My day had definite good parts and frustrating parts!


My day started off with a coworker worried about track attack coverage and when I tried to solve this problem I got snapped at by another colleague. She later apologized, but since I’ve been putting up with it for a year now, it’s too little too late! Really, this is what she finally apologizes for???(insert head shake here) I haven’t had any nasty emails so hopefully it all worked out!

I did have some successes with students today:). My little guy who likes to roll on the carpet was doing an awesome job sitting! I should have moved him a long time ago as maybe it’s being surrounded by people that’s helping???

We have quiet time each day after recess and I always play a different type of music during this time that students may not hear at home- blues, jazz, piano, classical, etc (I take suggestions 😀). I looked over at one little boy – his eyes were closed and he was swaying to the music- so cute!!!

Another little guy sounded out and wrote three sentences in his journal with finger spaces included!! It was awesome!

Then I had to leave to go to a meeting about the report cards. I was so angry and frustrated by the end!!! If I didn’t love my days with my students I would be looking for a new job as I so dislike the direction my district is going! They are not doing the children any service!

When I was a kid and was complaining about having to do my own laundry or make my lunches or help clean- my mom would always say the same thing- “I wasn’t put on this earth to be your babysitter, but to make you responsible, successful, contributing members of society.” I always hated that line, but the day they asked me for my teaching philosophy it popped out of my mouth!

Now my district says that I cannot put “not yet meeting expectations” on the report card. It’s bad enough that every student passes whether they are ready and successful or not, but now I can’t even say a student isn’t meeting expectations! Why bother assessing if every student has to be meeting??? I think that if I was a parent I would be very upset if I wasn’t informed that my child was having trouble with an area or a concept!!! What kind of adults are we creating with this??Grrr! Ok rant over:).

My mom sent this to me today and I love it!!


None because I did the mission last night and had a massage this afternoon. I try to enjoy my nice, loose muscles for 24 hours after a massage:)

I did get my mission list for the week and made a plan!! It’s going to be another heavy running week though!


I’m working away on my rug and my SIL’s bag. I’m not really loving working with this material as my hands are getting sore, but thankfully it’s a pretty small project!

I impressed myself by getting my two new yarns entered into my Ravelry stash this evening. One day all of my yarn will be in there! It would be great as it would force me to determine the weight of each!

I can’t wait for the new term of HPKCHC to begin tomorrow!


Yesterday I tried to make bread in the bread machine for this week just using the basic recipe in the manual and it was probably the worst loaf I’ve ever made! So tonight I’m having a second try and using the recipe I used last time:) You can find it in this Post🙂


Last night I treated myself to a Hallmark movie before bed. It took me several tries to find one and I finally settled on Mr. Write

I have to say I didn’t love this movie! The main couple was Dori and Michael. She is engaged and he is a writer with a block. She is the new junior editor who gets him back to writing. The characters were just seriously annoying and there didn’t seem to be any chemistry. They go from strangers to him falling in love with nothing but work between. The secondary storyline of Dori’s colleague who is afraid of commitment with a great guy was much more entertaining, but I’m not sure it was enough to save the movie. I would bypass this movie:(

Well, I need to get knitting if I’m going to get this bag done for my SIL. It is her birthday tomorrow but I’m seeing her Friday, so I’m aiming for then- still a challenge!

Have fun!


43 thoughts on “If I Didn’t Love My Job…

  1. I understand your frustration over the new restrictions over ‘not meeting expectations’. As a parent I would want to know. There must be expectations. There may be reasons why these expectations are not being met and then ways to figure out how to address them.

    1. Exactly!!! If a child is never told they aren’t getting something, then how can they know they need to work on it??

      1. And the onus again on the teachers to find ways to point these things out without being blatant. Time spent figuring out political correctness rather than teaching.

  2. Wow! You’re right – if you’re not allowed to report that children aren’t meeting, what’s the point wasting your time assessing them?!
    Poor kids and poor you – sounds like a very frustrating time right now. Glad the kids are keeping you going!

  3. I hate what is happening to schools these days. I would definitely want to know if my child was lacking in a subject.
    I love that saying she gave you!

    1. Yup we’ve swung too far one way, guess I just have to wait for the backswing.
      Yes it definitely ended up being a guiding principle for me

  4. As a substitute for the last year, I have often been called in to sub for many teachers while they went through a report card drill with administrators. They would leave with stacks of material to support their grade decisions. They didn’t look happy. I taught in the same district about a decade ago. I don’t remember this happening but I do remember having issues with an absentee administrator.

      1. I believe this is what they were doing and this is why I like being an adjunct. I am treading carefully with the school district.

  5. I totally get what you are saying about not meeting expectations!! This coddling of the child… or is it the parents??? …has to stop.
    I am just now back from vacation and have not stopped over in a while. Glad to see you love your job. That was how I felt.

    Arizona teachers love their jobs as well and are trying hard right now for better pay and budget increases. Their Walk Outs are being noticed… finally! They need better pay but they are also fighting for the costs per pupil to get increased. Education here in Arizona is the pits. Hopefully these Walk Outs will help the Education aspect of our beautiful state!

    Have a fabulous Tuesday!

    1. I’ve heard of the walk outs in Arizona and am totally supportive! It just drives me crazy that once again it’s the teachers having to stand up for what students need- shouldn’t this be a priority for society? These are the people who will be taking care of us when we’re old!

      1. You said it so perfectly! Believe it or not…. I was shocked as to how much a 20 year with a masters was being paid in the public school system???!!! $26,000. And purchasing their own supplies for the students!

        Praying all goes well today down at the capital today.

      2. My fingers are crossed too!

        One of my pet peeves is that people think I walk into a stocked classroom and don’t realize I have bought everything in that room!

  6. My maiden name is Wright. I always got the “Are you waiting for Mr Right” when meeting people for the first time. Lame. One time in college my pizza was delivered with “Write” for my name on the box. Obviously that pizza place did not employ highly intelligent people!

  7. So I guess it’s not just American kids who are growing up in this sort of bubble where teachers can’t say when the kids aren’t meeting expectations. It’s gotten out of hand and I do wonder what this will end up doing to these kids when they grow up.

  8. So the research side of me is thinking, what do the parents think about knowing ahead of time that they will not be told if their kids are not meeting expectations? Might the parents be able to weigh in on this farce? My survey would ask, “Which information would you prefer to receive on a report card? A. Being notified that your child is not meeting expectations, B. Receiving no information about your child’s progress or C. Being told your child is performing adequately, regardless of whether he/she is not meeting expectations or exceeding expectations.

    Now my rant is over…this is why we homeschooled our kids!
    It sounds as though you are enjoying your running missions, and the rug is going to be finished! I have never liked the bread that comes out of my bread maker, so I always put it on dough setting and bake the loaf in the oven after the second rise.

    1. Ya maybe that would bring home exactly how stupid this is becoming!!! I never want to crush a child, but not saying the truth isn’t helpful either!

  9. I hate when schools get so pc and afraid of parent reactions that they can’t be honest about what is going on with the child. I became a fan on struggling on grade level when I couldn’t use below grade level. I think this whole meet the child where they are at, diversify the curriculum to meet the needs of all learner is being taken to the extreme . All in all it’s not fair to the child who is the one is missing out on the whole picture.

    have you heard of Rockabye Baby? they make rock music sound like music box. I loved playing this in my classroom because it has a music box or classical feel, but it’s rock music. they have all kinds of music and multiple albums. I used to play that station on Pandora in my classroom

    1. Oh and I agree with your mom’s statement I tell my sons all the time my job is to raise responsible men not give into boys

    2. Yes I feel like children won’t learn to challenge themselves and strive for more- they’ll just expect that whatever they do is fine, ugh!
      I’ve never heard of that! Where would I find it? YouTube?

  10. Wow! Sometimes it’s a teacher’s job to tell people the things they don’t want to hear–that’s how they learn. It sounds like you are such a great teacher who really, really cares!

    1. Thank you:). It is sometimes tough but I still think it’s a good idea for children and parents to know where the struggles are

  11. Your mom sounds like she has dispensed some good advice and wisdom to you through the years and even today … moms, the gift that keeps on giving.

  12. It’s sad the way the school system is going now-a-days. It’s funny that you say that you’re not allowed to say that a child “isn’t meeting expectations” becauee that would explain why NONE OF THEM SEEM TO GO TO SCHOOL!! The amount of kids that come into my store in the morning and early afternoon… WITH THEIR PARENTS! I always want to ask “… Is it a P.A day??” even though I know it’s not going to be on a WEDNESDAY or whatever weird day it is. And if your kid is sick (which they’re definitely not) but, if that’s the “reason” they’re not at school… Why are you taking them to my store to buy video games?!.. Sorry for the rant. It’s a big sore point with me. The lack of education (I have kids that are in their teens come in who can’t print their own name…).

    1. Exactly! We had a family that went on holidays for the two weeks after our two week spring break!!!! A lot of the teachers I know complain about how much school kids miss! I don’t remember ever being home from school unless I was on the verge of death!!

      1. Ha ha! 🤣 I was going to say that!! If I didn’t have a fever, or some visible ailment like chicken pox, I was shipped off to school. If I stayed home then I was in bed. No t.v or video games or anything. You stay in bed and you sleep, or you go to school. That’s it.

      2. Yup those were the only options. I don’t like parents sending their kids when they’re too sick to learn, but don’t keep them home for no good reason either. We have families who take “family days” and keep their kids home- isn’t that what weekends are for?

      3. I have families that would bring their children to midnight openings at my store! They’re at midnight on a Tuesday or Friday. Like…. Really?? This is your priority?

  13. It truly sad, the priority of schools these days yet I love a respect your mothers wisdom. Which has become your philosophy 😊“I wasn’t put on this earth to be your babysitter, but to make you responsible, successful, contributing members of society.”

    1. That saying directs my actions every day in my classroom:). I didn’t like it as a kid, but I see it’s wisdom as an adult:)

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