No Teaching

What a day! Well at least it went really fast!


I woke up this morning and did some knitting on my sweater and then did some more at lunch and some more tonight. I am within 5cm of finishing!!!! I hope I can get it done before tomorrow night! I’ve never been this down to the wire before!


I didn’t actually teach anything today. We had workout Wednesday which was suddenly moved inside when the grandmother of one of our students fell down the stairs. She ended up only breaking a finger, but what a horrible way to start the day!

We then had family group activity where children work in mixed age groups. Today we were making the cards that will be given to parents for parent appreciation.

After lunch the students went with the principal and teachers had collaboration. We got all our assigned tasks done in ten minutes so my co-teacher and I managed to get a report card written:). What can I say? I’m super efficient 🤣. It helped that a certain argumentative teacher wasn’t present today.

After school I wrote three more report cards so I’m done 9 of 22 so far. It’s a start:)

It sure takes a lot of paper to write a report card😣😳😖. My desk is usually absolutely clear!


Well after working out with the children this morning, I then worked out with Lyndsay after school. She did something new! It’s always scary when she uses that evil laugh! We started with a pyramid workout- one minute of cardio and then 25 pulse squats, one minute cardio and then 20 plank squats and 20 pulse squats, etc as we moved through jump squats, squats, jumping lunges. We then did five tabatas which were:


Lateral raises/ front raises

1/2 get ups/ bicycles

Plank jacks/ slider hamstring curls

Fire hydrants/ bridges

Then we did another round of the pyramid workout but worked up the pyramid this time instead of down.

I was definitely sweaty, but it went fast as we were always changing.

I was supposed to run 6km this evening for the Squad Runner mission, but after that workout and with my knee already sore, there was no way! I ended up walking the 6km, though I really wanted to be running!

It was a beautiful night though!

Well, I’m off to bed so I’ll be nice and patient tomorrow:)

Have fun!


Feeling Better

My co teacher makes all the difference!


I got up this morning and did a run to finish up my mission. I only had to do 3.5km, but managed to squeak out 3.9km before it was time to get ready for work.

After the staff treats again today, I decided I shouldn’t skip this mission and went out and did another 7km this evening. My later run was better which is usual for me, but both were beautiful.

I was beating myself up a little bit because Squad Runner shows that my speed is slower this month than it has been the past two months, but then I realized that I’ve been using my walk home from work for some of the multi day missions, so of course it would be slower🤦🏼‍♀️


I had the chance this morning to sit down quietly with my co-teacher and discuss the class placements. We managed to hash out the placements we weren’t happy with and both walked away feeling much better about the classes for next year. We also took pictures of the boards as we feel like the classes changed this year without our input. It drives me nuts that other people think they know my students so well and yet I’m the one who spends over a thousand hours with them!!!!

My day was pretty good, though my students seemed particularly huggy today! Thankfully a parent had sent me an email explaining her son had an off night last night. That always makes such a difference as then I know something is up and I’m just that little bit more patient with him.


Lately, I’ve been enjoying a change from just plain tap water.

There are many flavors of Perrier, but I’ve been really enjoying the pink grapefruit and the strawberry. It’s fizzy and has taste, but isn’t sweet:)

Well I’m off to knit like crazy on my sweater!

Have fun!


Stop Talking!

Ugh life would be so much easier if we all had the same style of doing things!


My students were a little off the wall today but I’ve been told it’s a full moon so that explains it. Hopefully we’ll be back to normal tomorrow!

The parents put on a lovely luncheon for us today, so much food! It was build your own sandwiches and then fruit, veggies and ice cream/sorbet for dessert, so good!!! I ate way too much, but they had gf bread so I could have a sandwich and I don’t get those very often!

After school, we had to meet to start building the classes for next year. We got our new grade ones and then Liane and I thought we’d start on the 2s. Unfortunately my principal decided student services had to be there and she proceeded to talk at me the whole time. I really just needed a few minutes of quiet so I could think, but no… grrrrrrr!! It’s bugging me, but I’m going to take a deep breath and we’ll look at it again in the morning.

It just kept getting better as then we had to start report cards. I got two done, so only twenty to go.


I met up with Lyndsay for a yoga class today. It was the woman I had done yoga with about fifteen years ago and she actually remembered me. Mom, Ava says hello! It was a very weird yoga class! I think she may be getting a little old for teaching it as it didn’t have a lot of yoga, but lots of talking. She must be at least 80 now!

I then went out for a walk so I could start on the 8km I have to have done by 3pm tomorrow. I’ll have to run about 3.5km in the morning but that won’t be bad. It was a beautiful night for a walk!

Crafting/ Knitting:

I got my half hour done this morning, but thinking I should knit tonight. My sweater has to be done by Thursday night to count while I have until Sunday for the rug square. I had better get at it!

Have fun!


What To Do

Another nice weekend day:)


I knew I had to run an hour today for the Squad Runner mission so Brenda arranged for us to run the dykes as it’s easy for me to get an hour in there. I started with a decent speed for me, but didn’t manage to maintain it the whole time. I don’t know why I’m slower on the dykes than around the inlet, maybe it’s too flat! I got 9km in so I was happy enough:). It was a gorgeous day for it!

I think my long term goals are to keep running and hopefully continue to get faster so I can do a 5km in 30 minutes and a 10km in an hour. I realize that for the majority of the population this is still slow, but it will be my challenge for a while, as my best 5km is 32 minutes right now.

My tea was definitely well deserved after that run:)


I managed to stop on my way home and pick up groceries for the week. I’m pretty impressed with myself that I bought only fruits, veggies and protein! The fruit salad is made and the eggs are hard boiled so hopefully this will set me up for a super healthy week. I’d like to make June a clean eating month for me. Track is over so that big stressor is gone. I still have report cards to do, but I bought grapes to snack on so hopefully that will do for my mindless eating while writing them!


I finished my current NetGalley book, The Dater’s Handbook today. I received this book in exchange for an honest opinion.

This is the story of Cass and her struggle to find her perfect guy. On the advice of a book, she begins dating two guys- Robert and George. She learns the perfect guy doesn’t always look perfect on the list.

This is a very sweet romance novel that at times made me giggle out loud. Beware it does have a lot of character thinking in it, but for some reason that didn’t bother me as much as it usually does. I have to admit, I wanted to head butt the sister Nadia about a million times! She is so clueless! However, I also wouldn’t mind dating Robert:) If you’re looking for a sweet romance this is a great one.

I actually ended up watching the movie this afternoon too. I preferred the book because you got to hear Cass’ thoughts and it seemed to make it flow better and fill in some of the clunky transitions that exist in the movie. As well, the book has an epilogue and I always like knowing what happened to the characters down the road:)

What to Do:

This afternoon I had a knock on my door. I have no idea who it was or what they wanted because I didn’t answer it, I never do. I have a problem! I can’t see out of my peephole and dragging a stool over to do so, seems weird. The person at the door would hear me and then I’d be forced to open the door, even if I didn’t want to. I’m not sure how to solve this problem. It doesn’t happen often, but it would be nice to be neighborly if it’s a neighbor wanting to borrow sugar or something.🤔


As soon as I read Maureen’s recipe for buffalo cauliflower bites I knew I wanted to try them! I bought cauliflower and Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing sauce today and gave them a go! They were super easy and very yummy!!! I just didn’t realize I had bought such a huge cauliflower- I only ate half and am still stuffed hours later! Definitely something I will make again, though it won’t cure a chicken craving🤣


I was so happy that I was a quarter of the way done the body of my sweater last night!! Today I noticed that the pattern at the side seam was off so I tinked back a couple of rows and then saw the problem was actually about five rows before that. I figured this was the time to try it on and see if it was worth fixing, so I fed a line of yarn through the live stitches and slipped it on. Amazingly the fit is awesome (I came down to only one strand of yarn and a full size smaller of needles), but I really didn’t like what the side pattern looked like:( It’s way too open and just looks messy, so I have spent all afternoon tinking back to the underarm joining. Not quite there yet, by almost and should be done tonight. I have this much still on the underarm- do you think I can change it from here or do I need to go right back to the very beginning of the underarm?I somehow don’t think I’m going to have this sweater done by Thursday night:(. I laughed at myself that here I am planning on removing some of the details that drew me to the sweater in the first place.🤣

Well I’m going to keep tinking.

Have fun!


All Things Good

It was a day of one nice thing after another:)


I’m not a huge garage sale person, but I do two a year, both are city wide garage sales so I make multiple stops with my co teacher Liane. I get to plan the route and she drives. This morning we made 31 stops which is a record for both of us. We both felt that it wasn’t amazing this time, but I still managed to spend $7.25:)

This seems to be my year for pictures! Last year it was purses, so maybe it will change every year. The toys for my prize bag at work and the plant were free.

I got home just in time for a woman to pick up some pots I had sold for $8, so I’m actually ahead for the day🤣


I then headed up to the local university to meet up with my friend Anna and her two boys. I love my time with her and the boys. We went for a walk and played at the park and in the forest and just generally enjoyed ourselves:)


I finished another Book this afternoon; Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Kait Nolan.

It tells the story of Miranda and Ethan. She’s the doctor who has returned to her hometown and he’s the city Marshall who is slowing down as Wishful’s new police chief.

Wishful does seem to suddenly have a lot more problems in it, but overall I enjoyed the book. The main characters accept their interest in each other right from the start so it is external problems that they are battling, though their polar opposite outlooks on life also plays a part. The characters are strong and interesting while the secondary town characters add interest. This is a great read for someone who enjoys small town romance, opposites attract or law enforcement stories. Thank you to Kari Nolan for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I’m now starting on my next review for NetGalley, though I also need to track down my Bookclub book for this month and get it done!


I finished my weekly rug square last night so tonight I get to knit. I’m laughing at myself as I go though! I love details on my clothing, but now that I’ve gotten to this point of my sweater, I’m cursing the details as I don’t get any just straight knitting. Lol there’s a first world problem for you🤣

I’m happy with how the sweater is coming along though I’m not sure it’s going to fit and I’m wondering how I’m going to get it down by the end of the month so that it will count for HPKCHC!

Well I’m off to knit and watch movies:). I’m trying not to think negatively about the fact I am home doing this on a Saturday night. I’ve been out all day, so what if I’m home at night, though a small part of me continues to think that’s a bad thing:( Ugh stop thinking AJ!!!

Have fun!


Fun But Exhausting

Well today was the big track meet day!

Exercise: Absolutely none except for jumping up and down cheering for children:)


We ended up taking 49 children and we came home with 99 ribbons. For a small school, I think that’s good, especially as 50 of them were 1st,2nd or 3rd place ribbons:)

Our biggest problem of the day was this guy!

He jumped out of Lyndsay’s hand and flung himself to the ground in order to avoid being eaten🤣🤣🤣

The children were awesome- they really step up and act responsibly! We had no sickness, no misbehavior, no disappearances. I think I’ve chilled out a bit over the past six years that I’ve been doing this. I still go overboard on the planning and organizing, but I’m easier on the children while we are there:)

Overall it was an awesome day- thankfully not too hot nor pouring rain. I did manage to get burned even with wearing sunscreen, staying in the shade, a hat and sunglasses all day. You can tell you’re a fair blonde when…

I have to admit that I did come home and have an almost two hour nap! I must be getting old when the track meet wears me out!🤣


I have almost finished my rug square for the week, but I think I’ll leave it for a bit and knit some on my sweater. I’m hoping tomorrow to get enough done to get a picture taken of it, though I do plan to knit until I run out of yarn as I so dislike having a little bit of yarn left! What am I supposed to do with it??

Well a mindless movie and my knitting are calling to me!

Have fun!


Obviously Not Seeing Clearly

It was a day when everything seemed to change at the last moment!


I got up and out the door before I had the chance to think about it! I told myself I just needed to do 3km and then I’d do the rest after school. Thankfully I kept going once I was out there are did 5km so the mission got finished. I wasn’t anywhere near as fast as yesterday, which is odd because today was perfect running weather- nice and cool!!😀

It turned out nicer this afternoon, but I didn’t get any more exercise done:(


It was a rather busy day at work. This morning we did our regular weekly planning. I then talked a colleague down as she was upset over an email another annoying colleague had sent. I just shook my head at the email because that’s what he’s like:(. We had a test this morning!! Lol not really, but I told my students it was one. We pulled the desks apart and they had to do a cut and paste of solids, liquids and gases so I could figure out who understands. They did so well and took it so seriously🤣

We then got our last geometry work done and the geometry assessment got finished:) ✅. The students are excited that we don’t have much left but fun stuff in math, science and socials.

At lunch we had the behavior expectation talk with all the track meet attendees. We were handing out the jerseys today and we ran out!!!😟. We have never been twenty jerseys short before and I couldn’t find them anywhere. The other teacher who continued to help me look after school found them in a plastic bag under some other jerseys. I swear I looked there! Obviously I wasn’t seeing clearly:(

At lunch staff were asking what time the monthly assembly was as I had said it was 1:30, but my principal said 1pm. Here I’m the one organizing and I didn’t even know when it was going to start:(. We got through the assembly well and then cleaned up and played outside.

After school I ran around like a crazy person gathering everything we’ll need for the track meet tomorrow. Hopefully I’ve got it all! And yes mom, I stopped at the store and got oranges and bananas:)


I’m in need of some new healthy recipes if anyone has an easy one they want to share:) I already know I want to try Maureen’s buffalo style cauliflower bites, but I can’t eat that every day🤣

Knit Night:

I got home much later than I expected as I realized at the last minute that I didn’t have any art planned for tomorrow. Thank goodness for keeping previous samples!

I ran around tidying when I got in the door, but still managed to get my temperature scarf updated before Brenda arrived. It has a mistake in it somewhere though as I see it’s going ribbed instead of moss stitch right now:( I can’t decide if I’m going to go back and fix it or just hope no one notices because of all the colour changes.

I got a half hour on my rug done tonight and actually just have 18 rows left in the square for this week:)

I spent most of my time working on my multi colored sparkle top. I got to the point where I’ve casted off for the sleeves and am just working the body. I’m using only one strand of yarn and have gone down an entire needle size, but I think it’s still going to be too big:(.

Well I’m going to bed as I’m going to need all the rest I can get for tomorrow! Well actually I need to compile a list of the Hallmark movies I want to see, but then I’ll sleep:)

Have fun!


I Should Have Gone Back To Bed!

It wasn’t a bad day, just not particularly great either 😂


I started the day with track practice. The parent who sent the email to my principal last week about my leaving children unattended, stood and watched the entire practice. I hope she heard me talking to the grade three boys about the fact that they had not followed my directions! I can take criticism, but it bugs me that after having had her son for two years, she would automatically believe I would leave children unsupervised. Grrrrr!

We had workout Wednesday this morning and I’m still enjoying running around the school with the children more than doing aerobics in the gym. Maybe it’s that the outside time signals summer coming:)

I got some geometry assessment done during math and actually only have six children left which is good:). I was telling the children that after this we just have games to play in math for the rest of the year (to hopefully cement their basic skills)!

This afternoon we had the jog-a-long assembly. It was nice that my co-teacher won the pizza party! As a staff we were happy the parents changed to a family group base for points rather than class based as it just seems more fair.

I lost my parent driver sheet after school and spent too much time looking for it, with my co-teacher’s help. I commented that I so dislike being unorganized and she said I’m not, just trying to do too many things at once. I think she may be right!


I had no plans for this evening until a colleague asked if I would make something gluten free and dairy free for the bake sale tomorrow. I started to make Oh She Glows cinnamon buns and realized very quickly they weren’t going to turn out. I stopped to pick up cream cheese and got home to realize it wasn’t going to work to drown them in cream cheese frosting because I got herb and chive cream cheese😏🙁The cinnamon buns aren’t worth frosting anyways

Can you say dry??? Thankfully I picked up a container of the gf/df cookie dough and got some cookies made from that. They aren’t very fancy or interesting, just chocolate chip, but they will have to do!

I will definitely be trying the cinnamon buns again with a different flour. I’ve been craving cinnamon buns for 7 years, at some point I’m going to have a good one!!


I was having a very difficult time getting myself to go out for a run tonight and I don’t really know why. I am still feeling off and pudgy from the dairy attack so that may be part of it. The fact it’s turned super hot here may also be playing a part. I combed myself into going by telling myself I had to go out anyways to get the groceries so I’d run before. I managed 3.4km in the shady trail, at a good fast pace for me and called it a night!

Well my night was nowhere near as relaxing as I planned, but here’s hoping for a little knitting before bed!

Have Fun!


A Little Cheeky

A day of meetings:(


I had to do 5km for my Squad Runner mission today and figured since I didn’t actually have to teach today that I could get it done before work. It was a spectacular morning for a run and the 5km actually went by quite quickly!

I find it amazing how many more people are out for a run at 6am now than we’re in January🤣🤣🤣🤣 Well, honestly, no I’m not amazed, most people aren’t as crazy as me!

I also got my plank of 2 minutes done and my 27 push-ups:)

A Lyndsay workout was necessary as well today. This was an interesting one where I had to skip for 30 seconds and increase by 15 seconds each rep (5 times) and do 10 jump squats and increase those by 5 each rep.

I then had to do weights- mountain climbers, squats, rows, high knees, shoulder press, push-ups, plank leg lifts and hip bridges.

Then it was back to the skipping and jump squats by working down from 1:30 skipping and 30 jump squats. It was only 27 minutes, but it was intense:(

I was supposed to do another 40 minute run this evening but it turned into a walk.


I so dislike sitting in meetings all day! I sometimes wish they would just take away ProD days. I have to admit I was slightly cheeky when I was getting dressed for work this morning and put this on:I wasn’t actually late thankfully:) This was the principal one where we make decisions for next year. At least I managed to put the sitting time to good use and got the parent drivers organized for the track meet and got all the labels made for the student’s events.

We got to meet our new principal today and the first impression wasn’t bad- much quieter and more serious than the principal I have now. I’ll wait to see how it goes in September as I wouldn’t want anyone judging me before getting to know me (even though I realize this is human).

I helped Lyndsay out after our meetings making a poster for her son’s lacrosse team. I have to say that no lacrosse team poster has probably ever gotten that much attention before! That’s what happens when you turn two teachers loose🤣


I took the raspberry rhubarb brownies to work today and it seemed like most people liked them. I really don’t know why I Bake for my colleagues when they never have anything good to say about gluten free food:( oh well, I guess I do it because I get enjoyment out of the act of baking and that way I don’t eat it all. I’m glad I took something as there was just fruit and bagels otherwise and fruit wouldn’t have been a very filling recess snack for me!

As a staff we had ordered Greek food for lunch and mine was guaranteed to be gluten free and dairy free, well… it wasn’t. I had no feta, no tzatziki, no flatbread, and even without these things within the hour I was sick and lying down😏🙁

I just shouldn’t try to eat out, but I so love trying new things. Think I might need to limit myself to just trying things at vegan, gluten free restaurants as I’m getting tired of feeling this horrible!


I got a ton done on my rug today as I again worked on it as I watched a movie . I might actually get this square done early this week:)


I watched the Hallmark movie, Moonlight in Vermont this evening. It was better than some of the movies in that I always like it when the characters bicker. It didn’t hurt that I also enjoyed the secondary storyline of the brother and friend. The only things I would complain about was the lack of information about the decision at the end- it came out of nowhere!!!

So, if anyone knows of any “good” Hallmark movies that aren’t Christmas themed, please let me know in the comments:). I’m on the search for some new ones!

Well I’m off to work on my sweater knitting for a bit before bed.

Have fun!


A Lovely Ending

It’s been another nice day. Maybe it should tell me something that my long weekends are always so lovely😜


I had to set my alarm this morning so I could get my run in. With not knowing what time exactly my breakfast was going to be at, I decided to do some speed work around the field close to my house. This was a spur of the moment decision, but probably a good one since I’ve been avoiding speed work lately. I did a few laps to warm up and then alternated doing a lap, running one side of the field fast (well as fast as my legs go😂). I ended up running all the sides twice at a faster pace. I didn’t mind the workout and it was nice to do something different. It got my mission done quickly too:)

This afternoon, I kept up on my monthly challenge by doing 140 squats ( I’ve been doing half plié and half regular) and a plank for 1:50. If nothing else, it warmed me up!


Thankfully the text to breakfast came at 8:30 as I was starting to get really hungry. We met at our regular restaurant and I had my regular order:)

Which I enjoyed as much as ever:). It was kind of a sad breakfast though as we were saying goodbye to some friends who are moving. It’s a great new adventure for them, but I will miss seeing them everywhere Sunday. The couple moving are the ones who taught me how to run so I have a lot to thank them for!


I did a little extra on my rug today as I simply did it while I watched a Hallmark movie. It might be a little sad that I am watching Christmas movies in May though🤣

I had to restart the sweater I started last night as I noticed a hole this morning. I have got back to where I am and will continue now that I’ve had a nap:)


A friend at work gave me a bag of fresh rhubarb so let the rhubarb baking begin! Today I’m trying this recipe from Mrs. Portly’s Kitchen. It is new to me, but the combination of chocolate brownies with raspberries and rhubarb sounded perfect for my work colleagues. The recipe was easy to follow and the only substitutions I made was to use Earth Balance Vegan Butter Spread for the butter, and 1/4 cocoa powder with 1/4cup chocolate chips for the dark chocolate as I didn’t have any. The grocery store is right across the street, but of course I didn’t go🤣. I also used the microwave to melt my chocolate and butter which sped up the process nicely. The combo of raspberries, chocolate and rhubarb looked really good when I was putting it in the oven. One thing to know though is that this recipe uses a relatively small amount of rhubarb:(. I’m going to need to find more recipes!

It’s a very light in texture brownie, not dense at all. The raspberry flavor is, of course, stronger than the rhubarb, but the overall taste is very yummy!

Brenda is quite the baker and she agrees that this brownie recipe is really yummy!


It was Knit night tonight which was a lovely way to end the weekend. I’ve almost finished the yoke of my new sweater, just have two rows left, which truthfully I am tempted to stay up and finish.

We watched the Royal Wedding that my friend had PVR’d. I’m glad I saw it, but also glad that I didn’t wake up early to watch five hours of it. I wish the television crew would figure out that I don’t want to listen to them talk, I just want to see the outfits and hats! I thought that Megan’s dress was very simple and beautiful and those little kids walking down the aisle were adorable!!!

We also watched the first part of the Masterpiece Theatre rendition of Little Women. It’s very cool since I was in Louisa May Alcott’s house last summer!! Can’t wait to see the next part in two weeks when we are back at Brenda’s for knit night!

Well I should go to bed as 6am is going to come early tomorrow:(

Have fun!