Sorry there was no post last night, I got in a little late for me!


I got up and ran for 46 minutes. It was not a particularly great run, but it got done and it wasn’t raining:)

Thank goodness I did that as it was the only exercise I got:(

Shopping/ Crafting:

Well today was the Woolith Fair Knit Shop Hop. I did this with Brenda last year and we had decided to do it again this year. There are fourteen shops involved, but we never do the whole thing. I think it would turn into a chore:(

We started at Valley Yarns which was a new shop to us both. They had a great sale rack outside that included books!!! It seems like knitting books are rarely on sale. I could have gone crazy with the yarn here, but I kept the number of skeins I already own in my mind! The store had beautiful buttons as well, but I ended up buying this:

The yarn is very different for me, but the shop clerk says it knits up really fun. I think it will make a nice pullover for work and I’m trying to get away from always doing blue, black or gray!

The next stop was 88 Stitches in Langley which was one of our favorite stores last year.

I like how this shop always has a featured designer in store. Last year it was Sylvia McFadden and I ended up buying her book and making up a shawl. This year it was Sandy Bahrich of Firefly Notes which is all knitting accessories. She had the cutest bags (cuts of lamb🤣), stitch markers, etc. I also like how this store always has a good sale yarn bin on this day. I just couldn’t help myself and ended up coming home with this:

I was doing my best to avoid buying yarn, but at least I didn’t buy any single skeins this year!!!!

We then headed to On the Lamb in Abbotsford. This is the second year for this store and I have to admit I haven’t been impressed either year. Last year the woman insulted my weight and this year she ignored me. It looks like a popular store as there is always a group knitting there, but I don’t think I’d even want to do that as it’s just a big table with hard chairs in the middle of the room. It doesn’t look cozy to me. I looked at buying blocking wires here, but managed to resist as I don’t have projects requiring that right now.

We stopped after this for lunch. I was treating Brenda as she was driving so I introduced her to Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria. I had had it in Vancouver, but just hoped it was as good at this location. Don’t you hate when you rave about a place to friends and then it doesn’t live up to it!!! 🤣we had to laugh as we walked around the entire shopping center and it was actually right behind where we had started. If only we had turned the other way! It wasn’t great service, but the food was good! We both had the lunch special of a side salad and small pizza. I had a Napoli salad which was green salad with chickpeas and then a mushroom, ham, artichoke hearts and kalamata olive pizza. It definitely hit the spot and took care of my pizza craving!

It was back on the road and to Trendy or What Knot in Mission. This was a new shop for me, but Brenda had been out recently to pick up yarn she had ordered at the knitting show we went to last month. It was a nice, bright shop but really didn’t have much on sale and I would go there if I was looking for a non-traditional material. I bought:

To make this bag for my sister in law.

It will be for her birthday on Tuesday and will hold her real present- a bottle of wine:)

We had one more stop on the way home as we were driving right by Once Upon a Sheep in Maple Ridge. This is a very small knitting store that is run by a religious society. It had a small selection, but some very soft Yarns! I was tempted by one, but thankfully I don’t even remember its name! I managed to not buy anything here!

I’m pretty impressed with myself- $126.80 for the whole day! I am definitely not allowed to buy any yarn before Knit City in September though (unless it’s for a gift that is being made immediately!)

I had been working on a baby cap in purple as the shops were collecting for the Children’s Hospital but I ended up frogging it as it was huge when I got it finished:(


It was a long day of shopping in the rain, but still fun. I finished the night off with a get together with some running buddies who are moving away. These are the people who taught me how to run, and I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Their absence is definitely going to be felt in the local running community. It was a ton of fun to sit around talking and visiting without having to run first. It was a nice evening, but later than I had planned.

It was definitely a super fun Saturday for me and I hope it was for you as well!

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “Super Saturday

  1. Wow, you have an awesome knitting community in your area! We have…. Maybe 2 stores in my area? And they suck. Well, one of them is ok but SUPER over priced… The other is just.. Ok. Sounds like an awesome day thigh!

      1. It is! I usually just stick with the one closest to my house but it’s fun to explore on occasion:)

    1. Heehee- I was just cursing auto correct myself about an hour ago! I so dislike having to put something in three times before it leaves it alone!!!

      1. Ya. I should really slow down and pay attention since auto correct went through as suto correct… I have a new phone that I just got 2 days ago and it’s driving me insane… But, I’m not a “stop and think things through making sure it’s correct” kind of gal… Lol!!

      2. Lol neither am I! It drives my mother nuts but i figure everyone understands cause it happens to everyone!

    1. I love knitting! My grandma taught me when I was four and I’ve been at it ever since! I find t very relaxing and a way to be creative:)

  2. looks like you found some great buys. I love the colors of the yarns you got for yourself and can’t wait to see what you end up making with them. my mother knits, not as much now as when I was younger. she tried to teach me more than once and I just don’t have the patience/knack for it.

    1. You should try again! It’s something that is very simple and relaxing once you get the hang of it. I hear there’s some awesome YouTube videos for it:)

  3. I have knitting needles and yarn which I have never learned to use. When we had our store I read about a group of women meeting in a coffee house and learning how to knit. I put it on hold. You are inspiring me to think of looking into this group again. This habit must develop some patience!

  4. I love that brown and cream-colored wood – it will make up a nice pullover and the purple too. The pizza looks scrumptious too. The names of the wool shops made me smile, my favorites were “On the Lamb” and “Once Upon a Sheep”. I have a friend who is an avid knitter and I’m going to send the link to this blog to her. She does bags too – she felts them. Sounds like you had a fun day.

    1. Oh I’ve never felted anything though my grandma used to. I just don’t ever really have pure wool because I buy wool that is soft and pure wool never is:)
      Yes the store names are all so cute!

      1. I know Evelyn (my friend) has made a few bags and a laptop cover and she tells me about her projects. She goes to a fiber fair every year – it is associated with an alpaca far and looks to be a fun time. She lives in Richmond, Virginia. I love those names!

      2. Evelyn really likes working with it – she saves her money and treats herself to unique wools. Right now she is in grad school so not having any time to knit. She went back to school after 40 years to get a masters in gerontology administration. I don’t think she has picked up her knitting in months.

      3. She’ll be done with school for the term in two weeks – she can hardly wait. She is taking Summer classes so she can graduate in May 2019. Her schedule, just like yours, boggles my mind!

      4. That’s what she said too, especially after getting into the swing of things after forty years. She has not worked in the field. Had a B.A. in social work and could not find work in that field, so has worked as a legal secretary all these years, same as me, I could not find work in my field either so we have similar backgrounds.

      5. I thought so too. Her mom passed away in December 2016 and she had an elaborate trust which provided for furthering her education. She actually had a Masters in social work from 1978 and still could not find a job. But she decided to take that plunge and return to school. You might be interested to know why she liked that field … not that I want you to have any more hobbies, but … Evelyn has been teaching knitting classes at a nursing home for about five years. She was teaching every Tuesday night, then had to cut back her first semester at school (Fall 2017) as she had a class on Tuesday nights. She went and visited the ladies when she had no school (often school is online lectures which can be watched any time you choose) and she resumed again this semester, but every other week. She enjoyed the group of ladies so much she decided to enter that field. They love the classes and have become great knitters and finished projects – she is teaching them different types of stitches (I guess you’d call it) and they really like their class.

      6. That is very cool! I actually teach knitting to the children at school- grade fours and five students who want to learn. It’s neat to teach a hobby to others:)

      7. I’ll have to tell Evelyn that … didn’t realize they taught knitting to kids but so many people knit as a stress reliever these days and I have often heard of guys taking up this hobby as well, as a stress reliever. Yes, it is nice to do that – share your enjoyment with them.

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