sidewalk cause cars scare me now that I’ve been hit. I try to pick off times to run as the water trail gets incredibly busy!

      1. I just realized I don’t think I ever sent a reply to this comment!😳🤦🏼‍♀️
        I spent a nice productive Saturday morning switching out my winter clothes for my summer clothes!☀️ Then I spent the afternoon watching a Marvel movie with my boyfriend! Then we had a big family party with all my family for my gram! And Sunday, we had lunch my my aunt and uncle. Then I caught up on my scarf and made Pom poms!!

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