A beautiful sunny day though I don’t feel like I’ve gotten much done.


We’ve always done workout Wednesday at my school, but this is the second week we have moved it outside. The entire school runs around the perimeter of the grounds for fifteen minutes. I managed to do a bit as I’m one of the two teachers who run with the children. I even got it to record and count for points on Squad Runner. I ended up running most of it with two boys I taught the previous two years. It was neat to listen to their conversations 🤣

I also got my walk home to count towards my current mission of 27km by Saturday at 3pm. Anything I can do to whittle away at that will be a good thing!

We had our workout with Lyndsay after school today. It was tough on the legs. We did tabatas of:

Burpees, lateral lunges with weights, plank sliders/power jacks with weights, reverse lunges with SA thrusters, suitcase squats, banded waddle walk/banded toe reaches, dips/ skaters, bicep curls/ lay pull downs with the band. In between each tabata however we alternated either mountain climbers or jump squats. The thing about Lyndsay workouts is I always feel like I’ve had a good workout at the end:)


The boys in my class are crazy right now😣. We wrote our pen pal letters today, and voted on next year’s planner message, but I feel like that’s all we got done:(


It was knit night at my place tonight so of course I had to run around and tidy after work. It’s a good thing I get company every other week so I’m forced to clean! I got my temperature scarf up to date and I got the bag finished. I just have to sew it up tomorrow and then I’ll share a picture and pattern with you:)

Unfortunately, I’m ready for bed now, so I’ll say goodnight!

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “Knit Night Does Me In

    1. Thank you it was a good night, and yes it’s usually company that motivates me because there are just so many other things I’d rather be doing!

  1. sounds productive to me even if it wasn’t as many things ticked off your list as you’d like. It’s May school life is crazy busy and slow at the same time. Enjoy your Friday Eve

  2. Don’t be too hard on the boys, they are just full of wiggles, and curiosity, and energy! It’s just their nature. Hope you get your total done for the run week!

  3. You got a lot done, AJ. I won’t even read that list of expletives that you call exercise. You ran with the pack at school and tidied up at home. Cleaning is an all-day job for me, and it could take a week to get the house really clean. You guessed it; it’s never truly clean. Your place passed muster for knit night. Your time is better spent elsewhere, especially blogging, which you didn’t even mention.

    1. I just have to sew it up!!!! I’m so glad to be done it – the yarn had no give and was really heavy and the needles were big too so my hands are very sore!

    1. I do too! but every time I clean a room, I go play in it and it’s no longer clean:(
      I’m much better when I’m dating someone,LOL

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