Couldn’t Be Better

It was an awesome day with a little bit of everything I needed.


I got a hike in today with my favorite hiking buddies:)

It was a gorgeous day for it and we were way faster. It was all uphill and then all downhill, but still an awesome time! I love the affect nature has on one’s mood:)

I got a short run in later on. I need to run 2 hours before 3pm on Sunday so I figured I might as well start today. I had planned for at least a half hour, but jalapeños and running don’t mix very well! Besides it decided to rain and get super windy so I was happy enough with a quick tour of the park.


I met up with my parents for lunch at a local pub. Gotta get that quality time in while I can! It was nice to visit! My mom and I decided to share the nachos but I think we needed about another three people to help us!

They were very cool though as they are actually homemade potato chips instead of corn tortilla chips. So yummy and took care of my craving for pub food!


I got another half hour done on my rug and am actually almost done the square for this week!

I also got my tabard frogged so I can start again. I decided that I didn’t want to decrease any stitches on the sides- I’d prefer they just went straight up. The tarn isn’t very soft so I know I’m going to want a loose fit!

I also got around to making myself a new pair of unmentionables:) I had bought the stretch lace about a year ago so I could replicate my favorite pair (that are expensive and only available in the states) and today I finally got around to it. Now I just have to try them out and see how I did.

While I was playing around on all of this, my mom created magic! She took her old ski jacket and recreated it into a yoga mat bag for me!!!

It even has two zippered pockets for my phone, keys, rec pass, etc. I have the MOST AMAZING mom! She just starts cutting and suddenly I’m left with something amazing. She even centered an arrow on the strap for me and has snaps for when it’s really pouring:)

Family Time #2:

I had a special invitation to my nephew’s lacrosse game this evening. I always go to these things as I live in fear of when I won’t get invited anymore. I really need to get a book on lacrosse as I have no idea about all the rules. To me it seemed like the refs were totally unfair!!! I am definitely too high strung to watch sports comfortably! I wanted to go after #18 who knocked my nephew down twice!! I did survive though and got a hug:)


I met up with my friend Michelle at her place for a chick flick. Of course, with two teachers there was some venting, but we did manage to watch Trainwreck. It is one interesting movie…

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


On and On and On

It just kept going!


It was an insane day at work. I got there early so I could gather all the supplies I needed for the relay race before I met with my co-teacher to plan next week. We got the planning done just in time for the bell to go. I brought my students in and then my new student showed up. She speaks not a word, came with dad and a counselor. I can only imagine her life so far as she is a refugee. She bolted out of my class in the middle of our pen pal letter writing😳. I didn’t see her again until after lunch as they worked to calm her down as all we knew of her was her screaming and sobbing. My students were great as we had had a big talk about how scary and frustrating this experience must be for her! I spent every spare moment trying to get ready for today’s event and get the teacher packages ready for track and field which begins on Monday. It meant working through recess and lunch, but the packages got delivered. My co-teacher kindly did the prep for the week so I owe her a coffee! Another teacher was a sweetheart and brought me a tea from Starbucks mid-day. It was such a sweet treat and made up my food for the day😂

Mid-morning I got an email from a parent upset that her son would be running on a team with kids from another school. We had three kids who would be doing this as we didn’t have enough for two other grade five teams. This child has known this for two weeks and has also been a behavior problem at practice and yet today I get an email. The parent was in a snit that her son didn’t get to run for his school and in his grade five year. You can bet I didn’t get a thank you from that parent at the end of the day! Most parents seem appreciative of the fact that we’ve volunteered our time three times a week since the start of February and gave an extra four hours after school today for the event, but there always has to be one, right?!

The actual event went awesome. For a small school we came home with two fourth place finishes and no injuries:). I always think it’s a success if the kids have fun, cause I really just want to get them hooked on being active early in life!

And for the first time in six years- we didn’t get rained on!!!😀😃😄😁


Needless to say that when I finally got home just before seven- I went for a run! I didn’t make the 9km mission, but I did get 6.1km in before it got dark. I really do seem to be faster at night, even with having to dodge people. I had someone say hello, but I didn’t process who it was, so hopefully someone will say something to me!

It’s really not been a very exciting day when I write about it, but I got two more things off my list and only have to survive track and field now:)

Right now however, I’m going to sit in my peaceful, warm place and work on my rug!

Have fun!AJ

One Down, Three to Go!

A crazy busy day!


My students were off today! I think the fact they were expecting our new student and she didn’t show up threw them off.

I got through the assembly I had to run and the rest of the day was pretty normal, except lunch. Now I just have to survive the relay race tomorrow, the new student tomorrow and get the track package out tomorrow.

At the end of lunch, I had just sat down, the bell went at 12:44; the staff was all grumbling thinking that it was too early. I mentioned it to our secretary who said, nope we’re all good now ( we’ve been having problems with our bells), then halfway through my gym time, my principal comes into my gym class to yell at me about this. It sure wasn’t a nice way to end the day and I was grateful I had boot camp after school to work out my frustration!


Lyndsay switched up boot camp today on us. We usually do tabatas but today we had ten stations and we did 3 rounds, but between each station we did an equal amount of running around the gym. It was a lot of cardio, which is always good, but it also went super fast which was nice too!

The exercises we did today were: planks side hops, Burpee to step up, upper cuts, lying frog leg raises, hand release pushups, weighted punch, side to side crunches, hip thrusts, weighted kneeling get ups, and squat shoulder presses.

It was definitely a good workout, but also fun!


My girlfriend is here from Boston for a week. We were supposed to meet on Sunday but the snowstorm in Toronto delayed her flight so we met tonight for dinner. It definitely made me hustle out of school! We tried a restaurant that’s super popular, but that none of us had ever been to. Vij’s Rangoli. We had really good timing and didn’t have to wait:). The waitstaff were very nice and we had a great table in the window with no immediate neighbors:). My friend’s food all looked really good. It was neat that they had one menu labeled with gluten free and a different one labeled with dairy free so I had to compare the two. There weren’t a lot of options. I ordered the lamb popsicles.

I should have just stuck with this, but I decided to order something else. Of course everyone else was done by the time it came and I am stuffed:(

I didn’t eat it all, but it was still lots more than what I needed! I wish they had just added the salad to the lamb popsicles!

It was neat to go, and try it out since I hear about it all the time, but I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon.


Have done my half hour on the rug for today so will try to do a row on the afghan street tonight before bed:)

Have fun!


Calmed and Dealing

Today I calmed down a bit as I realized what I needed to do, made a list, and started dealing with everything one step at a time.


I got out this morning and got a 4.3km run in. I see there are tons more people out now that it is light in the mornings, but nobody seems to be running a similar speed to me. The run was decent, but wet once again.

I wanted to finish my mission off today so I ran after school for another 3.4km. My afternoon runs seem stronger than my morning runs right now. I wonder if it’s because I’ve eaten or if it’s the frustrations of the day powering me or if my body has just loosened up?? Definitely something to experiment with!


I finished my book, Until There Was Us by Samantha Chase last night. I think she just became my new favorite author!

I absolutely loved this book!

It tells the story of Megan Montgomery and Alex Rebat. They met at her cousin’s wedding and had a fling, but her workaholic tendencies tore them apart. What will happen when her whole life changes.

First, I really enjoyed the characters. They were multifaceted and realistic. Megan knows she has a problem with her work- life balance and works on making changes. She shows extreme bravery and courage, fragility and self-doubt and yet continues to hope.

Alex is the man of dreams! If I move to Portland, can I meet him? He is strong and giving and yet has doubts and relies on Megan when he needs to.

I was so desperate to read how these two characters get together that I stayed up much too late and then couldn’t wait to pick the book back up the next morning. I literally read the whole book within twenty four hours while working a full time job.

The pace was great. It felt realistic, but also didn’t have any lulls.

The supporting cast of family was awesome. They were definitely a group that anyone would want to spend time with.

This book made me laugh, made me dream and hope, cry and sigh with happiness.

If you enjoy a strong, caring male, a woman strong enough to take a leap of faith and make changes or a great family story, this book is for you.

Thank you Netgalley for the free ARC in exchange for this honest opinion.


I also finished the classic book, Around the World in 80 Days that I’ve been listening to on My Livrivox app.

This book was very interesting and not at all what I was expecting. I liked how it was not just a story of travel, but that some very interesting things happened while he was traveling. It also appealed to the history lover in me with all the trivia and facts that were included, though they, on occasion, felt a bit much. I loved how I thought it was going to end one way and in the second to last chapter it all changed!

I did find Phileas Fog a bit unrealistic as he was so calm and cool at all times. Is anyone that calm and cool all the time?

If you like an adventure story or history you would probably enjoy this book.


It was a better day today. I seemed to have a lot more energy and I guess I had wrapped my head around what needed to be done for all the tasks I have on my plate right now. I feel like I got a couple of things done and cleared today:)

My students impressed me this afternoon with their ideas of how humans adapt to their environment. They got all my ideas and a few others I hadn’t even thought of!


It’s knit night at my house again so I got some quick cleaning done after my run in preparation for company😂. Good thing this happens every other week!

I managed to get onto Ravelry today and put the sorting hat on for the HPKCHC group. Gryffindor won the house cup and the quidditch cup last term so I’m happy, though I didn’t have much to do with it. I decided to sign up again as I really liked how it helped me to decide on projects. For me, that makes it worth doing as I’m so bad at making decisions it could take months otherwise to settle on what to knit next!

I had sent an email to the hospital auxiliary last week asking about donating knitted goods and I still haven’t heard back:( I was hoping this was a way in which I could use up some skeins in my stash! I haven’t used a single skein since I counted them:(

Tonight at knit night, I got up to date on my temperature scarf and I’m liking the coloring of it. Now I’m just worried about it’s size. I never really know what to do with those cowls that are not tight, but not long enough to double wrap. This unfortunately might be one of them.

I also ripped out the boat Afghan and restarted it as I had made a mistake on the twists. I got it recasted on and the border rows done. This is definitely an afghan I’ll have to work on with no distractions until I get the pattern down! I so do not want to have to start it for a fifth time!!!

The rest of the evening I worked on my rug as this is definitely something I can work on while visiting. It’s just too bad it’s too large to be portable.

Movie Review:

We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I tonight. I’m pretty impressed with myself for making it this far. It definitely helps that I’m watching them at home and with a friend. I don’t think I would have survived seeing them in the theatre with how loud it would have been. I have to say I found this movie very dark and depressing and it dragged to me. I don’t really get why they had to drag the last book out for two movies. I also think it would have been better with some lighter scenes to break it up. The dancing scene between Harry and Hermione was a pretty pathetic attempt at this. It just looked cheesy and awkward! I’m glad I’m watching the movies so I can now discuss them, but I must say, I much prefer the books!

Well I’m glad I managed a post on knit night, but I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Complaining, Sorry

It was quite the day! I knew it was going to be busy, but not this crazy!


I knew when I got up this morning that there wasn’t going to be a lot of downtime. I knew I had running club before school, supervision at recess, a union meeting at lunch and a parent IEP meeting after school, but of course that was just the beginning. I got to school and picked up the contents of my mailbox just to read that Track Attack starts next week and I would be distributing the teacher booklets this week. Shucks thought for sure I had next week to do that! Well, just add it to the list. Then while I was on supervision I learned that I am getting a new student on Wednesday who has absolutely no English and is a refugee. Woah ok add getting ready for a new student to my day. This is of course the same day I am running an assembly and the day before I’m coaching at a track meet. Ugh, I just wanted to come home and hide!

My students weren’t especially wonderful, but were ok. We did our first free write in our journal of the year and they did okay. We also played a new game in gym which actually may have been the highlight of the day:)

We all survived, but I was super happy to come home.


I have to thank my mom for having something to write here today. I could have very easily just sat and read my book today, but she asked me point blank when I was going for my run, and I just couldn’t lie. I got out and did 4.5km towards my 12km mission. It actually turned out to be a great run! My first kilometer was a 6:57 and my last was a 6:27:)

Of course, I also looked like a drowned rat by the time I finished. It’s so wet here right now that the ducks are hanging out on the grass along my running route!


Dragged my mom out to keep me company as I went to Costco for gas. She says they’ll be leaving for the boat soon so I have to get all the quality time I can in!

I’ve also come to the realization that at that price for gas, I’d better start being more mindful of how often I’m driving!!!!


So close to being down two books, but I guess it will be tomorrow before I can tell you about them.


No knitting today, but I did get my half hour on my rug done:)

Well I’m off to finish the great book I’m reading!

Have fun!


Until I Ate

I thought I was all better, until I ate…😏


I had to do 6.5km this morning to complete my mission of 21km for the weekend. I got it done, but it wasn’t pretty. A solid ginger ale diet does not fuel a run well:(.

I’ve already told Lyndsay I won’t be doing a workout in the morning and as much as I’d like to go get the Monday mission ran, I think I may need the sleep and rest more.

While I was having tea with my former running buddies who now walk, Lyndsay had texted to see if I wanted to try out the Hatha yoga class at the rec centre. I zoomed home just in time to change and grab my mat. It was much more what I was looking for in a yoga class, though personally I still think there were too many vinyasas.


I had to finish up “The Keeper of Lost Things” by Ruth Hogan today for book club.

This book was a quick read and very interesting. It tells two stories at the same time that end up being connected. Laura is a woman who hasn’t found herself in her life yet, but her employer, Anthony, leaves her his house and a big job upon his death. The other story is of Eunice and Bomber who are also employer and employee in the publishing world. The story switches between these two storylines and also features other short story snippets in between.

I liked the story, though at first I was worried it was going to be super sad, but it ends happily so I was satisfied:).

A few of the Bookclub ladies felt like nothing really happened in the story until the end.

I also started a new book, Until There Was Us by Samantha Chase, which I can’t wait to get back to!!

It definitely has me intrigued at the start!


The Keeper of Lost Things talks a lot about “the lovely tea” as one character puts it, so I wanted to make something tea appropriate for Bookclub. I decided on scones. I made chocolate chip scones and also a batch of cranberry ones.

I used the recipe from the book, The Allergy Free Cook Bakes Bread.

I actually used the same recipe and just made slight variations for the cranberry ones. The chocolate chip ones turned out great!

1 cup Bob’s Redmill All purpose gf flour

2tbsp sugar

1.25tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp xantham gum

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/8 tsp salt

3 tbsp cold vegan buttery spread

1/3 cup non dairy chocolate chips

5 tbsp vegan buttermilk

You mix the dry ingredients together with a whisk. Then cut in the cold butter with a pastry blender. Stir in the chocolate chips and then bring the dough together with the buttermilk. Pat it out on parchment paper to 1-2″ thick and cut it into whatever shapes you want.


Bookclub is always a good time! I know there is a stereotype out there about Bookclub being all about wine, but ours is actually all about food and catching up on each other’s lives.

My mistake was that I tried some of the food. I lasted three hours and got caught up on everything, but then had to come home:( I’m glad I went though as two of the women had their kids there and they were so cute!

I can’t wait for the June meeting!

Well I’m going to curl up in bed with my new book.

Have fun!



Sorry. I had every intention of posting my daily summary last night but after waking up from an unintended nap at 6:40, I went to bed and slept right through!


I wasn’t sure I’d be able to exercise yesterday as I had woken up at 2:21am incredibly nauseous:(. I remained that way all day.

I didn’t eat anything and decided to do a short run to see if I could. I got 3km in (my fastest 3km ever) and felt fine, until I stopped. Weird!

I got a second 6.3km run in later in the afternoon to finish my required running for the day. I was still feeling unsettled in the stomach so did 4 and 1 intervals.


I had arranged to spend the day shopping with my mom. I wanted to start at Mountain Equipment Co-op downtown. It only took a half hour to get there, though according to my mom- it’s way far away. I had quite the list but only managed to get Nuun, honey stingers, a handheld water bottle, and kids sized wool socks.

We were supposed to walk over a block so I could get some vegan cheese, but I wasn’t feeling well so we just headed home.

After an aspirin and some ginger ale, we headed back out to the mall. I have been thinking about getting polarized sunglasses for a couple of years now, but when MEC didn’t have kid ones, my mom suggested an actual eye glass store. I hit LensCrafters and found a cute pair of Oakley’s I liked that could be polarized. Many years ago my brother had found a pair of kids Oakley sunglasses on a beach and after asking everyone, brought them home to me. I still enjoy wearing them today. Well, I got my second pair of Oakley’s for free too as my extended health covered all of the cost🎊🎉

I also managed to pick up a plastic tablecloth that I’m hoping to make into a bag for my yoga mat.

The only other stop yesterday was at SportsMed so I could get “The Stick” massage roller for my brother. I hope he likes it as much as I have!

The rest of yesterday was sleeping.

I hope Saturday was awesome for you!

Have fun!


Fantastic Bake Along- Crazy for Caramel!

The Fantastic Bake Along, hosted by Tracy is one of my favorite parts of the month!

This month was definitely tougher though as I was the “star baker”. I really don’t think I would ever call myself that as my recipes only turn out about 50% of the time😂

I have spent a lot of time the past two months trying to figure out what I wanted to make. A lot of what I consider my “go to” recipes call for ingredients that most people wouldn’t have and I really didn’t want to make anyone have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff for this one recipe. Plus these ingredients are often crazy expensive:( My second consideration was that I really wanted to do something caramel as that is my favorite flavor and I was kind of hoping someone would want to do a different caramel recipe and then I would end up with a new recipe🤣

I at first made up my favorite ice cream- carmelized pear ice cream and though it worked without an ice cream maker, it wasn’t really “baking” and pears aren’t in season so maybe not everyone would have access. (I have been enjoying this ice cream in the House way too much!)

The next step was to sit down with my cup of tea and all of my cookbooks and see what each had for caramel. It was a lovely afternoon and in a relatively newly acquired cookbook, Sweet Eats for All., I found a recipe for caramels. These were always my favorite Halloween candy and I have sorely missed them! I decided to try it out as my mom said I shouldn’t do a recipe o had never made😂

I liked that there weren’t that many ingredients- sugar, coconut milk, corn syrup, nondairy margarine and vanilla extract. I also checked with a friend who lives in a less than cosmopolitan area and she assured me that even she had access to all of those things. It was a go!

I gathered the ingredients.

I had no idea if my corn syrup was the same as what was called for but it’s what I had. I figured if it didn’t work I would try it with the agave syrup I had.

I liked how you just dumped:

1 cup sugar

1 cup full fat coconut milk

1/2 cup light corn syrup or agave

Into a pan and turned it on.

I stirred until it was at a full boil, added the 1/2 cup of non dairy margarine or coconut oil (I used Earth Balance buttery spread) and then left it alone. I discovered two things at this point:

1) it’s really difficult to not stir something that is boiling in a pot!

2) I don’t own a candy thermometer.

Oops I guess I should have realized this sooner! I saw it said it would be about 15-20 minutes so I let it boil for 15 minutes.

I brought it off the heat, added the 1 tsp vanilla extract (love mine from Mexico!) and poured it into my greased pan.

I let it sit for a while and then slipped it into the fridge. Well that may have been my mistake or maybe I let it boil too long, but it came out of the pan in one lovely golden chunk of caramel and then I had to put it in a bag and break it apart with a hammer because it was so hard, a knife wouldn’t cut it!

I took it to work the next day and though everyone commented on how hard it was to start with, it quickly took on a caramel texture in your mouth and had a great taste!

I really hope that this gives people an idea of what can be created without gluten or dairy.

Happy baking!

Here are the others trying this recipe out and I can’t wait to hear how it goes for them!

Sorry I’m on my phone and can’t cut and paste each address:(

Have fun!


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I swear I had better grow webbed feet to survive around here lately, and the rain is supposed to be here all weekend:(


The mission is for 21km this weekend so I figured I’d better get out there this morning. Physically I was fine, but mentally I had decided to just go to the tree turnaround and I didn’t make it very far past that:( I’m a little disappointed that I let myself do that😖.

Hopefully I made up for it this afternoon at my workout with Lyndsay. I added a little mileage on our treadmill run (5.3km done so far) and then we headed to the floor. For some reason both of us found the floor work long and not fun today. One set of weights felt too light but the next set up felt way too heavy. Just call me Goldilocks😂. We did shoulder press, hip dips, squat & press, reverse crunches, reverse flies and push ups. See mom- lots for my arms! The steam was the best part of the workout today, and the guy at the start who said we looked like we knew what we were doing😂. Lyndsay does, I just do what I’m told!


My students got lucky and got screen time today, more than I had planned. I had found the Jolly Postman read online and wanted to show them that as part of our letter writing unit. They got to do three Go Noodle exercises and they got a video on how to measure with non standard units and the requirements for them. They were super happy, but I felt like it was a teacher fail day:(. We did at least do some silent reading, planners, tennis, McCracken spelling practice and a sheet about Earth Day!

I had one little guy who just couldn’t settle this morning! When I finally sent him to the hall to take some deep breaths and calm down and got to ask him why, “I just can’t wait to run my laps and get my 10km ribbon after school Miss B! It’s all I can think of and my body can’t stay still!” Lol well at least he’s starting with a healthy lifestyle😂


I finished off the Apple Cider tea today and happily got another package out of the tea cupboard!!!


I finished my square for the week 48 hours early:)


I should have two reviews for you this week as I’m making good progress on both my classic and my Bookclub book. Too bad, I still have quite the stack and list of books I need to get read! So much pressure!!!


I wasn’t allowed to touch it until my rug square was done and even then I need to fix the afghan before I can work on my tabard. Does anyone else make rules for or deals with themself???? Maybe I’m just weird in one more way😂


I don’t know how I got so far behind. I’ve been busy reading posts, but haven’t commented much as I just need to get caught up! Just know I’ve read it even if I didn’t comment:)


I got a text today, “How you been? Still single?” Who sends that???? Maybe I took it wrong, but it seems rude! It doesn’t help that I’ve obviously deleted this guy from my contacts as I have no idea who sent it!

Well I have nothing more to say and am going back to my rug.

Have fun!


Two For the Price of One

Knit night must do me in as I came straight home to bed last night. I’ll try to tell you all about yesterday and today in one post:)


Yesterday I skipped running so my legs could rest, but still got Lyndsay’s boot camp in. It didn’t seem bad as I was doing it, though I seemed to lose energy the last three stations:(

We did:

wall balls/ wall sits

Band plank leg lifts/ run

Burpees/ pulse squats

Banded v sits/ push-ups

Toe reaches/ plank

Speed skaters/ walking lunges

Banded squat&walk/ band lay pulldowns

Dips/ skipping

I definitely felt this workout this morning when I got up for my run!!! My mission today was just a thirty minute run and I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t put it off until after school! It was just my regular route and pretty close to my regular speed, but I got to go on the path and through the park which was a nice change from the loud sidewalk!!!

Tonight I also got to a power yoga class. I’ve been wanting to get back into the habit of taking a yoga class regularly as I used to do it three times a week. This class wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it at least broke the ice for me. I have found my rec pass, have gone through the system once to review how it’s all done so hopefully I’m good to go for a hatha yoga class on Monday!


It’s been a busy two days. We had tennis both days. I don’t think it has improved, but the children aren’t complaining. I guess I’ll find out what they think on Monday when we write about it. We also got outside today to pick up trash. However, we also sorted the trash into recycling, garbage and compost so we could see what kind of trash was being left on the ground at school. My co teacher also managed to tie in our helping the earth and the earth helping us🤣

I have been pretty productive on my other jobs at work too- the assembly script has been written and distributed to the MCs to learn, the relay teams have been made, medical claim has been submitted, and now I’ll start on the Track Attack schedule and package. Sometimes I really don’t love this time of year! It’s just too busy or else I need to learn how to say no!


Both days I have had the David’s Tea Apple Cider. It is quite nice, though I might try it with a hint of sweetener in it:)


Last night I had knit night at Brenda’s. I managed to roll two skeins of yarn and started on my tabard. I’ve ended up just making the pattern up as I go along, but hopefully it will work out!

Movie Review:

Brenda had recorded the movie Pan (2015 version), is we decided to watch that. I have to say that that has to be the weirdest version of Peter Pan I have ever seen! We kept watching it as we expected it to get better, but it is definitely not one I would recommend. The only positive thing I can say is that he actors have amazing eyes and it has a happy ending.


I am staying up to date on the rug and am over halfway through my square for this week! Good thing as I probably won’t have time to work on it this weekend:(


I’m about halfway through The Keeper of Lost Things now and am still enjoying it, but I better speed up as Bookclub is Sunday!😳

I’ve also been working my way through my LibriVox read while working on my rug. I’ve been enjoying the story and the narrator, just not the recording:(


I have a few tags to catch up on and a fantastic bake along post to do so I will attempt to get those done in my spare moments tomorrow or the tags may need to wait until next week.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I have anything else to report so I’ll go back to my rug.

Have fun!